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    "X-Cam" and "DAC" Project

    Saw information about this on reddit and i got a question to get this straight for someone that struggles with placing objects on altis, changing altis for the mod i'm working on etc.. This tool does allow pretty precise placement of objects - does it modify the map as a whole or is this script based, like saving all objects coordinates, directions etc. and then just loading them per script? I always wanted to furnish the altian houses to make it seem more "alive", will that be possible? like taking the house object, adding/attaching stuff to it, and then every house on the map looks like i've changed it - out of xcam? I do know that you can do that relatively easy right now, that's how we put up "item spawn locations" around every house, but it takes shitloads of time to already just place these spawn points.. furnishing every house would take ages like this and most likely impact on framrate even harder :E hope you understand what i'm asking, i'm a bit under the weather today..
  2. A small bump to this project, we recently posted a newspost on our website -> http://www.ashes-of-altis.com/news/ Just clarifying that we're still alive and working on the project but having some time issues due to work and other stuff. And we're still looking for experienced scripters/coders that would like to join the project!
  3. Hello. First of all i am not sure if this topic fits in here more, or in the terrain subforum since this is kind of terrain related but also not really. I hope you understand and forgive me if this is, infact, the wrong place to post this. The question i'd like to ask would be very simple, basically i'd like to know - what are you guys using to modify a map, like, adding a base to Altis, placing new buildings etc..? I know there is the 3D editor but as far as i know it is still as bugged as it was a year ago and not that reliable. While placing objects with it seems "okay", it lacks tons of usability in terms of interface and icons for items to place them and to know what it actually is etc. - also, and that is my biggest problem with it, every object snaps to the terrain making it sometimes impossible to place them like i need them to be placed. Saving objects is another problem since sometimes items just start to float or act weird. So, are there other options out there to actually build custom things into a map like Altis, like a military base or something? Thanks!
  4. Hello! I was told that this might be the right section to post in regarding our search for developers to join our mod project for arma3, so this is what this post will be about! We're a small team working for several months now on our game called 'Ashes of Altis', a persistent multiplayer warfare modification with rpg like elements, character progression, hived servers and more. We went public with our project in order to find people skilled in arma3 scripting to help us develop this mod into playable states faster and polish it further afterwards. This does not mean that we'll need you 24/7 but the aim is to push the progress towards first RC's for larger scale alpha testings and whatever comes afterwards, and right now it is going forward very slowly. If you are interested or have any questions, please just contact us here via PM or directly via email at crew@ashes-of-altis.com. Also if you need more detailed information about the mod you'll find everything you need on our website (http://www.ashes-of-altis.com) or in our existing project thread here on the BI Forums! Thank you very much for reading! Kind Regards, ThePatchelist (JOHNBELLO)
  5. I don't know if this is allowed or not, but it is kinda hard to find people so i have to push this thread again to make people that might not have seen it aware of that we're still looking for ArmA3 coders to join our project! (Is there any place better suited for this?)
  6. I'd like to kinda push this thread to "remind" of the main reason for us going public with our project - since i basically just found out that i kinda forgot to point it out more or to mark it better as our main need right now in the firstpost. Since we are a very, very small team right now and our main coder is pretty busy with his real work at the moment, we're in desperate need of additional developers, code wise, that would like to join the project to keep progress going and basically improve the workflow. We're looking for someone that is able and knows what he's doing. Additionally people with knowledge of custom animations and modeling for ArmA3 would be cool aswell since that would allow us to customize the game even more with, well custom animations and models. (simple stuff, not expecting professional modelers or anything like that) If you're interested you can simply PM me here, visit our website at http://www.ashes-of-altis.com and use the contact information you'll find there or just directly email us. Thanks!
