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  1. Dear friends! Today we show you result a long and hard work - unofficial patch ArmA Resistance 2.01 by [4RTech] OFP Clan! We went to this event for a long time, make many tests for every upgrade and fix. Unofficial patch was checked for compability with different modifications (look for crash-test videos). We found and fixed a lot of bugs, lags, crashes and updated a network defence. So, this is a unofficial patch ArmA Resistance 2.01! Compatiblity: You need to install ArmA Resistance 2.01 on original game Arma: Cold War Assault 1.99 for it to work correctly. ArmA Resistance 2.01 confirmed its work on Windows XP, Windows 7 (x32, x64), Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and dedicated server also confirmed its work on GNU/Linux (Wine 32-bit): Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS, CentOS 7. Contents [Included files]: Changelog [MUST READ ALL, also include 2.00 features]: Credits: Pictures: Some game features... ...and Windows and Linux friendly dedicated server Video demonstration: Crash-test playlist: Language expansion (since 15 june 2018): Download ArmA Resistance 2.01 (+ bonus: example mission with new commands use) Download ArmA Resistance 2.01 "Lite" («Lite» don't have dedicated server (console), GNU/Linux scripts, d3d8to9, Command Reference, no Backup original files and remove files manually from the game not needed. Provided only in archive .7z)
  2. No way. Arma Cold War Crisis 1.99 Linux/Mac edition (Steam version) - is other game.
  3. Installer of the patch contains "Command Reference 2.01 [English].rtf". Use it! 😉
  4. In 2.01 add languages: Polish, Spanish ,Korean. See start post (Language expansion spoiler).
  5. Patch 2.01 has already been completed and released. The objectives what we set - achieved: additional protection in the network game, increased performance and stability. Everything else is a small nice bonus. Patch 2.01 is fully compatible with any content from 1.96 and 1.99. This is verified and confirmed by numerous tests. In the Fwatch source code, you just need to replace names of .exe and window title, and compile and then it will work. This can be done by anyone.
  6. This does not improve the graphics. Look at FPS and smooth animation.
  7. Let everyone determine for himself what it is, the most important part is that it benefits the community. Installer in the registry subkey: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\bohemia interactive studio\coldwarassault" creates DWORD parameter "Resistance=1", so that remover can reads MAIN parameter. After deinstallation this parameter is also deleted. Lite version does not make any changes in the registry, because this version is in archive and don't have uninstaller.
  8. Thanks for your report! I think it's worth to contact the Fwatch developers to add support for 2.01 (Fwatch sources is open) Maybe Faguss or Kegetys will release a new version supporting 2.01 Modifications must change for the game, and not the game will change for modification.
  9. Lite version - don't have uninstaller. In regular version use - ARRemover.exe
  10. Add parameter (links example :D) : Proxy = {"http://your_site_where_squad.com","http://site_where_squad_my_fried.com"}; to ArmAResistance.cfg in your server 2.01. See screenshot:
  11. _xetex_

    Running linux servers in 2018?

