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    No supports.

    Artillery support module isn't working, the menu entry is grayed out/not usable. I'm curently playing the "supports showcase", but mortars where unavailable on the "scuba showcase" as well. Is it the new update? :Edit: Turns out the problem was a mod I had loaded. Do not know wich mod yet tho...
  2. SteinTroll

    Binarize.exe won't cooperate...

    Hi, and thank you! My experimentation will have to wait for a while. It's my workshift next week (16h/day minimum) so I'm not shure when I'll be able to resume testing. But I'll get back to you asap, maby even tomorrow if I find the time. If not, thanks and see you next week. -Tyrant
  3. SteinTroll

    Binarize.exe won't cooperate...

    Well I got to testing in-game, by using "WinPBO" by Nashe Orujie. Still no luck binarizing tho., even if i placed all files in one folder (test_man) in the Binarize folder and used BinarizeIT! No errors ingame, works great :). How do one get blood textures to work btw? :p
  4. SteinTroll

    Binarize.exe won't cooperate...

    Thank you, for the quick reply! I'll try that... but in the off chance that I release something in the future, isn't binarizing an important part of optimizing and making the addon bug free? But atleast I'll be able to test for now... thanks!:) -Tyrant
  5. I wanted to binarize my quick retexture of Sanc's exelent modders resource (thank you for that:notworthy:) for testing purposes, mainly cause Eliteness 2.91 wouldn't pack it to .pbo because an unbinarized .p3d. I probably have something setup wrong in the Binarize folder... But it still is strange because a few weeks ago it wouldn't even binarize brsseb's tutorial "crate". But then I didn't have Colonel Klink's binarizeIT, now the crate gets binarized but... not my "test_man" . Here's my setup while testing textures and merging bodyparts in o2/bulldozer; Textures in "test_man/01" folder and model in "P3Dbody-parts" folder.. And here's my setup and what happens hen I try to binarize; Everything in "test_man" folder (textures, model and config), also tried same folder setup as when editing... Could there be a problem with the P3D or with the example config? Thanx in advance for any replys! -Tyrant
  6. SteinTroll

    WW4 Modpack 2.5

    ww4 mod's got woodland, desert... but what about arctic warfare? I thought about using the models from the modders resource and reskinning them myself... But I quickly realised that i don't have the skill required to make anything near the standard of the original pack even with all the resources. So I thought I'd carefully make a request for a set of such units. :) I was especiallly interested in the east_black-op one, perhaps in "Toros" or "Pervotrop" camo. But the regular Soviet "Blot" or plain white is fine too... Google the camo names, I'm not allowed to post links yet...:j: And thank you so much, for all that you have given to the community thus far. :bounce3: Regards... Tyrant.