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  1. ok thanks mate. Will give it a looksee when i can :)
  2. Love Unsung but find it difficult to find any servers running it, or if I do...its empty. As I'm Aust based, when I'm playing the US servers are usually empty. Any Unsung servers with COOP mode ie. AI enemy inf?
  3. lol if the mod doesn't have huge downloads per patch/release, i start to question it.
  4. oh man, i JUST finished Low Level Hell...gotta be one of THE best FAC type books I've ever read. Highly recommend this. You'll certainly get 'in the mood' to use the Loach...however to complete the pink team you'll need atleast 1 AH1 flying high to cover your butt!! :)
  5. oh man, these look so good. I'm trying to get my squad to use these.
  6. pharoah

    APEX - what about ships?

    Now that we have beautiful Tanoa, which includes a number of closely located islands, its surprising that we don't have ships - I'm talking about: - multiple types of ships eg. cargo (we already have but unusable), fishing trawlers, small boats, inter island ferrys, navy patrol boats, etc - ships programmed to move around the islands just like current AI vehicles - enterable/walkable/able to land on - able to place AI on (friendly, enemy) - maybe even oil rigs see where I'm going with this? This opens up a whole new set of scenarios including: - ship boarding (opposed/unopposed) via helicopter insert (rappelling) or zodiac - pirates, hostage scenarios - sinkings - ship v ship combat, etc Are there any plans to incorporate this?
  7. pharoah

    APEX - what about ships?

    Agree - well said PuFu. Most (if not all) of us are here because we love this stuff. Having said that though, there is a dire need for larger boats/ships that are capable of transporting vehicles, etc. When you're trying to move heavy things like MBTs, etc the quickest way (other than having your own C5 Galaxy or C17) is via rail or ship. We need atleast one LST or something like that that can transport vehicles and esp larger armoured vehicles from island to island. The reason the request goes direct to BI (as stated before) is the need to have these assets on vanilla servers. I love all of the RHS and other mods but most servers are vanilla...so it doesn't get used. Instead CTI and other missions are just vanilla. Good luck trying to transport a tank from one island to the other.
  8. pharoah

    APEX - what about ships?

    as much as I love all these mods I have to agree, hence why I've posted it here. Not only will the quality be better, but it will be available on vanilla servers. The issue with mods is that a lot of servers refuse to run them so you're stuck with 5 gigs of mods and only 1 server (if you're lucky) on which to use it, which kinda defeats the purpose. BI does need to think about adding ships...and no, not as a DLC...as an actual add-in to either Altis or Tanoa (especially Tanoa). Remember, ARMA is really a base platform - BI gives us the sandbox and the toys, and we then use them. However, not giving us ships on Tanoa is a bit sad given its a group of islands.
  9. pharoah

    APEX - what about ships?

    wow...just wow. Its a shame that these aren't in there by default.
  10. pharoah

    Will you keep buying ArmA games?

    My question is, if not ARMA then what? Yeah ARMA isn't perfect but for what it gives us (for <$100) combined with the ability to mod it (which I think is one of its strengths) - its the best damned mil sim out there. Whats the next best thing? BF4/COD?
  11. pharoah

    Could the future setting have been done better?

    I wasn't/am not a fan of the futuristic setting. I would've preferred they did something akin to BF ie. based on modern day weaponry. The world as it stands right now has enough war and horror to replicate so why not just replicate it? The problem with the futuristic setting is its just their guess which is open to interpretation, etc. You can't argue with current day M4s v AKs, M1A2s v T90s, AH1Zs vs Hokums. I think the idea was good but the implementation wasn't but that's just my $0.02.
  12. pharoah

    APEX - what about ships?

    I'm sure if they port DayZ over to Tanoa (well you'd think that the whole world has gone to $hit in the world of DayZ), I'm sure you'd be able to search for and find a canoe, paddle and fish hooks = guaranteed food and transport!! :)
  13. pharoah

    APEX - what about ships?

