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    RKSL 3 - A new start... Discussion

    Welcome back Rock/RKSL :)
  2. Edit the config.hpp. I uploaded a sample config with the middle eastern guys from the aggressors mod a few pages back.
  3. If you manually update the script (it's called igiload script) they have added functionality for that pack :) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24681
  4. You've posted this in the wrong part of the forum my friend! I see your new here it's easy to make mistakes when you first start off :P You want to post here http://forums.bistudio.com/forumdisplay.php?162-ARMA-3-MISSION-EDITING-amp-SCRIPTING
  5. Do you have the latest patrol ops update? You shouldn't need to be logged in as admin. You just need to have someone in the squad leader slot.
  6. Hey guys! Here is a config for patrol ops 3 with the Middle Eastern Irregulars from @CAF_aggressors and the static weapons by RDS. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wrchqt5s62ta9dm/Patrol_Ops_3_Configuration.hpp?dl=0 It's a very rough job at the moment. You will probably need to edit lots more files to get rid of all traces of the Arma 3 units. I have tested this a little and it works most of the time. I'm not sure if it's down to where I have placed certain markers but sometimes a mission may auto complete. Since there are no (and it would not make sense if there was) insurgent tanks I have replaced them with the offroad armed vehicles from the middle eastern irregulars. Like I said this is still very WIP so you will still need to do lots of editing to the other mission files. I'm working on getting a mission working for my clan on @Clafghan and/or @fallujah using marines which I may release here once it's working properly. Thanks to Roy86 for letting me post this here :)
  7. tomclothier

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    Well, at least it wasn't another vehicle with the exact same weapon copy and pasted onto it... That's something eh?
  8. tomclothier

    Everon2013 for @A3MP

    Having the same issue here.
  9. Thanks! It's on PWS now called @GNT_FSF
  10. tomclothier

    Minihattan Island - A3

    Nice work! Downloading now :)
  11. tomclothier

    M110 from Arma 2

    Nice job on the release Slatts! Just to let you know I'm experiencing a bug with the magazine floating around the gun in mid air, here are some screenshots http://imgur.com/a/3ZqKY
  12. tomclothier

    L85A2 Release

    Brilliant! Congrats on the release :)
  13. tomclothier

    BASE Jumping Test Map v1.0

    I usually scroll down to check for Armaholic links. Must of escaped my mind, I feel dumb now :P Anyways thanks for the reply.
  14. tomclothier

    BASE Jumping Test Map v1.0

    Hey, Just to let you know the DL link is not working anymore. :/