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    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?126795-flight-model-editing/page2&p=2054734#post2054734 An old thread for TOH which brought up possible cause and solution to "input lag". Could something similar to "damper" be the issue in Arma 3, a tweak that got forgotten, never added, or maybe obsolete? I have no idea how relevant that thread is today, but it seemed interesting when I stumbled upon it.
  2. RuecanOnRails

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    Last couple updates (VRS) the xH-9 seems to have no weight at all. The slightest increase in collective and the helicopter jumps off the ground. Flying upside down is not only possible, it's easy and stable with little altitude loss. Lowering altitude for a landing and bleeding off speed is difficult due to being too "floaty" and able to climb with zero collective with low angles. Helicopter flight feels closer to fixed wing than rotorcraft with current amount of lift generated from speed. I'm not a pilot and have no real world experience, for all I know everything is behaving exactly as it should. I will also mention that I too suffer from a lack of engine on/off control mapping option. I have controls for all other newly added functions, from wheel breaks to slight loading but nothing for engine. It's not an issue for myself, as the only need for it I have is auto-rotations, pressing space twice works well enough. During flight, with max wind, rain/storms, the flight is still rather stable. Would it be possible to see a sort of random air temperature/density map layer generated at the start of map loading to cause random, but somewhat persistent pockets of turbulence? Something to make long cross map trips require more than trim and forget. Using some sort of data layer would allow a seamless multiplayer experience where flying in formation has the same effect on all players, not semi random wind gusts seen only by individuals. If there is already something like this in place, perhaps make its effect on helicopter flight much more prominent?
  3. RuecanOnRails

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    There really needs to be a higher multiplier to damage per second when excessive stress is continuously applied. For example each consecutive second of applying over 90% torque increases the multiplier by 1.65x damage per second. If the current is 1 damage per second up to 300, applying stress for 5 seconds continuously would result in 1.65^5 = 12.23 damage done, increasing exponentially, 10 consecutive seconds would do 149.56 damage and 12 would cause failure. This would allow many short high torque maneuvers, but very few long high torque maneuvers. Another option would be increase multiplier higher but place an upper cap on total damage it can do per second. My opinion would be to define how many excessively high torque maneuvers the helicopter should be able to perform before damage occurs. Then find the average time for how long the torque is above 90% during those maneuvers and calculate the multiplier around that. There's also the option to set different multipliers based on the percentage over 90% torque. 95% torque could do 5x damage per second, and 100% torque 10x damage per second. This is just a suggestion, and my math could easily be wrong. But something about the current damage model still doesn't feel right. Loading up the editor and flying as recklessly and hard as possible pushing torque to max, destroying the littlebird takes too long. It Feels closer to being on a timer and less like it's influenced by high torque maneuvers. Side note; it's still impossible to land inside the hangar at the central Altis airstrip. Doing so causes instant damage and death.
  4. RuecanOnRails

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    I really like the quick break down on what's simulated, knowing the thresholds will make flying within them easier. Now that torque related damage is being added, will we see working torque (and other) gauges like we had in TKOH? Flying without a hud gives no indication of torque, and with the hud enabled a static white/yellow/red light doesn't give enough information to make adjustments. I'd assumed these features were waiting on stress damage to be implemented. I would really like to be able to fly, maintain a heading, speed, and altitude using cockpit instruments alone in the advanced FDM, a near hud-less experience. Little bit away from the FDM discussion, but an option to changing the HUD altitude from above ground level to above sea level would be nice for formation flying. Things become complicated with an ever changing ground level while maintaining a level flight path.
  5. RuecanOnRails

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    After reading the announcement, the lack of a single player campaign/story driven mission set has me a little disappointed. I was really hoping to see the return and rise of Larkin Aviation on Altis, I found the civilian flying missions relaxing and fun. Time trials and VR "training" are fine, but they play more like minigames than full missions. Hopefully it will be possible to port TOH content including semi-functional campaigns/missions into Arma 3 to at least replay those with the updated RotorLib. To incentivize purchasing of the DLC, there needs to be more paid specific content than 4 time trials and some achievements.
  6. RuecanOnRails

    Fixed Wing Flight Model (dev branch)

