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  1. NemesisoD

    Realistic Wounding System [RWS]

    If you've no direct line of sight to the injured person, the QuickCheck doesn't work. This includes bushes, trees and other objects, at the current state grass has no effect to the Quick Check. This is not an "Magic Medical Check", it helps you as a soldier to evaluate how hard someone is injured, and whether you have to act quickly, or you just can clarify the situation first. In RWS is no constant Lifetime you can set your clock after. The lifetime depends on different factors, from which projectile or grenade someone was hit, how many body parts are affected etc. Now, if an injured person is on an open area, you would like to know how severe the injuries are, even if it is only a rough assessment and will also be subject to errors under some circumstances. You could of course just as well run and read the correct values ​​via the interface, but do not be surprised if you soon will be next who hits the ground.
  2. NemesisoD

    Realistic Wounding System [RWS]

    For limping we are looking for a nice animation, at least speed limitation works. E.G. you got a bad hit in your leg, you won't be able to walk anymore. Since you will lose blood, your personal condition will become worse and as a result, weapon sway increases and your eyesight will be influenced. We have developed a body armor system, but Bohemia won't let it work as it should be. You cannot disable the gameside body-penetration for units, but we are working on this issue. We try to keep this system as realistic as possible and still playable.
  3. NemesisoD

    Realistic Wounding System [RWS]

    The Radioactive Feature is already in use as part of a mission, and the idea was to expand it further and integrate including iodine tablets within the Addon
  4. Sounds really good :pc: I'm looking forward to the release...
  5. What is Realistic Wounding System? The "Realistic Wounding System" short RWS will be an Addon for Arma 3 which intends to be a realistic Wounding System. Today, being a medic in Arma 3 is as easy as being a rifleman, RWS tries to change that and brings a new medical dimension into Arma 3. Our Feedback Tracker: http://tracker.tactical-stealth-squad.de/projects/tss-rws Some Impressions Photoalbum planned Features Realistic Damage Calculation 13 different hitzones with different effect on the circulation system Different effects of different ammunition [*]Wounding Simulation Units are bleeding and feel pain Bloodloss has an effect of your circulatory system Radioactive and gas simulation [*]Transport System You're able to drag and carry injured persons Injured persons can be loaded into vehicles where a medic can treat the wounds The transport type (dragging, carrying, dragging with a strecher) has an effect on the injury [*]User Interface Goal: Reduce the Action Menu Entries Via the [RWS] User-Interface you can easily treat wounds per Drag & Drop. Items Bandage, Gauze Bandage, Gauze (QuickClot) Bandage, Elastic Compress Compress, QuickClot QuickClot Tourniquet Morphin Injector Antropin Injector Diazepam Injector SAM Splint Strecher Infusions more to come... Development and Contributions by NemesisoD - Source Code brainslush - Source Code MacChronik - Graphics & Models Cigar0 - Models & Effects Ghost404 - Models Sagamir - Dialogs PR-Manager NBRC_FOX Special Thanks to Para - Our Medical Advisor Tactical Stealth Squad - Thanks for Feedback Any Questions? For personal questions relating to RWS please contact NBRC_FOX
  6. NemesisoD

    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    awesome..... :622:
  7. NemesisoD

    Fluid Door/Hatch Opening

    I really love this addon.... Very good work....Thumbs Up!
  8. Wow, it looks pretty nice Good Job