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  1. Hey there, Dev was paused for a while since both scripter were stuck in reality but has been continued about three weeks ago. Most of the scripting is non visible and concerned the core of the medical system. Dialog & functionality We created a Tactical combat casualty care card to note wounds and procedures done on the patient. We also created a right click menu for interacting with single body parts, to handle treatments, remove them and check them and to do further examination of the body parts. Single clicking the body parts gives a quick evaluation of the part but it gives inaccurate and maybe false feedback about the status of the patient The text in the left side feedback panel is currently center bound but will be switched to left side bound for better overview. Bloodsweep will return bleeding status of all wounds and the status of the bandages. Yes, our bandages can get soggy and bloody. All things you see on the images are not final and might change with ongoing development Future: We still have a long road of developing ahead of us but slowely more and more results become visible. A public release date is nowhere near since every day we get new ideas and have to sort out which are doable and useful. Regards NBRC_FOX
  2. I do not know if anyone else already mentioned it, but on FATA while loading the map i get the error message "cannot open object ca\wheeled\hmmwv_wrecked.p3d" shown on the screenshot: Screenshot_FATA_ERROR It also occurs while flying in the north from west towards the big military base. Could you pls have a look at it. Regards NBRC_FOX
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  4. Hey guys, yes, we are still working on RWS. Modeling is finished so far, we are working on the explosive damage atm. It probably will take some more time to fix the problems we are encountering. I will keep you all up to date when there is a progress. Regards
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    Thank you very much, exactly what I was searching for ;)
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    First of all, great mod! I have a small question, I could not find in the readme nor forums. Where is explained, how to customize the ranks of the soldiers and the signs on the Puma? Thanks in advance :-)
  7. Happy new year! Development went on in the christmas holidays and we took another step forward with RWS. The treatment of wounds is working for now and actually we are looking into the implementation of pain and painkillers. There will be a natural level of adrenaline which will affect your sense of pain. RWS will feature chronical pain from medication and woundings and sudden "normal" pain from woundings. We are already running two different systems of RWS the first one called "Daily Combat" where you will have a medikit which will allow you to do some sort of a final healing in the field. The second and more realistic variant of RWS always needs a MEDEVAC to a medical facility where the wounds can be treated. A combat first aid is always needed (in both variants), the medikit will not work until you stopped the bleeding and pain. We invented a combatmedicpack which you can open per double-click in your gear, so you do not have bandages and painkillers between your combat equipment (nades and mags) in the inventory. Here you can see some of our new 3d-models of medical equipment. If you have further questions just ask in the thread or mail me via pn. Yes you will be able to disable the QuickCheck. It will not affect the enemy AI, due to the performance issues you will get, when any AI on the Server is running RWS. We will make it possible to add RWS to specific AI via the init-line of the unit. Regards NBRC_FOX
  8. We are using animations of the animation viewer, atm i am not quite sure if these are the new ones you mentioned. But another nice feature is, when dragging a wounded, the body moves while being dragged. You are not having the standard "freeze in animation" position, known from other medical systems. At the moment we are not quite sure if we integrate symptoms like in AA3, but we will figure that one out. We are planning effects like overdose of medication and adverse effects of different treatments. This Addon will be Arma 3 only. Some scripting commands are not compatible with Arma 2. We also do not plan to make it Arma 2 compatible, sorry for that.
  9. So, yes we are working on gasproofed equipment ;)
  10. We are working on a variable which allows you to attach a "medical ability" to an object. But we are also working on medical facilities. You cannot use the bloodpack in the field, you need a medevac or a military hospital. You will be able to disable quickcheck. Zodd got the point, quickcheck gives you only a generic information about the wounded. There will be many options for missioncreators to customize RWS. You can define wether you need a medevac or if a medic is able to give a "magical" full heal in the field. It is up to the missioncreator how realistic RWS will be. A selfcheck is already implemented in RWS and the result you get depends on the medical training you had. A medic gets more information than a "normal" soldier.
  11. Do you need a Star Trek Tricoder to notice, that a person who lays approximatly 10 meters away is unconscious? :p It just tells you what is obvious from your current position. On the picture you can easily see that the person is unconscious. E.g. the person is hit in the leg and you are not to far away, quickcheck tells you his leg is hurt (cause you can already see it) and if you get closer the interface changes and you see which part of the leg is injured.
  12. We already know the "lollipop" but we are not quite sure if there will be a use for in RWS. Some other ideas on what to implement are always welcome! The time you have to treat wounded is variable and depends on the injuries they are suffering from. There will be a lifetime, it is a variable which a missioncreator can change. "Lifetime" counts down from the point when your heart stops beating (there will be a default value; atm its 60sec and can be extended via CPR). This gives you the option to change the difficulty of RWS. We need to look into this. This will probably add a bunch of work to our project cause you will need many new models (arms, legs, bodies without arms and legs). We add this to our list but at the moment it has very a low priority. We are working on a new feature called "Quickcheck". If you are far away from an injured comrad on the field you cannot tell which specific injuries he has so you just get a vague clue why he is suffering. When you get closer the "Quickcheck" becomes more accurate and the interface tells you more specific details about the injuries. We have updated the 1st post with a new picture of the items and a small personal Geiger-Mueller counter. Regards NBRC_FOX
  13. We would like to implement intubation and ventilation but we are working on managing these effects and make them visible. The items are already planned. We will have a radiation-module which will introduce radiation. You just need to add a defined init to an object. This object will be radioactive with an impact on personal health. Gas simulation will be implemented as Cigar0 mentioned before. We are working on Suits, gasmasks and a Geiger-Mueller counter. For Addon-makers we might make protection classes so you can add a specific protection-level to your addon, e.g. a gasmask protects you against some chemical warfare agents but not against radiation.
  14. Tactical Stealth Squad [=TSS=] The Tactical Stealth Squad =TSS= is an Arma 3 focused german clan, that sets great value on tactical- and team-oriented gameplay of this simulation. We are mainly playing tactical Coop-Missions. We offer both beginners and veterans of the Arma series a great way to play Arma 3 tactically, and also to talk in a nice atmosphere with other "like-minded". A major point of our squad is a good qualification of each squadmember, we are offering basic courses of Arma 3 for beginner and advanced training courses for more experienced players. Minimum age is 18 years, a version of Arma 3 as well as a working headset and Teamspeak 3 are required. For further information: You can visit our Website, or join us on our Teamspeak 3 Server with the following IP: For contacting, also join or visit our TSS-Steamgroup or our Facebook-Page Main language of TSS is German, but if you're using our Public Server feel free to join us on Teamspeak, the members of TSS have knowledge of the English language. Just stop by.
  15. Squad name: =TSS= Tactical Stealth Squad Timezone/location: Germany (GMT+1) Gamemode preference: Coop, TvT Contact email: info@tactical-stealth-squad.de Website address: http://www.tactical-stealth-squad.de Short description:The Tactical Stealth Squad =TSS= is an Arma 3 focused german clan, that sets great value on tactical- and team-oriented gameplay of this simulation. We are mainly playing tactical Coop-Missions. Language: German