    Forget free, I'd be more than happy to pay a premium for that extra content. Adding more authentic and simulator based content costs time and money which needs to be recouped with additional sales and support. Content like that is something I would pre-order in a sort of crowd funding campaign. Given the option I'm sure others in the community would be eager to show support as well. I'd think the likely success the Helicopter DLC sales and community support will be weighed in on future decisions to add other simulator like content. Even if the chances are slim, I can always hope. I am patient when it comes to these things, I'll ask this again in January 2016 to see where we're at :)
  7. RuecanOnRails

    Fixed Wing Flight Model (dev branch)

    Seeing as RTDynamics, the company behind RotorLib also has a product called FixedWingLib is there any chance of seeing a possible future DLC or expansion making use of this?
  8. RuecanOnRails

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    Slingloading does seem to be a little glitchy this time around. @KeyCat I don't mind the wind noise, at first it bothered me but I quickly got used to it. Remember the MH-9 doesn't have doors, the wind should be pretty loud. I really enjoy the creaking sounds even though as you said, it's overplayed even when sitting with engines off. It makes it almost a little nerve racking as it sounds like something is about to fall apart, I'm anxious to see how the new creaking sound will play into the damage and stress models. Flying with no HUD and judging damage based solely on sound and responsiveness of controls will definitely make it more interesting. The creaks and rough sounds should occur during engine start up, warm up, and anytime you put stress on the helicopter during flight.
  9. RuecanOnRails

    Arma 3 Helicopters DLC Discussion (dev branch)

    With a focus on flight, will we see improvements to night flying? Currently flying at night is really only possible with night vision (or gamma/brightness increase), many large structures lack aircraft warning lights (some models have them but they don't work). This isn't too friendly towards civilian pilot missions at night/dusk. The large Altis airport at night looks absolutely beautiful while viewing from a distance or landing. It would be nice to get similar lighting effects around the other airstrips and some small residential lighting around buildings and structures. Three quick suggestions from things I recently flew into at night, powerline transmission towers, large military structures, and wind farm turbines. It would be a great to see with warning lights. Obviously I was flying fairly low which I'm sure is part of the problem ;) With the heavy shaking from overspeed, will we eventually see this cause stress damage from pushing the helicopter into speeds beyond "safe limits"? It still needs to be tweaked as the vibration shaking begins at too low of a speed around 95-100 knots, below the rated cruising speed of 125 knots? But it's nice to see some negative effect for trying to push 150+ knots.
  10. RuecanOnRails

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    I just loaded up TKOH to do some quick testing... What I found is the civilian light heli's are nearly indestructible in terms of engine damage. 100 rounds from a machine gunner into the back/engine location did next to nothing (200 rounds and it blew up). It wasn't until I used another littlebird with mounted weapons before I was able to get a result... The heli bellowed smoke after a dozen or two rounds but still flew without much issue, and the instrument panel showed the engine was fine. There doesn't appear to be any bullet penetration into the engine block, instead all damage goes towards the overall hull. I don't think it's a direct port. A balance needs to be found between TKOH's and Arma 3's littlebird damage system. In Arma 3 the hummingbirds are currently far to fragile to be considered for transport remotely near a firefight. Even taking pot shots at one from a distance can send it falling to the ground. Given the option, more times than not, I'd increase the weight by reinforcing the hull around the engine because a 9mm should not be a one hit kill. Off the top of my head, my solution could be something along the lines of: engine and internal instruments can not be damaged until the hull is yellow, or red. This thread is for the FDM so I don't think we should continue discussion of this here, it was more of an after thought to my previous post.
  11. RuecanOnRails

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    The latest update with 4.1.1 made the helicopters (IMO) much more responsive and generally felt much smoother and more enjoyable to fly. The helicopters seem to react much closer to my inputs leading to less over-correcting. Or this could all be a placebo based on seeing an update ;) While playing as zeus, when using the remote control on AI the advanced FDM does not work regardless of game settings. Another small issue not directly related to the FDM, now that I'm spending more time with the helicopters (littlebird in particular) it's armor rating is far too low. A single round from a 9mm can effectively, and reliably disable the aircraft. To reproduce, shoot the back passenger seat towards the engine, or the hull near the engine. This will instantly turn the engine to yellow or red, both of which render the littlebird unable to take off. This leads quite often to falling out of the sky from a single stray round from any weapon.
  12. RuecanOnRails

    Back to Arma 3 - Still poor performance?

