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  1. Butcher_ak

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    It is sad to see BIS developers making arma 3 more complicated than it has to be with the new fatigue and weapons sway system. First of all, any person who's ever been combat knows when you're adrenaline is rushing your ability to shoot is greatly enhanced. Never my life have I ever ran hundred or more yards stopped and had my ridicules sways much as they do in this game. It is blatantly obvious the people who developed this new weapon sway mode has no clue or has never been in any kind of combat situation. Even with a sniper rifle or any Weapon system , you lay down In a supportive position you will not have any weapons sway other than from your breathing and that is little to none. Any other scenarios, 90% of the time you are taking a supported position whether it be your magazine resting on something or your arm being used as the support to stabilize your weapon or the rifle resting on a static object (windowsills, stonewalls, branches of trees, hoods of vehicles, ect...) to improve stability while shooting. Even when you're kneeling and shooting you have three points of contact that help stabilize the rifle. As for the fatigue system I understand that you can carry 100 pounds worth of gear I still have the same amount of stamina as you did in the beginning. But if you sit and relax for a minute issue release be able to jog across the road or Sprint across the road. adrenaline yet again will give you that extra energy to make those small bursts of speed to get you where you need to go. I believe that a lot of other people in the community believe that this system that you have implemented has totally turned this game into a arcade-ish style of spray and pray game mode. Not sure where you're getting your research from but it might behoove you to actually interview real military personnel who actually have been in combat and not sit behind a desk collecting a paycheck. Just food for thought as a concern player!
  2. Still need a Texture persons
  3. JTAC is looking for a experience texture person who can help keep up with the Models that are being push out for the Contest!... If you are interested please e-mail me at Riverrockagency@yahoo.com or reply here or Hop on our =SEALZ= Team Speak at: speak2.sealz.com and get with Loki, Butcher or Sputnik or Johnc373. Portfolios would be nice to have, so that we can view them. Thanks, =SEALZ= JTAC Team
  4. The Newer Tweaks look good Loki. Slider Timer Bar is smooth....
  5. Running it up the middle!...
  6. Hey can you Hop on our Team Speak? our TS IP: speak2.sealz.com no password ---------- Post added at 06:23 ---------- Previous post was at 06:21 ---------- Not sure why my Email is not working because I use it everyday.. riverrockagency@yahoo.com
  7. So complex stuff... Anyway Let us Know... http://makearmanotwar.com/entries
  8. Looking for Vehicles, some Special Props and modifying some Configs.
  9. We are looking for a Model Make to join our Project Team or outsource some work for us. Unfortunately our model maker passed away this month at the age of 35. We are looking for someone to fill his shoes. If you have moderate to expert level experience and you are interested in joining our JTAC Project Team for the Contest , Please email me at RiverRockagecny@yahoo.com or hop on our Team Speak at: speak2.sealz.com and ask for Loki or Butcher. If you have any portfolios that would be awesome to see before making our pick. V/r Thanks for your time,
  10. Butcher_ak

    Our friend Randy Stratton is dying

    Not going to give up hope until the End buddy. Your not out of the Fight until the end. So Fight =SEALZ= Randy. =SEALZ= Family are putting you in their prayers..... love you brother...
  11. What questions did you have. ---------- Post added at 08:59 ---------- Previous post was at 08:52 ---------- Just an Update. We are still working on our JTAC Project and ADVANCE WARFARE MOD.... Getting closer to Drop A Beta TESTING Missions and would Like for PVP Groups to Hop on our Team Speak to Set up MASS LOAD TESTING... Still looking for a ADDON EDITOR/MODEL EDITOR to hop on Board due to Our Main Editor is in the Hospital and is fighting for his life and mostly likely will be out for a year or so if he Pulls though. Our Prayers go out to his Family.
  12. Butcher_ak

    Realistic Wounding System [RWS]

    SO How is the Work On this Project going? ---------- Post added at 09:08 ---------- Previous post was at 09:03 ---------- If you need a Group to a LOAD TEST multiplayer dedicated server please hit me up. Very interested in this project and the merging into the battlefield with our custom systems. Thanks for filling in the bulletholes with tampons.
  13. Butcher_ak

    =Sealz= Evening PvP

    FYI don't know who Posted about the Malware but I call my host they told me that we pay for Malware scanner that runs every day, with no issues of finding anything. So not sure about all that talk. On another NOTE we are starting to BETA TESTING our JTAC eCore on 11/2/2013 starting at 9pm EST. This will be testing of Squad Leader Functions, Player to Player Air Support/Support request function, Map Functions, Logistics, Para Drop and Player Add Action Functions. This will be Open Join for all who want to play in JTAC so that everyone can start learning the special Keys and controls that are integrated into the game-play. You do not have to sign up to BETA test things out. Please get on our team speak @: speak2.sealz.com
  14. The additional weapons mods and attachments are going through a testing phase right now that will determine which of the following weapon systems that will be compatible with the template that we are using for the tournament. *** Note all content posted is subject to change. Our current base template is 95% stable platform and we have started beta testing on Wednesday nights at 9 PM Eastern standard time in vanilla mode so that everyone can get acclimated to the functions within the game and will allow Loki and I the time to Stream Line our platform/template... I too have seen the Titanic style tournaments go down to quickly and we are implementing a slow process to ensure that this is a successful endeavor. We are looking to kick this off on or around November 13 or November 20. This allows us to continue finishing the stabilization of our current template 100% and selectively go through every add-on to ensure that it is compatible to our current template and software-hive. All are welcome to help us beta test this so that we can see the numbers of Groups or/ Single Players that are interested in participating tactical PVP style gameplay. Currently we are communicating with six other clans that are interested in participating. Team Speak IP: speak2.sealz.com