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  1. And how in gods name should we ascertain the right one for you, if you don't even see it necessary to write a sentence or two about your actual problem? We aren't clairvoyants and can't help you if you're too lazy to state your actual problems and what you already did to overcome them...
  2. That's the final answer - you can't emulate a human person loggin in unless you actually do it. You could, however, setup a client from your end to do it, I mean if you setup your server as a dedicated one, whenever you connect you should be able to trigger those functions. If you know what parameters those functions expect, you can call them manually, like you can do with any other function.
  3. Nah, not really, to get the last element out of an array, you have to select using the count of the array minus one - what you actually did :D The only way to "fasten up" things would be storing (_paths select _i) into another local variable, so you don't have to "select" it several times (an existing reference to an array-element is faster than trying to get the array-element several times). From the coding angle, you should always prevent code redundancy as it will always bite you back when your code gets more complex. Everytime you see repeating code-lines , you should try to enclose them into a seperate function and for repeating blocks of code (like the meantioned above), store them into local variables. End of lesson.
  4. Even if _paths is a multi-dimensional array, you can't "select" an integer, what you actually do, twice. What you actually wanted is something like this: [color="#A52A2A"]([/color] [color="#0000FF"]([/color] [color="#008000"](_paths select ( INDEX_DIMENSION_1) )[/color] [color="#0000FF"]select ( INDEX_DIMENSION_2) )[/color] ... [color="#A52A2A"]select ( INDEX_DIMENSION_N ) )[/color] The first block returns an array, so you can use a subsequent select, to return another array in the second block. You can keep using selects as long as you've fetched an array in the select before.
  5. Well, first of all, you should declare your (local) variable outside of loops. This will (in most cases) solve scope problems and has a minor speed benefit. Furthermore, you should try to format your code, as it always will not only look better, but prevent errors, like the one you're having. If you have nested commands, you should try to wrap the commands/parameters into paranthesis - the problem, if there is any, will be visible that way. _pb = objNull; for "_i" from 0 to _n do { _pb = [color="#0000FF"]_paths select ([/color] [color="#008000"]_i select ([/color] [color="#FF0000"][b](count _paths)[/b][/color] [color="#DAA520"]select (_i - 1)[/color] [color="#008000"])[/color] [color="#0000FF"])[/color]; if ([getPos _pb,getPos _end] call BIS_fnc_areEqual) then { ... }; }; The red bit of code is (most likely) the culprit here: select is a command to get the n'th element out of an array. count is a command to get the number of elements in an array. So in the end, you're trying to get the (_i - 1)'th element from a number, which won't work obviously (integer != array). The same thing with the select before it. I think it will be more helpful if you could enlighten us in your intent, so we could figure out how the code would have to look like :)
  6. Well, after searching in the pbo's and extracting all scripts and looking into them, I couldn't really find the problem. Until... I noticed the blank in your string between the .sqf and the closing quotation sign, apparently there's no trimming when specifying script locations. So the following code works without problems: _newComp = [(getPos this), (getDir this), "FuelDump1_US"] execVM "ca\modules\dyno\data\scripts\objectMapper.sqf";
  7. xxanimusxx

    vehicle ammo check?

    There was a request like this some time ago, you could take the script and edit it to suit your needs. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?162620-How-can-I-add-more-magazines-to-the-door-gun-of-a-helicopter&p=2483091&viewfull=1#post2483091
  8. xxanimusxx

