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  1. Night

    [Official] Launcher Feedback

    Can the launcher just be a re-sizable window? And maybe add a button into it somewhere that lets you set it to not launch instead of having to set launch options. I remember in an older version when I hit play in Steam I got a pop up that would let me pick if I wanted to play Arma3 or play with launcher and it would just remember I had it set to Play Arma3.
  2. Night

    What do you want to see in the expansion?

    Features and more accessibility and tools for modders.
  3. Night

    How the heck do you guys mange to hover?

    Even without the advanced flight model I still tend to drift around a bit. I think its just practice so you get to the point where you can control it better and better and eventually being able to think and act before the heli makes any drifting movements.
  4. I feel like fatigue is too punishing. As an unfit person who was in reasonably good shape a few years ago, Even now I can run 2 kilometers at a steady pace before I start to feel like im going to die. I haven't trained or exercised in a long time. I think a solider who is in the midst of it all every day should have no problems running with gear and not getting instantly fatigued. I feel like it needs tweaking. :/
  5. Night

    Enabling Arsenal presets in 2D editor

    It saddens me a bit to see a dev just outright say its not possible. Why not have a dropdown box in the unit editor menu under the script insert area that lets you select your own Virtual Arsenal presets that you have saved, then it can just copy in the saved data for you. Instead of having to copy/paste many individual units over to a notepad type program and back into ARMA. Its not like the data for the Virtual Arsenal units isnt saved somewhere on our computers for the editor to pull from.
  6. Night

    Firing from vehicles unfinished?

    At least we can actually fire from vehicles now. :/
  7. Night

    SOC WIP Thread

    So many threads of people saying they are working on something. Not as much final or usable products. Im skeptical.
  8. Night

    X-Cam prototype map

    This map is so cool. I watched the video of the drive around and was like :O Its so much more detailed and how you would expect things to be then what Stratis and Altis are. I just wanna play on it! :D Great work!
  9. Dslyecxi* Is a contractor for a company that works on and with the VBS system. As I understand it. He does explain it somewhere, like on his website probably. Edit: Read this page. http://dslyecxi.com/about-me/
  10. Night

    PG Services (PMC)

    I just downloaded the update and I am happier about the carry capacity of outfits. I still think some of them could carry more gear but its an improvement on being the same as the civilian capacity, which was how it was in the version I had previously. Really like the black MX's with olive stocks and mags. They look so much better then the standard black MX. Maybe we could see some PG units with that olive digi cam that is on the mags? Keep up the good work anyway, this is my favorite unit addon. PMC's are the best >< Edit: Btw, I just watched an anime called Jormungand. Even if anime isn't your thing...its about an arms dealer and her crew of mix matched ex soldiers. I think you could pull a lot of inspiration from that series. Now im off to post in the request thread. ><
  11. Night

    Arma 2 VS Arma 3! You chose!

    As a game Arma 2 is more friendly. As a proof of concept, Arma 3 is cool, but there is just so much that needs to be cleaned up. Its practically still in beta.
  12. Night

    Virtual Arsenal integration with Editor

    I do think you should be able to place a unit and then select your own pre-made load outs from the VA. I don't really think it needs the full 3D model part to be intergrated. Also, copying to clipboard and using an external program to note down all the code is stupid for anything but single person missions...like just you...no ai or anything, since you can only do one unit at a time.
  13. Vehicle physics and vehicle damage. I don't even care about how the AI wants to derp their way to the objective. You cant even get there when a sign or a bush can blow up your helicopter or turning a corner at 100kmh rolls your car. -___-
  14. Is the brightness supposed to be set way high? I cant see anything because its so high. Edit: Saturation might be the correct word im looking for.