    You're only half right, but mostly wrong. Arma 3 directly can only use 2-3gb of ram due to 32bit limitations, however it makes great use of external memory allocators to boost usable ram cache to a max of 32768mb. This is a great workaround for 32bit limitations, native 64bit would be better, but for the task at hand this works just as well. The OP's system only has 16gb of ram, my suggestion of 14336 will allow a lot of headroom but prevent low virtual memory errors from the OS. I know how crossfire and sli work, the total available memory is mirrored and not shared. By setting maxvram to 8192 Arma 3 will use the full 4096mb available by crossfire and any overrun gets stored in ram for quick swaps, faster lods, and generally less stutter. One of the main killers in terms of performance is I/O and how data is streamed instead of loaded directly into memory. Utilizing the high transfer speeds of ram is essential in getting smooth playing experience.
  13. RuecanOnRails

    'GPU_DetectedFramesAhead' random values?

    I'm not sure how it's calculated, or why it's giving different results each run. It's likely calculated during launch with the quick benchmark/hardware test. Try running -nobenchmark and see if it still changes. Would making the arma3.cfg read-only be a temporary solution? Are you able to make a repeatable mission or set up that others can confirm and test?
  14. RuecanOnRails

    Back to Arma 3 - Still poor performance?

    Try fred41's registry change and custom experimental memory allocator. https://github.com/fred41 When running the game, keep as little running in the background as possible. Try to do a reboot before playing if necessary. As for your starting parameters, try to use the new launcher and set cpucount 8, exthreads 7, check hyperthreading, malloc tbbmalloc (if installed), maxmem 14336, maxvram 8192, nologs. Ensure you have adequate pagefile as these settings will make use of pagefile swaps for quicker lod switching when it exceeds available hardware memory. If you have an SSD, you will notice a performance boost when Arma 3 is installed on it. If you have limited room on the SSD, you can monitor various missions and using symbolic links move over some of the files with the highest i/o.
  15. RuecanOnRails

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    The "input lag" while a little extreme I believe is part of the way they simulate control system effect and phase lag. Of course I could be completely wrong too. Try the demo of x-plane, dcs huey, fsx, or other flight sims, they all simulate phase lag differently, but they generally results in delayed angular movement from control input. I would like to see some G-Force induced head/camera movements when flying, a static model feels weird and out of place. A slight head movement during rolls could add a lot of immersion.
  16. RuecanOnRails

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    When landing, and moving inside the covered hangar buildings, the helicopters have a tendency to become damaged and explode. I believe it's caused by skids clipping slightly into the floor although I'm not certain. Helicopters are still far to prone to explode causing instant death. If from a near stationary position instant death should not happen when the helicopter rolls onto it's side or nose. The main rotor should break and damage should be potentially irreparable, but it the pilot and crew should have a chance of survival. Coming in too hot from a semi failed auto-rotation is bitter sweet as you land hard, but safe, then slide a little bit, and slowly roll causing instant death. I was greatly disappointed to see early on in this thread that support for Take on Helicopters merging wouldn't happen. As someone who still plays TKoH occasionally, will the updates and improvements to rotorlib find their way into a TKoH update? I think what you're describing is the visual representation of "stress damage" which does have an option in the menu. The helicopter doesn't shake when flown correctly and not damaged in my experience at least. During start up, keep the collective lowered and wait for the RPM to reach max speed (you will know it when you hear it), slowly raise the collective until you are in a low hover. Once in a low hover, either move forward and allow translation lift to gain altitude, or increase collective more while watching torque and rpm. If you are doing a proper take off, I'm not sure what shaking you're referring to.
  17. RuecanOnRails

    8 Gigs of Ram Not Enough?

    While you didn't post exactly what message/error you're getting. I'm taking a guess that the low resource is low virtual memory. Low virtual memory is directly linked to your pagefile file, try increasing your page file to the same size of your ram, both max and min. You can find some info here. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ca/windows-vista/change-the-size-of-virtual-memory as Greenfist stated, do a search along the lines of "change pagefile in <insert OS>"
  18. RuecanOnRails

    How does ATI cards effect the game?

