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  1. Hello guys, Nice work to see this helicopter back on arma 3. I would like to report you a bug. When i open the arming menu, i've error line 2363 and the ammo-load doesn't work. Best Regards.
  2. izaiak

    Fog base level

    Ok thank you. But if it is for map configs, how can i change it for 1 mission ? Oo i think i missed something.
  3. izaiak

    Fog base level

    Hello, There is new command in Arma for fog. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Improved_Fog i try to use " startFogBase = 0.0; // base altitude for fog computations (in meters) " in order to simulate an overcast and hide valley from top of mountains. But this command doesn't seem to work. Do you have an idea how to change the Fog base to have the beginning of the fog at 100 or 200meters above mean sea level ? Thank you.
  4. Hello all, maybe i missed it but ... I wounder, HOW to use the very useful script on a Headless client ? Thank you so much guys.
  5. @the_Demongod : Source of Aircraft DLC ? Fix the air part of arma would be really great. Make a DLC for the air part mean huge change and no dev speak with the community about aircraft problems ... :(
  6. You don't play often in aircraft if you feel the actual model good ... It is bad compare to all ground unit ( soldier / jeep / tank / support ). With what we request here, the game could be 10000x more enjoyable and you would appreciate the change ;) :D.
  7. izaiak

    The A-164 WIPEOUT Fixed Wing Aircraft

    when you see the range of the PIP's FLIR for the commanche ... You will need to fly at 200m overhead your target to see something ... :( But it is a good idea and plus with a dynamic view ( search on feedbacktracker or VBS 2 video ).
  8. Report of F-18F : List of bugs : paint are broken, GPS targeting system is not working, service menu to change weapon configuration is not working, reloading is not working. Fuel consumption is broken ( close to unlimited fuel). Mods: A3MP; A3MP-AP; Alive; asdg_jr; cba_a3; agressors; your F-18; fhq_accessories; jsrs2.1; Nato and russian weapons; R3F_armes; rh_m4; rh_pstol; task_force_radio; XactionUI; Xeventsystem; Xmedsys; vts weaponresting, fsf_sac_ventral. Report of F-18E : No problem, everything is well working. I didn't test to change paint. The gps targeting system is OK, the 87th_neptume tweak would be welcome. Thank you and i hope it will help you to solve the F-18F problems.
  9. as gustnav said , Green = Landing gear down and locked Red = Landing gear is moving ( up or down ) No light = Landing gear up.
  10. many people think to know things .... But they are not at all xD
  11. You are miss understating what he is saying. When you roll, the lift is positive but not on the vertical plan, so gravity is stronger than lift , so the nose go down. More over the upper wing has more lift than the other so it help you to turn. In the game there are 0 of those effects and this is what he is saying ( if i'm well understanding him :p )
  12. Lot of people are trying to improve the flight model. Some devs should come here to speak with people and to help them to increase the flight modelif they don't have the time to do it by themselves. Arma is a good game even if we have sames main problems since OFP. With last update you increase some part of the flight model it is cool but main things needs to be done.