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  1. Posting from phone so have to rely on my bad memory, but somewhere in the mission select/start screen there should be a button to specifically restart it instead of continuing where you left off.
  2. So what happens when you put a >200km2 map into it full of much more detailed textures, trees, buildings and other objects, less intrusive LOD, dozens of AI controlled infantry/vehicles, and actual game mechanics other than just flying a fluffy monster?
  3. Even if this was still possible, what would you tell people who needed to reinstall the game, not to mention entirely new customers? Not that I have a problem with autoupdates myself, but Steam never really supported playing older builds so smug comments like these don't really have any value.
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mumble_(software) Preferred over Teamspeak by many.
  5. I assumed you were talking about depth of field, which in terms of videogame post-processing is nothing more than a glorified blur effect used to simulate camera lens/eye focus by blurring objects or the entire image at certain distances. It doesn't allow you to see through anything, as at the end of the day you're still looking at a two dimensional picture on your computer screen. I don't think there's any practical solution/compromise (aside from transparency) to this issue unless one gets hardware that actually displays a different image for each eye (= VR goggles).
  6. I don't get it - how would you be able to see through/past the sight without transparency? A DOF effect would change nothing. The transparency is there to simulate stereo vision. Meanwhile, iron sights should really have such a feature as well. One tends to use the other eye to see past obstructive iron sights while tracking targets, and some guns have really obstructive iron sights. Not sure though how this could be implemented well, as you'd have to lose the ability when actually aiming and shooting.
  7. Sandy*

    Confusion with optics

    Is it also part of the marksman and sniper training to not read OP's past the thread title? ;)
  8. Arma is not like regular shooters. There is no magic dispersion that makes bullets fly in random directions inside a cone. Instead, recoil and sway are added the weapon/player but the bullets still fly wherever the barrel was pointed at at the moment of firing. So with that in mind, the "growing" UI crosshair is a really bad and wrong representation of the situation and it probably shouldn't even be in the game (sway behaviour is different from complete randomization). You should only be paying attention to the UI crosshair as a stamina indicator (how much sway you have). When firing, there's a lot more recoil than sway added, so naturally the crosshair doesn't grow in that sense. And while there's a lot of room for Arma to improve, regular shooters have it all wrong from the basics.
  9. Oh, I'll have to take back what I said, I never noticed that the pedal controls are linked. Why would they do that. :confused: While I often fly helicopters with MKB, I always stick to a joystick with fixed-wing planes so I never noticed any problems.
  10. You'll find a solution by actually taking a look at the game's control settings.
  11. Sandy*

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Haswells indeed run quite hot, I was a bit surprised when I upgraded from a relatively cool-running AMD machine to a 4790k. However, going 70-80 celsius in Arma doesn't sound right. I've got mine overclocked to 4,4GHz with an aftermarket cooler, it goes a bit over 60C in CPU-intensive games, while it's possible to hit ~80C with prime95 or video rendering but that's pushing it. Does your mainboard come with some fancy software to control fan speeds? I got a ROG mainboard, with the default settings the CPU was overclocked yet the fans were in "Extreme Quiet Mode" where they barely even did anything at high CPU load. And one of the software updates reset all my custom fan speed settings back to the quiet mode all of a sudden one day. His GPU temps are fine.
  12. Sandy*

    Arma Reflecting Today's Modern Day Warfare Tomorrow

    I accidentally skipped your post last week, so pardon me for the late reply. But 20 to 30-year-old designs ARE relatively new, not to mention that the delivery of purchased vehicles often take years, even a decade or longer if the quantities are large. For example, Poland made contracts to produce the Rosomak, a variant of Patria's AMV, in the early 2000s. The numbers have been raised so high the Polish military expects to receive the last of them by 2019. Military assets are not produced, sold and transferred in a heartbeat. To crosspost from another similar thread: We also have upgraded T-55s stashed as war reserves. My point merely is that AAF's arsenal is new enough to display no hints whatsover that one would expect from small/poor countries, especially ones ravaged by war.
  13. Sandy*

    Arma Reflecting Today's Modern Day Warfare Tomorrow

    Like it was mentioned earlier in thread, using real life countries/militaries/conflicts in games that depict war at such a detail and close range, there's always a possibility of someone getting pissed off. The local authorities on Limnos had been displeased by Bohemia's decision to use the island, and eventually things lead to some unfortunate events (Greek military/intelligence being silly and paranoid to begin with). http://www.polygon.com/2013/2/8/3959776/arma-3-bohemia-interactive-prison-ivan-buchta
  14. Sandy*

    Arma Reflecting Today's Modern Day Warfare Tomorrow

    You also have to remember that many of the assets seem to have been from the original planned setting for the game, and ended getting distributed quite randomly to between the factions/sides. Altis was supposed to be the real Limnos, and instead of CSAT there was the actual Iran that had annexed Israel. So FIA's TAR-21s and NATO's Merkavas were likely OPFOR assets. Whatever equipment BIS considered for BLUFOR and Independents back in the day probably made a lot more sense.
  15. Sandy*

    Arma Reflecting Today's Modern Day Warfare Tomorrow

    Which specific features exactly are missing from the wide array of community made AI enhancements for Arma 3? I admit I never used Group Link and such in A2, but most of the features were present in other people's works already back in the day, and so they are in Arma 3. Althought you say that "nothing in A3 approaches that level" and talk about wanting one complete mod, it reflects that you just haven't bothered looking for replacements and putting together the perfect mix. :confused: So in the end, this isn't about A3 missing mods vital for milsimming, you're only criticizing it because some very specific niche things your group likes aren't present, and 3rd party modders/scripters aren't catering to your needs. If you want something uniquely fitting for your gaming group, why don't you work on it yourself? Many groups do.