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  1. Hello there! I need a script, that checks, if you have a specific item it adds an Action. Well, in my cript, which is not done, i told the script to check the gear of the player, if the player has the Cobalt file item, he gets an Action, which allows him to change his skin. This should be like the Ghillie suit package from Dayz, but my one is badder but also work without any mods. The skin should be this "GUE_Soldier_Scout". Its a semi sniper skin from arma 2 without OA. At the skin change, the player should keep the weapon he had before the skin change. additionaly after the skin change the action should be removed WITH the Item Cobalt file. Thank you. -ViciousViper
  2. ViciousViper

    Kill Message

    For sure, here it is: PHP] _player = _this select 0; _killer = _this select 1; _killerWep = currentWeapon _killer; _distance = _killer distance _player; _distance = floor(_distance); if(_player == _killer) then { [player, nil, rGlobalChat, format["%1 killed himself",name _player]] call RE; } else { [player, nil, rGlobalChat, format["%1 was killed by %2 with %4",name _player,name _killer,_distance,_killerWep]] call RE; }; [/php]
  3. Hello There. I know, there are 'bout a couple topics of this, but i cant get anything to work. First of all, im searching for a script, That tells otther player who got killed, who the killer were and which weapon the killer had. for an Example : Player 1 was killed by Player 2 with weapon [insertgunnamehere]. I tried such scripts Via an eventhandler which executes the script when the unit is died. Well, as i said its not working for me. There are like thousand scripts, which displays the message as a hint, but i need it for the Globalchat. Thanks for any help.:) Yours faithfully, ViciousViper.
  4. ViciousViper

    Zombie unit with repsawn help!

    Well, the script, hat the unit calls, is a .FSM data. and thats my problem, i dont now how to call this kind of script. The weird thibng is, it works, if the unit is created at the start of the mission, but doesnt work, if the unit respawns.
  5. ViciousViper

    Zombie unit with repsawn help!

    Nope, it does not look like that it is working, the Unit just respawns as usual.
  6. Hello There! I've got a Problem. I already searched my problem in the Internet but got no useful results. My porblem is, ive got a Zombielogic script. Its very basic, the unit runs the script and becomes a zombie. But, i want to let the unit respawn I tried it with Kronzkys script wich respawns specific unit but if the unit is respawned, it doesnt run the Zombielogic script, its just again the basic unit. I dont know, how t fix this. At the moment its a "dayz like" mission without any Zombies. Just with AI players which walks araound the map (with Waypoints). Thank you ahead. Yours Faithfuly ViciousViper.
  7. ViciousViper

    Check if th unit is a player

    Okay i tried it with the Cly script, but i cant get it to work.. Can you create an example for me? This would be very nice (:
  8. ViciousViper

    Check if th unit is a player

    Well, this will work if the unit is only able to controlled by an AI or a player, but in my mission, every unit can be played as player or can be played by an AI. ( in the description.ext disabledAi is 0.)
  9. ViciousViper

    Check if th unit is a player

    I did, but im not an expert in scripiting and i dont really know Where the option is, to despawn only AI cropses
  10. ViciousViper

    Check if th unit is a player

    Well, thats not what i want. I want to let AI Corpses despawn and the Player corpses shouldnt despawn. Another example ~.~: Ai got killed = AI Corpse is despawning. Player got killed, Corpse ist despawning.
  11. Hello there, Scripters! i have got a Problem with my mission. My mission is a Survival mission. The mission has AI controllable player slots, which moves with waypoints. Anyway,i want to let dead AI bodies dissapear, but the ai should respawn after this ( Deletevehicle willl destroy the Ai), but, if the unit is a player, the Corpse shouldnt despawn / disappear. For an Example, if the Unit is killed, which is not an AI, the corpse of it shouldnt despawn, but if the killed unit is an AI, it should disappear. Well, since i tried some scripts, which removes every type of dead bodies (AI and not AI), i was thinking about asking here. My script: if (isPlayer _this) then { Dont hide the corpse. }; else { Hide the corpse of the Ai. }; IF anyone knows the solution of this, please just post it below. Yours Faithfully, ViciousViper. ---------- Post added at 18:27 ---------- Previous post was at 18:02 ---------- Oh, yeah, my current script thingy looks like this: if (isPlayer _this) then { /anything else. }; else { hidebody _this; };
  12. I dont think that its possible. im not an Expert in this, but i think that it is hardcoded and not changeable, but i could be wrpng.
  13. Ive got it, made a huge mistake by the script by sel. his script works if your 50 meters away from gear onr the ground( that i wasnt, lol)
  14. i tried you version with the trigger, in the Act ini box i pasted this _start = diag_tickTime; { deleteVehicle _x; } forEach allDead; { deleteVehicle _x; } forEach nearestObjects [getpos player,["WeaponHolder","GroundWeaponHolder"],14000]; sleep 5; its wrong, inst it?
  15. This only work 1 time, i need it to repaet itself every 1795 seconds... ---------- Post added at 17:26 ---------- Previous post was at 17:22 ---------- well, like i said before, the script only works once, not multiple times, Fuck.