    I'm not after ships to land a VTOL on, I'm after ships to rappel onto and/or ships which you can place enemy AI on. APEX is set on Tanoa which is a group of islands. Islands have boats and ships, esp fishing vessels. Surely they can implement one or two types of those. Surely.
  14. ok thanks guys. didn't realise we still had the A3 launcher (that icon must've been deleted - I only had the main one that loaded you straight into APEX. I found the launcher and disabled CUP. Thanks again.
  15. hi guys How do I disable the CUP 1.2 terrain mod? I downloaded the 1.2 update and when I jump into A3 (Apex) I find that I can't disable it so I'm being precluded from joining vanilla A3 servers. I've tried moving the @CUP files out of the A3 drive but I don't know where else to look. Any suggestions?
  16. pharoah

    How much would you recommend the Apex Expansion?

    btw, I'm a member of three separate online squads that all play ARMA - pretty much EVERYONE has Tanoa and the feedback is awesome. I was on last night with some of the guys just messing around at the airport and we were playing with rain, mist, cloud, etc etc - talk about beautiful...what was more beautiful was my fps didn't go below 30 the whole time!
  17. pharoah

    How much would you recommend the Apex Expansion?

    Sniping will be fun for KotH
  18. pharoah

    How much would you recommend the Apex Expansion?

    I'd recommend it. Why? 1. Tanoa is excellent 2. the additional $ provides more future releases, development for BIS which we, as customers/gamers, benefit from 3. It finally provides us with something I've been after for a long time - a jungle environment as well as close islands requiring waterborne craft So buy it...and recommend it to your friends. The more copies they sell, the more $$ BIS will make which in turn reinforces their belief that this is a commercially viable product thus making them want to invest in ARMA4 and beyond.
  19. pharoah

    Where's MY Apex??

    it should be like how you link any other game - as long as you get the cd key, you can google how to add games to steam or to add cd keys to steam so that it starts downloading. Pretty simple tbh. *edit* its only if you do the above and it doesn't show up or download, THEN you got a problem (in that case....good luck mate!)
  20. pharoah


    Just out of interest, I downloaded Tanoa on the dev build but I've now switched back to the normal build....do I have to manually download tanoa again (ie. it doesn't like copy across from dev?); and do I have to manually delete tanoa from the dev build to remove the 10 gigs or whatever the size is?
  21. I think most peeps are getting Tanoa...even if they didn't get the other DLC (snipers, helicopters, etc). Moving to this platform, etc will put some offside but is the way to go...it will definitely make the maps look a heck of a lot better esp in the jungle.
  22. hi guys I grew up in Fiji and am quite proud and at the same time sort of freaked out that Fiji can be replicated in ARMA3. Therefore as I few around Tanoa today I could automatically pick out the landmarks, the buildings, the little things that probably 99% of players wouldn't know (or care) about. All I can say is well done to the Devs. The little things like: - the foliage - the little black balabala (little black statues shaped into chiefs' heads), the mango trees, the small bush with purple leaves, the yellow leaves, etc - head to Fiji and you'll see what I mean - how you've remade the town of Levuka on the Western most island - I recognise the church, the houses, the sheds, the jetty built by the Japanese for the PAFCO tuna canning factory. Although it looks like you may have reproduced the Suva cemetary in this town instead of Suva..fair enough....atleast you put it on a slope like the real version - how you've basically recreated Georgetown into Suva...yep, the buildings are pretty much a direct replication of the real life versions...even to the Sacred heart cathedral - my house overlooked this church Thank you BI - I don't live there anymore but you've brought back so many memories. Well done. Pharoah ps. I'm not sure what Uncle Frank would think of it (but then again he sort of plays the 'real life' ARMA) :P
  23. pharoah

    Tanoa - I see what you've done

    lol in most of the houses displayed (esp out of the main towns/cities), the doors don't have locks IRL. I think you can't really interact with anything as yet because BI haven't allowed us to. in the meantime, just go for a walk in the jungle (this isn't Australia...there's very very few things that can kill you in the bush...we don't have leaches or deadly snakes or really deadly spiders...just a few iguanas, some tree snakes and a few centipedes. The centipedes are the worst though) or have a swim in the nearby ocean. Sure IRL there's a lot of sharks but meh :P
  24. pharoah

    Tanoa - I see what you've done

    No mate, thank YOU :)