    Even when using an Nvidia GPU, the physx is run on the CPU only. There are no physx calculations done on the GPU no matter what card or brand you have. To answer the thread question, there would be no effect. Also the 280X is a re-branded 7970, you can generally find a 7970 cheaper than a 280X. If you're planning to purchase one soon, I'd suggest a 7970 as it's the same card before stock on them runs out. The only new cards from AMD this time around are the 290 and 290X, the others are re-brands.
  19. One interesting thing I found while playing through was various characters died multiple times. Example, I had Larkin die a few times only to return miraculously in the next mission which required him to be there. I also ran into an issue with Crossing Paths, after clearing the houses I was unable to advance further. The team leader was laying on the ground with his pistol refusing to get up and move. When attempting to carry on, I would fail the mission from leaving his side after he shouted to regroup. The campaign is great thus far, I really enjoy the "random" events when things are done differently. Small things like turning off the engine at the roadblock and not driving through right away.
  20. Remove all mods. Once you get the campaign working, begin adding them back one at a time. Although mods may cause unforeseen issues including breaking various sections making it impossible to finish. Even with mods physically removed, consider removing your profile/arma config to return all settings to default. It might be better for people like yourself, who want to keep their mods installed to wait until the official release. At that point you can expect a majority of mods to get compatibility updates.
  21. @PuFu What is your budget? I'd suggest a 7970, or 280X. If you follow graphics cards, you will know that the 280X is a rebranded 7970. The 7970 is generally cheaper than the 280X as well until stock runs out of them. You'd also be able to mine Crypto-Currency (Bitcoin, Litecoin) on an AMD card allowing the card to earn money and possibly pay for itself if that's something you're interested in.
  22. RuecanOnRails

    Best bang for the buck gfx card atm?

    The absolute best deal really depends on what places you have available to buy from as prices can vary from retailer to retailer along with region playing a big part. For the longest while now it seems the best performance to dollar ratio has been the AMD Radeon 7950. Although the 7970 has had price drops recently as well, either are a great choice and available right now for insane prices. On the other hand, if you're able to wait, a few weeks, AMD is launching their new set of cards which according to rumors and benchmarks will be top dog for awhile. The R9 290X will be the flagship new card, but the R9 280X will be a rebranded 7970 GHZ with some minor enhancements. Because the 280X and the 7970 will be essentially the same card expect the price on the 7970 to be cheaper for the same performance as a 280X until they are sold out. AMD is looking fairly strong right now with the next line-up of GPU's, the announcement of Mantle, and their never settle bundles giving additional value. If you do choose to go with an AMD card, you very well could mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin which could help the card pay for itself Answering would have been much easier if you listed your budget.
  23. RuecanOnRails

    Extreamly low FPS (5) :-)

    Sad to say, but your rig is getting outdated. The CPU was released in 2006, 7 years ago. Might be time to consider updating. Honestly, you cannot compare Arma to "other" games. Don't use the preset settings, some settings such as shadows will perform better on high/ultra versus low. As it shifts being processed on the GPU on high and the cpu on low. Things to look for in a new build, would be an SSD, 16gb of ram, and flagship, or one model below flagship GPU. I'd recommend looking into another all AMD build, with the announcement of the new Mantle API, an AMD CPU and GPU could get a massive performance boost in games which support it. For GPU, you could pick up a 7970 or 7950 for very cheap as the next generation of GPU's is right around the corner and the 7000 series will have mantle support. You could also Mine Cryptocoins such as Bitcoin/Litecoin using an AMD GPU.
  24. RuecanOnRails

    Latest patch, noticeable differences in visuals.

    There are full moon cycles and weather which will affect how dark it gets. Playing on a moonless night with an overcast will be very dark, when compared to a clear night with a full moon. Unless like others have suggested you've been avoiding night for so long since it got tweaked in early alpha ;)
  25. RuecanOnRails

    AI doesn't shoot enemy

    Are they running out of ammo? They become fairly docile if they don't have ammo.