  7. That's one solution we were thinking about. This will most likely be the case, to have arms dealers in your bases (and you'll improve them or change their stock if you're winning specific missions) Additionally, another one was inspired by the game Jagged Alliance 2. Again with the smartphone/pad thing the idea would be to have some kind of "online order system". You pay additionally for a paradrop or you need something to allow the use in your area (big area to make it dangerous) or you choose one of the airports around altis and find your things somewhere there. We also thought about dynamic armsdealers that kinda like a mission just pop up and stay at place x for like 10 minutes. I think we're covered in the end when it comes to armsdealers and ways to minimize camping/griefing. But nice to see ideas popping up, keem them coming ;)
  8. The uniform thing is not a problem, we already worked around that. ;) Team kills are also not a problem since we're using a scripted group system and not the arma sides to put players in teams. Besides that we're going to use a custom "scoreboard" to track kills and stats and no kill messages to increase the "realism" (not knowing if your enemy is dead until you got there and "confirmed" him). About the radio things - we might think about these. Funny thing, this is kinda the idea we had from the beginning for the long run. We wanted to do some kind of smartphone/smartpad thing of player menu where you'd be able to bank your money and things like that. Also that if you're in range of a radio tower you would have "internet access" and that would allow your gps to work -> mates can paradrop on your location. You could find prepaid sim cards to allow x paradrops anywhere... But we kind of were struggling with the logic having a smartphone or pad in a warzone etc.. I don't know, we might come back to that. Camping around arms dealers.. we'll think about something. :)
  9. Updated the firstpost with additional informations and screenshots! Keep in mind that this is a work in progress and most of the menus etc. are function only at the moment, so there is no fancy graphics etc. Feel free to ask if you have any questions!
  10. I'll update the post later today with some screenshots of our player menu. EDIT: Content pictures will be delayed a bit but i'll deliver as soon as possible! Since we haven't really had some kind of a bigger scale testing (only like 5 people) we don't have any real footage to show off yet. But as soon as it comes to that we'll deliver that content footage. I know that it is pretty boring just to talk about something instead of showing it, but like i said we're still in development, that means no real polishing done yet.. And yes, the idea was to take some of the system elements of DayZ (Loot, Persistency, Hive Servers) and to combine them with the gameplay of a more war orientated game like Wasteland (Missions, Base building, 2 Big "Public" Factions and the possibility to create your own private ones, independent style, Vehicular warfare etc.) - additionally this is going to be tied into a website to show off stats and things like that (group management etc.) And yes, no zombies. Not that we don't like zombies, but there are enough games with DayZ SA and their ArmA3 ripoff-counterparts already.
  11. So, back when ArmA3 released it's first alpha build we were already extremely hyped. Everyone was playing DayZ, Wasteland and ArmA in general got a huge amount of attention, and then this gorgeous game, ArmA3 was released to the public and just blew everyone away. We played tons of missions and different versions of all kinds of mod's for arma2 back then but were kind of disappointed that it took so long for people to come up with something new (and working) in ArmA3, and that's when we decided to create our own project. Starting as a mere mission under the name of 'Operation Blue' (we soon found out calling it that would be kind of weird, especially since we're from germany) we advanced and started to convert the project into a real modification that would give us way more control over the game, would let us allow adding of extrenal content and just creating our vision of a persistent multiplayer warfare sandbox. The game is not done yet, and we still have a lot of work in front of us but today we finished the basic parts on our website and decided to go public with our project in order to look for additional developers and asset creators that support our idea and would like to join the project. Just to avoid misunderstandings, we do not just have a website. We worked on this mod basically since ArmA3 released it's first alpha, and while we have most of the advertised features already working we still want to improve and polish them to a maximum and also add more features, and that is why we'd like some help if anyone's interested. We are looking for additional developers! If you have the time and know your way around in ArmA Script contact us either here per PM or send us an E-Mail! The modification is called 'Ashes of Altis', it's plot might seem familiar since we kind of built upon ArmA3's main campaign factions and the war between them. A list of features contains a variety of things, such as: Persistency Multi Server Hive System Dynamic Groups Systems (Ingame) Dynamic Missions RPG Like Progression Survival (Food, Health) Economy Leaderboards and Rankings tied into our website aswell as Player Statisitics and Character Statuses EDIT: Added Pictures and Informations! All of these pictures are work in progress and will most likely change in appearance once we reach the phase of polishing! http://i.imgur.com/jYOLrpT.png Status Hud - Showing hunger, thirst, overall