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  1. this problem I think goes deeper then we realize. when new objects are created they are given a number as a name like 164332 or something like that. so with this little event handler Fnc_hint = { _unit = (_this select 0) select 6; hint format ["%1", _unit]; }; _EHFired = player addEventHandler ["Fired", {[_this] spawn Fnc_hint;}]; you can view the bullet created and the id it has. now as you can see the id doesn't go up by 1 every time you shoot. as a matter of fact it seems to go up as time goes on, which leads me to believe that there are objects being created in places that we don't know about. will test further by leaving a game running and seeing how many objects get created. please test this yourself.
  2. I was looking through the game dta>bin>config and I found this. class CfgDestructPos { class DelayedDestruction { timeBeforeHiding = "0.2"; hideDuration = "0.65+lifeTime*0.05"; }; }; class CfgDamageAround { class DamageAroundHouse { radiusRatio = "1.0"; indirectHit = "11"; }; }; these are there own class not a subclass of anything. I believe these are the parameters for building destruction. this is around line 2800. i think this is what the issue is.
  3. ylguf

    Question about island .rvmats

    I would like to expand on this. as he said the rvmats are Black _ Red _ Green _ Blue _ Alpha-128 0,0,0,255 _ 255,0,0,255 _ 0,255,0,255 _ 0,0,255,255 _ #,#,#,128 and if it uses only 4 textures it would look like L01_L02_L03_L04 with an unused texture looking like L01_L02_L03_N where L01 would refer to the texture in the map data folder but something that isn't mentioned is the second Rvmat that is provided. it would also follow the format of the first Rvmat using the same amount of textures. and follows a similar color format but the numbers are a little different and relate to a different texture the colors ive found so far are black _ Brown _ empty(maybe orange) _empty _ Alpha-0 8,0,0,255 _ 170,85,0,255 _ N _ N _ #,#,#,0 A2 operation arrowhead maps had the same color layout when I looked through them. back when I was looking though some of the A2 maps I found a orange color but I couldn't find it with A3 so I don't know the value.
  4. "I have been steadily learning to mod for a couple months." "requirements: must have an abundunt amount of experience modding, and some sort of portfolio/credit, for mods you've created or been a part of." how many of these posts do we have to read
  5. i feel like the setDir command is broken. or at least doesn't function how one would think. this becomes very evident if you look at a simple example. while flying a plane use this command vehicle player setDir (direction vehicle player); the setdir command is broken imo because it sets the direction, ok that's good i told it to set the direction sets velocity to 0, why does it do this i only told it to set direction resets vectordirandup why does it do this i only told it to set direction the setdir command should be called setdirandresetvelocityandvectordirandup i feel like this command needs a update.
  6. ylguf


    its a download through steam. go to to library >> tools
  7. why not just use a mp function, instead of having it built in. its a little extra code but allows for the discretion of the user.
  8. this post is like 8 months old and has not been update since alpha and all the names haven't been changed. here is a updated "fn_throw.sqf" just copy and paste to update the class names.
  9. lots of larger maps with lots of players use triggers to spawn ai when there is a player within a certain radius. this is why you hear some people saying to not fly over every objective when the map starts on domination style maps. because it will create a lot of ai at once and cause lag. the arma ai system suffers greatly when there is a fps drop. ai skill and fps really conflict with each other. for example you could have one or two ai at a set skill level and they would be pretty smart, then when you add 100 more ai and 60 more players and the fps drops the ai is like what do I do. but I guess that's what headless clients are for.
  10. ylguf

    =BTC= co 50 War Storm

    in the version I downloaded the AA and the AT load out spawn with a ACP-C2.45 pistol and have 2x 9mm 16rnd mags which is for the pdw2000,p07, Rook-40
  11. ylguf

    =BTC= co 50 War Storm

    I like the mission a lot. runs great and its nice to see HC utilized. a couple things that need to be fixed: the AA and the AT loadouts spawn with incompatible pistols and ammo. I completely hated the camera on the helicopters. everytime I got in a heli it would always do something unexpected. ex. constantly shake, point up, attach to helicopter rotor(don't ask me why this was happening) but I rewrote the function to this and it runs a lot smoother. BTC_l_camera = { if (BTC_l_pip_cond) then { BTC_l_pip_cond = false; [] call BIS_fnc_liveFeedTerminate; } else { hint "Activating camera..."; BTC_l_pip_cond = true; BTC_l_feed_target = "Land_HelipadEmpty_F" createVehicle (position player); BTC_l_feed_target attachTo [vehicle player, [ 0, 1, -3]]; [vehicle player, BTC_l_feed_target, player] call BIS_fnc_liveFeed; WaitUntil {sleep 1; (!(vehicle player isKindOf "Helicopter") || !Alive player)}; if (BTC_l_pip_cond) then {BTC_l_pip_cond = false;[] call BIS_fnc_liveFeedTerminate; deleteVehicle BTC_l_feed_target;}; }; };
  12. your P: drive wont update automatically. if you want to keep up to date you would have to update it every update
  13. thanks for replying, could someone confirm this or elaborate on this. to my knowledge true executes on every client and false will execute on the server. nowhere in the documentation does it mention nil. and i cant come up with any logic that makes sense of (true == nil). or any of the following (bool/object/group/side/playerid == nil) that being said i haven't used nil in this command always bool/object and the animation not playing might have something to do with #5 if my assumption is correct
  14. I might be wrong on a couple of these but 1. your missing a key pressed event handler 2. your using a case without a switch 3. you have (vehicle player == player) running multiple times (only need it once) 4. you are checking players speed. I don't see why this is relevant to why they can jump or not, I could see It affecting the total height jumped but why is it only possible to jump when you are running faster then 17km/h 5. you are calling fn_animation and im assuming its not defined anywhere 6. there is a nil in the BIS_fnc_MP. im pretty sure nil will return errors or make it not execute at all. it needs to be bool/object/group/side/playerid 7. what is _handled. why is it there and what is its purpose 8. mixed inline and newline formatting(it makes it look like copy and pasted stuff from other people)