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  1. 6 minutes ago, stburr91 said:



    The last information we got from a BI developer was October of last year, and he said Arma 4 is years away from being announced. I purely guessing, but based on that, Arma 4 would be at least 3-4 years away. 

    A strongly supported opinion :thumbsup: 

    The thing is that Arma 3 has got so much content which means a competitive Arma 4 will need to have even more. A really tough and time consuming task so yes it might indeed take at least 3-4 years.

  2. 4 hours ago, Tobur said:

    Hey, thanks for the mission but I have troubles to start it. Apparently the files "asr_ai3_cfgcamouflage" and "asr_ai3_cfgvehicles" from the ASR AI3 mod are missing. They are not included in the Steamworkshop version (anymore?). Could you check this?  Thanks!

    Thanks for reporting the issue. I downloaded the mission and tried it. There were no problems detected.


    I also un-binarized the mission.sqf file to be sure and after the update there is no  "asr_ai3_cfgcamouflage" or "asr_ai3_cfgvehicles". Those were existent in the previous version. 

    However if you have downloaded the mission from armaholic, the older version is there and yes that one is unplayable. The updated links are here in the forums and on the website.


    Armaholic has not been updated because in total 20 missions need to be updated. I will try to update them there too but it will take a while since in armaholic I need to mail the site-devs to make any sort of changes and that takes time. Even in the forums 3 missions have yet to have the new updated versions. The above one does.


    So if you download the mission again and have the same issue please say so because there might be some major ASR AI3 issue. 

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  3. Have not tried Zeus but if it is the same as in normal Eden missions you will need a script:


    titleCut ["", "BLACK OUT", 5];
    sleep 5;
    ["<t color='#ffffff' size = '1.2'>PLACE TEXT HERE<br />PLACE TEXT HERE</t>", -1,-1,14,6,0,789] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText;
    sleep 12;
    ["<t color='#ffffff' size = '1.2'>PLACE TEXT HERE<br />PLACE TEXT HERE</t>", -1,-1,14,6,0,789] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText;
    sleep 12;
    ["<t color='#ffffff' size = '1.2'>PLACE TEXT HERE<br />PLACE TEXT HERE</t>", -1,-1,10,6,0,789] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText;
    sleep 10;

    To call a script via a trigger you can use:


    null = execVM "nameOfScript.sqf";


    There are other wayts to have text and such but the above is a good basis 👍

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  4. Engine updates most likely not. Arma 3 is far from over however.

    Until the new engine is ready an Arma 4 will merely even be mentioned. I mean Arma 4 should take at least a year or two to appear. DayZ has to firstly become stable since the new Arma will be based on the DayZ engine.

    Until then new Arma DLCs will appear like the Contact one.



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  5. Hey guys, got an issue will keep it short.

    So after having uploaded our missions on armaholic, the BI forums and our website we have decided to also upload them on steam. Gradually since they are a lot but we will!


    The problem: We have not got enough pictures so as to upload them on steam 😕

    Kind request: So if anybody is willing to take some pictures from our missions it would be awesome! Sadly we have no time, exams!!!, for that while new missions are also in development.

    Credits: Any pictures you provide shall have your forum or steam, your choice, name on the buttom right. In total we are talking about a few thousands of mission downloads and hopefully the same will happen on steam.


    Since all missions had to be updated due to an ASR AI3 update our website alone has got all new links. The BI forums are harder to change but they will be changed asap.

    Anybody willing to help can pick whichever mission you like from:


    For Stratis Missions (hope you choose the one with the sharks: https://greekeditor.weebly.com/stratis.html

    For Altis Missions: https://greekeditor.weebly.com/altis.html

    For Malden Misisons: https://greekeditor.weebly.com/malden.html


    @stburr91 Would choose the second one since it is a desert sort of map.


    And a few pics from missions: Explosive Drones, Defending History and Prepaid Nightmare









  6. When you say uses the arsenal you mean to take something specific from it? Because as far as I am aware there is no open the arsenal condition. But there is a condition to check if a player has a specific item. To make things more simple however you can use the:


    nameOfPlayer distance nameOfAmmobox <5;


    with a sleep 5 or 10. Since the player will use the ammo-box once he approaches the method should work.

  7. Quote

    TIP : There are a lot of examples using the "invisible helipad" but actually it's wrong , because the ai pilots will use this helipad. 


    Thanks for the tip! If a chopper is in play then an invisible helper object will do the trick. Although I never had such an issue to be honest. Most likely because chopper landing waypoints are connected to other helipads  :thumbsup:



    It takes more time to place an helipad than to copy a position in 3den (right click/log). So why ever add an object?


    Just like to have everything clear when designing any sort of mission. Taking a weeks break for example and coming back, I prefer knowing where the respawn location is and not start searching for the coords. That is also the case with waypoints and such.

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  8. And if you have already got a marker, where respawning takes place, there might be a simple solution, since you want it to be trigger bassed. Just add in the activation field of the trigger:


    "marker_where_you_respawn" setmarkerpos getpos spawn_helper;


    Where spawn_helper is an object located at the new desired spawn location. An invisible helipad for example.

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