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  1. it works!!! but the pilots ejects too >.< then the plane crash lol. How do you prevent the pilot from ejecting? ---------- Post added at 07:14 ---------- Previous post was at 07:13 ---------- I want everyone to be forced to eject out of the plane except the pilot. ---------- Post added at 07:15 ---------- Previous post was at 07:14 ---------- How do you prevent pilot from ejecting?
  2. How do you force eject all players out of the aircraft by using a trigger? For example: im using a MV-22 plane and set a waypoint called "move" somewhere on the map. Then I put a trigger before the waypoint "move". Then when the MV-22 plane is inside the trigger, all players will be forced to eject, or paradrop. It's like an automatic paradrop. I don't what to put in the trigger to make this work..
  3. thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  4. THank you so much !!!! I finished testing it!! it works like a charm!!! I really appreciated for all the effort u put, just to figure, find, and make a script that works!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! it means a lot :) its not that complicated and clumsy, as long it works! it's all good!!! :) I don't know how to make or write scripts but I can read and understand some scripting language :) one more thing! This should work fine in dedicated server right?
  5. Yes ur right! I just want removeallweapons after players respawn.. did u found a way? I still can't find a solution :(
  6. yes I did, I put all of that in notepad then I named it removeweapons.sqf. I also put the codes in the init.sqf and I named the players p1,p2,p3, including replacing [1,2,3,]. When I tested it, after I respawned I still have weapons..
  7. didn't work :( ---------- Post added at 06:22 ---------- Previous post was at 06:21 ---------- not working :(
  8. how do I run this? Also, does this works for dedicated server?
  9. How do you remove players weapon after they respawn?
  10. Thank you so much Animus :) I love ur profile pic lol
  11. I found another problem.... when I played in dedicated server, everyone was on the water swimming, not in the boat... :( is there a way I can fix this? I think it has something to do with locality problems? I have no experience doings locals..
  12. How do you remove all weapons by using a trigger??? im making a spectating zone beside the battlefield, I don't want spectators to be armed.. I moved the respawn_west in the spectating zone. How do you remove weapons for both sides (Blufor and Opfor) when they respawned to the spectator zone???
  13. How do you move the respawn_west in a capturable trigger, when a player steps in that capturable trigger? So, if a player is inside that trigger and he died, he will respawn in that trigger that he just went into..