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  1. 13 hours ago, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:


    I thought that you wanted them inside a building and not just random.


    you can adjust the position to be lower : 


    try ( not tested ):

    _Corpse = createVehicle ["Land_HumanSkeleton_F",[getPosATL _Loot_Pos select 0,getPosATL _Loot_Pos select 1,(getPosATL _Loot_Pos select 2) - 0.02],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"];


    Yes it looked really nice in buildings wasn't it for the whole floating issue. I cannot understand why the skeleton floats even when you place it in the editor. It is a BI issue. Moreover, because with the skeleton the bones are not connected to each other you have to place the skeleton in a certain position so as not to have a hand floating while separated from the rest of the skeleton. But the skull object alone is alright with the -0.02. In any case your script has been implemented in the mission via using the randomized spawning of magazines. Next stop ... mission testing!

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  2. Quote


    Do you want to send me this ?

    Maybe it's easy with notepad ++ !




    Many thanks for such an offer! I have altered all the remoteExec lines to the simple sideChat command already however. It took many hours but indeed had I used simple notepad it would take days and who knows how many glitches! By the way ... notepad++ I use after seeing your advice in each of your scripts :thumbsup:



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  3. So I managed to make the script work! but .... there is an issue.

    Most of the times both the bones and the magazines seem to float. Their height is about 0.5 meters above the ground :\


    So can you please make the script spawn the skeletons and the mags at random areas around a marker but on the ground? Away from buildings which cause the bones to float. I do not mind having the skeletons half in the ground and half not but them floating around is not the best sight. If you cannot I will just place the bones myself at certain locations.


    Edit: Trying to place skeletons myself made me see that the skeleton object is floating when anywhere placed. So I just placed some skeletons, changed their height by hand and used part of your script to randomize the mags being placed around the skeleton. It worked!

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  4. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Unusual_process_exit#0xC0000135_-_STATUS_DLL_NOT_FOUND




    0xC0000135 - STATUS_DLL_NOT_FOUND

    The OS is unable to load a file that is required to run the game. A missing DLL may belong to the game, the OS or one of the required components (DirectX e.g.). Possible solutions:

    Verify the integrity of the game cache using Steam.

    Re-install DirectX.

    Uninstall the Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable package (both x86 and x64 version), restart your computer and install the package again (do not use the Repair function).

    Run the Windows System File Check tool to repair corrupted system files.

    To identify the precise DLL that is causing an issue.

    Download a 64-bit version of the Microsoft Dependency Walker and open arma3_x64.exe with it. The libraries with a red icon are the corrupted ones.

    Download a 32-bit version of the Microsoft Dependency Walker and open arma3.exe with it. The libraries with a red icon are the corrupted ones.



    Hope you are able to play soon ^^^

    When buying any new pc many things need to be installed. Things we did not know were isntalled in our older pc. Like C++ Redistributables and such.

  5. Hey guys!


    Since Christmas Holidays are ongoing I might not have a mission ready for release but I find it nescessary to give you all guys an update.

    So what is going on with the Defying the Odds Campaign's construction?


    For starters I have placed news about the missions that are curretly being worked upon in the first thread:




    Episode 05 - Flaming Rain: Tested and currently undergoing repairs.


    Episode 06 - Cave Invaders: Awaiting a script implementation and testing afterwards.


    Episode 07 - Golden Paint : Very Early Alpha



    For Laters, all Chapter 1 missions are being reworked. What I mean by reworked is not a change in tasks nor in the story. It is more about optimizations. More info at the next versions releases. The next versions which will most likely be the FINAL versions too!!!


    For Last but not Least I have to say that due to a glitch that has been discovered as of yesterday 12/26/2018 I will have to change about 1.600 lines of code :thumb_down: It is about how the chat text is shown. The text will not change. Only the way it is shown. If you know Greek then there will not be a problem but some weird people tend to say that not many people know Greek so whatevs ... I will not take that risk  :thumbsup:

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  6. Mission updated to Version 1.1




    Version 1.1:


    Added thermal vision to the all ready existing night vision of the ship crew members.

    Changed the ships to much better ones for both friendly and hostile units.

    Fixed glitch where the naval units would report the finding of the Jet Pilot again if it had already been found by the airforce units.