    Hostname of your Linux machine must be - lower case, not have "_","-" , numbers and other characherts. Good example: linuxmaschine, haretuerk or e.t.c.
  12. I welcome all the community BIS! Congratulations Bohemia InteraÑtive Team with release ARMA III!:) But today I want to introduce the community to set its unofficial "patch" Arma: CWA All players, even outside of these forums know that after the release of patch 1.99 in the community split. Most of the players left in the version 1.96. This is explained by the lack of a server for the Linux operating system and various other problems. But as it is known today, has been available only game version 1.99, under which very few servers - 1 or 2 permanent. This unofficial "patch" or "backup" (you can call it whatever you want) will help erase the invisible border by adding the ability to run the version 1.96 in which there is a rich choice of servers for multiplayer! P.S I acknowledge that all content belongs to the archive only Bohemia Interactive and dont have set a goal to impair their well-being. My efforts have been made to the patch did not work on pirate versions. For pirates - :p About work: The assembly included the latest update all the necessary files for version 1.96. The main priority of the patch - its size - 4.68 MB, and full backward compatibility with version 1.99. P.P.S "Patching" the game will be possible only if the licensed version and nothing else! I also try to reduce the file size and it and correct all errors. Sorry for my bad english.:o WARNING! The file does NOT change the game's executable files ColdWarAssault.exe and ColdWarAssaultPreferences.exe! Install on Steam: Install on BI Version: >>>DOWNLOAD [95]<<< VIRUSTOTAL.COM LOG (Clear file) [95] ✸ V95 \ patch_custom_1.96_stable_v95_lic_bis.exe [updated 18.02.17] - Czech language is now working in default Arma: CWA without additional lang components (Fixed bug in Preferences.csv due to which it was originally unavailable) - "Rebranding" - is now it's [4RTech] OFP Clan production - Polish language separated - Patch Preferences.csv adapted to 15th annivesary update (Aspect ratio avaible) - Now duplicate to Res folder only original files - UninstallOldPatch.bat replace to HPRemover.exe (now remove correctly working on Windows 8/8.1/10)
  13. Hello community! Patch update to v96. Fixed "BISCamel.pbo not found", add experimental FlashpointResistance.exe with small fix master server (master.ofpisnotdead.com) W\O other tools, and programms. WARNING: You must warn server admin about this executable before using it or you can be considered as a cheater. I want to note that I do not pretend to be authorship, and do not try to cause anyone problems, so I'll say it again - be careful when using experemental FlashpointResistance.exe! But I think... What the hell... Operation Flashpoint must be alive! It must be unbroken, without crutches. I also think that you guys by the 15th anniversary of the game, сould do something more important than unnecessary AspectRatio support, as a some number of bugs have been living more than ten years. See and download in my steam manual (Posted January 2, 2014) Thanks all who support me, and want make OFP great again! Сheck executable v96 for viruses: https://www.virustotal.com/ru/file/d601b5d68b4a75f4c2c38b83bf2a8d609958215c724b25005ae295d5c5e3fbab/analysis/1488991251/
  14. _xetex_

    An open letter on basic ARMA:CWA support

    I can not support this appeal, because these dreams are nothing more than periodic nostalgia for past. Community under the force of their own coping with all the challenges faced by the publisher puts us ourselves. We only have to learn how to move the information so that it reaches all who would wish to receive it. And when that happens, the game can regain some lost positions. Some bugs haven't been corrected since 2002. And all got used to it. And now the situation is no different from the old.:raisebrow: Stop feel sorrow - must go forward using any means.
  15. Poweruser, check e-mail.
  16. hello all. :) guide taking into account the last changes (v89): steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=137985683
  17. _xetex_

    Libmod ?

    libxp.7z build by CA-MANN. Take me missing files, and i reload archive on www.liberation.id1945.com I never played in this mod, and did not see this error. My website is a gesture of goodwill for fans Liberation mod 1941-1945.
  18. _xetex_

    Mod Z-Day (Zombie Day) 1.00 BETA

    Our team creating STALKER MOD in no way isn't involved in creation of this Z-Day.:confused: Here list of participants: there 2 persons. (NERV and I)
  19. _xetex_

    Mod Z-Day (Zombie Day) 1.00 BETA

    It is interesting to know, why was to spread it? You looked in general that inside and how disgustingly it is made? To spread the so disgusting addons and fashions bad invention. 3x facepalm.
  20. _xetex_

    Server on Windows7 - XML possible?

    Need IE 6.0 or older.
  21. Today I present you new informal "patch" which allows to make version 1.96 updating to version 1.99 w\o downloading of an original distribution kit from here. Advantages: 1 . Small size of the file - 6.3 mb 2 . Start as 1.96 so 1.99 from one folder, independently from each other. 3 . Installation in some clicks. "Patch" contains an original config and binary files from license BIS version! The video instruction will be later. ;) >>>DOWNLOAD [32] EU<<< VIRUSTOTAL.COM LOG (✔ - Clear file) [32] >>>DOWNLOAD [42] CIS<<< VIRUSTOTAL.COM LOG (✔ - Clear file) [42] Warning! Binary files in source codes - fake. They Are necessary for concept of the principle of work but not for use! Source code
  22. Maddead, look at private messages. There the removal file is enclosed. 2all, removal you make with the rights of the administrator is it is necessary in order that during removal "patch" cleaned for itself traces. there where it probably I tried to apply *.bat files, that the user could look at them in a notebook and be convinced of their safety.