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  1. bob_the_k

    Extended Survival Pack

    Hi, some of the items aren't spawning in. I have them in my loot table and I have this in my mission.sqm: className="Extended_Survival_Pack"; name="Extended Survival Pack"; author="ServerAtze"; but I get numerous entries like ddr_items\models\bread_roll.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape. Some items spawn in OK, but many do not (like the bread_roll). Am I missing something?
  2. I thought that they were being ported here but when I do a Google search for something that returns an ExileMod.com hit (which is now defunct), I cannot find the corresponding threads here. Are they gone for good?
  3. D'oh. I should have known that. I do it for my server! Thanks!
  4. Hi All, I just resurrected my server after about two years and am editing the map in 3den and fixing things that shifted and adding new objects to my trader bases. But I now sometimes get messages like "the scenario requires content that is not installed" and Chernarusredux_buildings_Lamps is in red and not checked. When editing in the past (older releases), I never received messages like that. My server runs fine and some of my old trader bases open fine in the editor. But a few give me messages like above. What am I missing when I edit? This is the best map out there and the latest updates are a fantastic improvement!
  5. So I've been playing with v3.2.1 (script) and I enabled filepatching, even though I've been led to believe that could promote hacking and stealing. I'm getting: Warning Message: Script \userconfig\VCOM_AI\AISettingsV4.hpp not found in my server.rpt although the file DOES exist in the path specified.
  6. bob_the_k

    Zee Identity Pack

    Thanks - that worked. But if Female_Uniforms isn't necessary, what is it's purpose? Without it, does it just place a Femal3 head on a Mal3 body? And what is the ZeeIdentity Pack? Not that I can use it since it's not available on Steam that I could find.
  7. bob_the_k

    Zee Identity Pack

    so -servermod instead of just -mod? I'll give that a try.
  8. bob_the_k

    Zee Identity Pack

    So I've been aware of these mods for awhile. My wife and I have played for years and she misses the old A2 days where they had female characters. So I wanted to add these to my server. But what's the difference between Femal3_heads, Femal3_Uniforms, and IdentiZee? The first two are on Steam and the last is not. Which is preferred? What's the difference? I know the first two are co-dependent. And how do I actually set them up on my server? I added the two Femal3 mods to my server and although no errors on startup, when I edit my profile or create a new one, no female heads! What am I missing?
  9. So I've been running v3 as a script for awhile and just tried to upgrade to v3.2. I assume I only need to replace the existing files. I also assumed the UserConfig folder goes in the root mission folder at the same level as the Vcom folder? And lastly, after doing the above, I get these errors in my server.rpt file: I'm not running CBA, by the way. Do I need to?
  10. I've always been under the impression that filepatching should never be enabled because it essentially allows cheating/stealing.
  11. Jus61, I'm getting that error and one other - see two posts above. Are you getting that one, too? I've not found a fix yet.
  12. So now that I'm playing longer, I'm seeing other errors crop up repeatedly in the logs: But it seems to be working. No more battleeye restrictions.
  13. I'm getting the same errors as JD Wang: edit: D'oh! Just read JD Wang's post above..... I forgot that, too!
  14. bob_the_k

    [1.1] voyagerCompass HUD and UI

    So I downloaded the latest version and installed it as a mod. I got this in my server.RPT: so I added the semicolons but my server won't unlock once it starts (it didn't unlock without the semis either). There are no errors or warnings and it does load as per the load table. I am running the latest Infistar but the posts indicated that we don't have to change anything in Infistar. I'd much rather run it as a script instead of mod but didn't see a download for a script version. Where did you get it?
  15. Does this same one work for 1.76? Or is there an updated one?