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  1. 0.3 Released. Now that it works and has been tested extensively in Dedicated server environment, development will focus on making it more accesible to players giving them better warning signs other than markers. Although it was tested in a 16 people dedicated server with great results and players really happy because now they can actually fight against artillery strikes and not instantly die without warning.😂
  2. 0.2 Released!! Some optimization and Improvements for PVP environments
  3. No, that code goes in the init field of an object, "plane" is the name of the vehicle you want to use. Its 1 respawn position but lets you rearm and then teleport to the plane to jump.
  4. Mmmm, ok.... it might be plausible but it would need scripting: 1) For the spawn in base you need to set respawn in custom location, for this you go to the editor ON YOUR MISSION, and go to the Atributes >> Multiplayer tab. Then, scroll and find "Respawn". There you have to change it to Respawn on Custom location, and in the box below, tick select respawn position. 2) If you want to allow players to gear up before boarding the plane, put the previous respawn where the crates are and then put something to use as a teleporter, an item like a flag or something. Then, in its init field copy this: this addAction [ "<t color='#FF0000'>Board Plane</t>", { (_this select 1) moveincargo plane; }, [], 0, true, false, "", "vehicle _this == _this && alive _this", // _target, _this, _originalTarget 2, false, "", "" ]; Haven´t tested it, but it should work
  5. Weird, i downloaded it myself... i took it down now and re-uploaded it.
  6. Released 0.1!!! Changelog in first post
  7. i lowered that var to 0.1 and the center of the marker literally missed by 2 meters, F***ING PIN-POINT ACCURACY. ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT. And no fps drop even with 15 rounds one after another. 😭 I actually dont know how to thank you for the help man. I´ll use your method and give you the proper credit. i´ll upload Version 0.1 today wth some minor changes + this new calculation method.
  8. I´ve run some more tests. The following pictures show 2 tests done with you method and mine, using the same target. The crosshair is where the AI was told to fire 1 Round of HE. First picture shows the prediction made by my solution. This one is from your 2nd script posted above As you can see, both have almost the same spread error. BTW, where can i find the functions used by the artillery computer??? i would love to read where does the computer get the SPREAD value from.
  9. Couldnt have said it any better myself 😂. Your brain farting gave me an idea, i discovered that the angle and speed is correctly measured. But for example, if my expected distance is 2400 meters, i need to add the ASL altitude of the final position which is pretty simple, ill test this and return to announce if it was a brilliant idea or a stroke. EDIT: MASSIVE STROKE
  10. Quick question @sarogahtyp Thats in the documentation for BIS_fnc_relPos and is almost certainly the cause that my predictions are missing by 100 or so meters, have you found a solution for it anywhere or even a mathematical way to correct it? I´ve been searching and optimizing the script but this still bugs me.
  11. Just downloaded it. The hint you see is the estimated distance of the round to the target, check the map and you´ll see red border markers around the predicted area. Give the mortar a fire mission and check it. If it still doesnt work just tell me and ill try to fix it.
  12. Thats what i get for not reading the user comments on the wiki, and trusting completly on bi´s documentation. what about this code: while {alive _bomber} do { _bomber doMove (position _target); sleep 5; //give some time for ai to move } the documentation mentions that if the unit belongs in a group, after reaching the final position, it will return to formation, but the while should keep him on his way to the target.
  13. My script every X time scans for artillery rounds. If a round is found, i obtain its direction and speed, and with that (not considering friction) i can get an aproximate range. With that range, and direction i get the relative position from the round and can find a good aproximation of the point of impact. And when i have that point, i mark it to notify players. I hope this explains the script better than i did before.
  14. I have the direction of the round. If i get the range, i can find and mark on the map an aproximate position to warn players about incoming rounds. But now i saw that the formula i found doesnt take into account that initial height wont be zero, as i catch the round midair. EDIT: now thats a thing. Using that i can FINALLY stop tracking rounds that don´t correspond, like a fricking tank shooting at 70°. If i check for that artillerylock i can find actual artillery rounds. you fixed a headache indirectly 😀
  15. I found that mk-6 mortar rounds and some 155mm rounds have "airfriction"=0. I´m having issues finding or coming up with a formula for the max range of a round. I know i´ll find one in the end 😑 EDIT: Found a formula 😁 ((2*b)/(3*v0*cosθ))R2+R−R0=0 , now i have to calculate the 2 solutions for the formula and im good to go