    addaction problem

    I wouldn't use player in the condition field, this could lead to unwanted results, use _target instead: count (nearestobjects [_target, ["Land_Money_F"], 5]) != 0 Another (and more easy way) would be assigning the action to the objects itself ("Land_Money_F") and using _target and _this to perform your script. That would be also the more effective way, because assigning an action to a player will check the condition on every frame, whereas assigning the action to a stationary object will check it only if there's a player in the vicinity.
  9. To concatinate strings with variables, you should opt to use format. _debug = format["http://dev.taskforce47.de/missingAddons.php?map=%1&mission=%2&player=%3&missing=%4,%5", _map, _mission, _player, (_missing select 0), (_missing select 1)];
  10. So, what's the question here?
  11. Oh wow, didn't know that the 3D-Editor would actually produce that crappy code markup.... it was a pain in the ass to decipher what was going on. So I beautified it a little and did test it with Radio-Trigger as well as putting it into the init.sqf and both yielded the same result: No duplicates, everything was normal and working as intended. // truck.sqf if (isServer) then { _vehicles = [ // Vehicle-className 3D-Coordinates direction Optional: Damage ["Ural_UN_EP1", [8618.9258, 2599.2754, -4.2915344e-006], 155.97241, ["wheel_1_1_steering",1]], ["Ural_UN_EP1", [8608.3711, 2615.105, -1.5258789e-005], -171.47652], ["Ural_UN_EP1", [8602.0576, 2628.5286, -5.9604645e-005], -175.51186], ["Ural_UN_EP1", [8596.2676, 2642.9153, -2.2888184e-005], -189.62248], ["UAZ_Unarmed_UN_EP1", [8593.1455, 2656.0056, 3.8146973e-006], 151.63525], ["UAZ_Unarmed_UN_EP1", [8587.5156, 2662.9124, 1.0490417e-005], 194.97041], ["LadaLM", [8634.1074, 2591.7109, 4.0054321e-005], -8.3406734] ]; // Create the vehicles _vehicleTemp = objNull; { _vehicleTemp = createVehicle [_x select 0, _x select 1, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _vehicleTemp setDir (_x select 2); _vehicleTemp setPos (_x select 1); // apply damages if present if (count _x > 3) then { _cnt = (count _x) - 1; for "_i" from 3 to _cnt do { _vehicleTemp setHit (_x select _i); }; }; } forEach _vehicles; _units = [ // Unit-Class 3D-Coordinates Direction Leader [ civilian, [ [ ["Policeman", [8646.4141, 2559.5491, 1.5735626e-005], 152.46233, true] ], [ ["Policeman", [8573.2393, 2697.1929, -2.6702881e-005], -50.373871, false] ] ] ], [ resistance, [ [ ["UN_CDF_Soldier_Officer_EP1", [8628.3105, 2565.7915, -5.7220459e-005], 141.05481, true], ["UN_CDF_Soldier_MG_EP1", [8628.5488, 2568.9143, 2.0027161e-005], 66.318787, false], ["UN_CDF_Soldier_AMG_EP1", [8627.6377, 2571.634, 3.9577484e-005], 0, false], ["UN_CDF_Soldier_EP1", [8624.8496, 2569.9492, 1.7642975e-005], -83.715508, false] ], [ ["UN_CDF_Soldier_Officer_EP1", [8595.0264, 2688.5332, -1.7642975e-005], 0, false], ["UN_CDF_Soldier_MG_EP1", [8599.4121, 2687.4063, -4.5776367e-005], 44.90382, true], ["UN_CDF_Soldier_AMG_EP1", [8593.7959, 2685.6555, -5.197525e-005], -156.03745, false], ["UN_CDF_Soldier_EP1", [8597.4424, 2683.595, -2.0980835e-005], 121.56821, false] ] ] ] ]; // Create the units _hq = objNull; _group = grpNull; _unit = objNull; { _hq = createCenter (_x select 0); _hq setFriend [east, 0]; { _group = createGroup _hq; { _unit = _group createUnit [_x select 0, _x select 1, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _unit setDir (_x select 2); _unit setPos (_x select 1); _unit setUnitAbility 0.60000002; if ((_x select 3)) then { _group selectLeader _unit; }; } forEach _x; } forEach (_x select 1); } forEach _units; };
  12. These errors stem from BIS-Functions which sometimes contain bugs or will produce errors in conjunction with user made scripts. The only way I got rid of these errors is to install the last "stable" beta update (afaik build 108074 is the culprit here, dunno if installing 112555 would help...)
  13. Well, "_pMission_array" is a local variable and exists only in the scope where it was defined. I assume the line "_pMissionId = _pMission_array select 0;" is being executed in another scope or script so the variable is undefined, hence the error. Please be adviced that your use of BIS_fnc_MP seems to be false, you're just supplying a parameter. I never used that function before so I cannot say that for sure, but the BIKI-page says otherwhise: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_MP
  14. xxanimusxx

    Help with waitUntil

    waitUntil's and GUI controls are a bad mix in my opinion. What you want to do is assigning the yes-Button an EventHandler which performs the tasks you want to do when "yes" is clicked. You can either do it in your dialog's class ("onAction= ...") or using ctrlAddEventHandler.
  15. Well the chat relies on GUI controls so you have to make your own OR modify the ingame chat to fit your needs - both ways require some first-hand knowledge in GUI scripting, so you should consider reading the tutorials which float in this subforum first. I made a script some months ago which reads the text out of the chat inputfield, so you can propably build your script ontop of that.