    Fixed glitch where the airforce units would report the finding of the Jet Pilot again if it had already been found by the naval units.

    Updated mission so as to make it compatible with the new version of the Greek Navy Add-On



    Have fun :sun:

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  7. Quote

    Might be the trigger and the code in trigger execution ?

    I used to show all chats via triggers. Something which caused many conditions but worked nicely. The problem appeared now that all chats are being shown via a script.

    As far as I can see tiggers work locally once to every player. Something which is really nice but which does not combine with remoteExec. Because since they work locally the chat will show as much times as the number of players.

    I could not see that when testing missions in the editor hence I have to change so many lines of codes. Everything seemed to work fine.


    You just learned a good lesson about coding in general, if you've written it more than once make it a function. Here's a slightly less crappy way to make life easier.


    Oh I get it. So as to easily change the command if a problem occurs.



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  8. So one major change I tried doing in all campaign missions is to use scripts to run all chats. The scripts are run via a trigger. The trigger runs the audio via the effects and also the chat script which goes like:

    [HQ,"HQ to Blue Lightning, Blue Lightning do you copy?"] remoteExec ["sideChat",0];
    sleep 4;
    [BL,"Blue Lightning copies."] remoteExec ["sideChat",0];
    sleep 2.5;
    [HQ,"Blue Lighting, forces coming from your West are moving towards point Lamda. About 30 heavily equipped hostiles."] remoteExec ["sideChat",0];
    sleep 7;
    [HQ,"Ability to change the extraction point available."] remoteExec ["sideChat",0];
    sleep 4.5;
    [BL,"Copy that HQ, no need to. "] remoteExec ["sideChat",0];
    sleep 2;
    [BL,"Not every day do we have the chance to eliminate terrorists. Blue lightning over."] remoteExec ["sideChat",0];

    The problem is that the Chat was shown many times. Actually it was shown as many times as the number of players playing. One solution I can think of is to change all the above with a simple:


    HQ sideChat "texthere";


    but that will mean waaaaaaay many changes. So how can I fix it?


    Sadly I have not got many testing opportunities so I will have to ask here, if I make the trigger Server Only will that fix the issue?

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  9. Glad to hear it worked! Yep the weekend seems to be going fine. Spending much time in editing myself. As for issue number 3 let us not leave it unresolved :scratchchin:


    Here is what you can try,


    1.] Create any sort of marker you like in the editor and name it nameOfMarker.

    2.] You have already named your units so we will use the name directly p1.

    2.] In your init.sqf place this line:


    [] spawn { while{not isnull p1} do {"nameOfMarker" setmarkerpos getpos p1; sleep 0.5;}; };


    All done for unit p1! The above line will attach the nameOfMarker marker on your p1 unit and its position will be updated on anybodys map after 0.5 seconds.


    Doing so for all units will give you the exact position in real time for all units you desire. Maybe you only want the leaders' positions so you will add 2 such lines in your init.sqf.

    For the units' names you can just add a text to each unit's marker.

    For more markers you just copy paste the above as many times as you like like this:

    [] spawn { while{not isnull drop_plane} do {"Marker_drop_plane" setmarkerpos getpos drop_plane; sleep 0.5;}; };
    [] spawn { while{not isnull aa0} do {"marker_aa0" setmarkerpos getpos aa0; sleep 1;}; };
    [] spawn { while{not isnull aa1} do {"marker_aa1" setmarkerpos getpos aa1; sleep 1;}; };
    [] spawn { while{not isnull hostjet0} do {"marker_hostjet0" setmarkerpos getpos hostjet0; sleep 1;}; };
    [] spawn { while{not isnull hostjet1} do {"marker_hostjet1" setmarkerpos getpos hostjet1; sleep 1;}; };
    [] spawn { while{not isnull hostjet2} do {"marker_hostjet2" setmarkerpos getpos hostjet2; sleep 1;}; };
    [] spawn { while{not isnull aa2} do {"marker_aa2" setmarkerpos getpos aa2; sleep 1;}; };
    [] spawn { while{not isnull aa3} do {"marker_aa3" setmarkerpos getpos aa3; sleep 1;}; };


    It would be wise to just not over-minimize the 0.5 value. That might cause lag if set to 0.001 for example. It will be less realisticly shown in the map too. 

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