medical condition, money and current rank. http://i.imgur.com/APx35zj.jpg Inventory Items - Food, medical and potential mission items. Mission items will be used in dynamic missions. http://i.imgur.com/njRjxLf.jpg Mission Log - Simple tracking of currently running missions and their descriptions. http://i.imgur.com/13xq9xf.jpg Player Status Menu - Overview of specific healt statuses, eat and drink specific food from your inventory, apply medical items to specific body parts to heal them (different items have different effects etc.) http://i.imgur.com/l9zV0ca.jpg Group Managment - See you current faction, stats and ranks, playerlists and additional informations. http://i.imgur.com/3tLpDHz.png Stream Friendly UI Changes - While arma3 features an unbuilt stream friendly feature we had to build something since we're using a custom group management that's not controlled by ArmA3's forces/sides. We added military callsigns (WW2) that will be attached to players in your group and consist of 2 parts (e.g. Able-Baker) This allows streamers to use the group managment without covering up parts of their screen. Informations I'd like to share some basic informations about the game, features that are already working and what is planned for the future. So far we have working: Working loot spawns all around the map (think like DayZ, a bit less scarce, weapons wise) Hive Features and Database savings of player stats and posessions aswell as group settings, member and their stats. Create your own custom group with your own color, own logo and name (we will allow players to add their own logos over our website that will be put into the game on updates) There are 2 Public factions - CSAT and NATO. If you're playing alone and want to form an easy group join these teams and group up easily with other players. You are not forced to join or create a group, you can lonewolf if you want to. Vehicle Spawns around the map Basic Mission Framework - Simple missions such as capture vehicles, capture bases etc. Doors make sounds on open/close (minor feature but big impact!) ... and way more! We're actively working on: (rough list) Capture cities and areas to provide spawn locations for fallen players and other benefits (shops, build material) Dynamic Missions - Every faction will be involved, mission types like "capture and hold point x to allow your faction benefit y" and more. Spawn options (paradrop, truckstop etc.) Economy parts - well and buy weapons from arms dealers (they will tie in to mission etc.) Skill systems - receive passive bonuses like less food consumption, cheaper prices, usability of special items and more. Radio Features (enable paradrop on teammates location if requirements are met, like in range of owned radio station) Melee weaponary ... and more! We're going to add external script's and mod's: We will add the known build mechanics that are available in games like Wasteland or some DayZ mods. You'll be able to save building and lock them on a server (not hived) and keep them through restarts. You'll have to re-lock them in order to keep them again. Custom weapons, vehicles, uniforms etc. (what's available) Sound addons (ACRE, JSRS (if available and wanted)) Chernarus and other maps! (Yes, we plan on adding a chernarus version and other maps if wanted) If you'd like to read more about Ashes of Altis or just stay updated on our mod feel free to visit our website at www.ashes-of-altis.com, our subreddit at /r/AshesOfAltis or just follow us on twitter @AshesOfAltis. If there are any questions, feel free to ask them here, privately or in our own subreddit. Whatver you like. Thanks for reading!
  12. Hi, Are the pictures in these databases allowed to be used on an arma3 mod's website?

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    So, this has probably been asked already but plowing through 90 pages seems a bit heavy.. but i'd like to know if there is a way to use ONLY chernarus out of this pretty awesome mod? Working on a project that would benefit greatly from the availability of chernarus in arma3, but having 5gb to add to our mod would just be insane.. Any ideas?

    Overwriting A3's scripts?

    So, since nothing's happening in this thread i tried to manually add it the 'much work' way and add a sound to one house. Since i don't know that much about configs i ran into some trouble and thought i just post it here in hopes of someone being able to help. This is what i did in my CfgVehicles.hpp (thats obviously included in my config.cpp) class CfgVehicles { class Land_Cargo_House_V1_F { class UserActions { class OpenDoor_1 { condition = "((this animationPhase 'Door_1_rot') < 0.5) && ((this getVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_1',0]) != 1)"; displayName = "Open door SOUND"; displayNameDefault = "<img image='\A3\Ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\Actions\open_door_ca.paa' size='2.5' />"; onlyForPlayer = 0; position = "Door_1_trigger"; priority = 0.4; radius = 1.5; statement = "([this, 'Door_1_rot'] execVM \modname\script\doorOpen.sqf)"; }; }; }; }; (What i did here is basically adding every line that exists in the config viewer under the "Land_cargo_House_V1_F > UserActions > OpenDoor_1" part) The statement part is where i put my script to open the door, basically just copied the code from the original arma3 script file for it. Was able to bake the mod without errors, but on starting arma it tells me "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Land_cargo_House_V1_F.simulation'." Logfile spits basically the same: No simulation: Land_Cargo_House_V1_F House exists ingame but i am obviously not able to access any doors now. Any ideas on how to fix it? Something i've missed?