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    Hi, I've been trying to setup Zeus and ares with my dedicated server... I installed the mods and added them to server side config, I edited the whitelist and added my steam UID. I start the server and login and it says I'm a curator - pressing Y does nothing and when I change the bind it still does not work. I login as admin and it still does nothing - I'm just running the WLA (Whole lotta Altis) scenario - any idea what it might be that's causing this? I do get this in the log though 12:42:17 SL_Zeus 1.6.0 [Notification]: Only SL Zeus curator modules in this mission! (SLZ_fnc_initPost: 31) ------------------ Ok I tried it just with a very simple coop mission and it seemed to work Has anyone else used it with WLA, or know how I could enable it? thanks
  2. I have been really loving WLA coop... but I do have one problem When logged in as admin on a dedicated server, I can't change the parameters? I can change the time multiplier etc in game but if I want to change the profile or reset the map I'm not able Does anyone know a solution to changing these parameters?
  3. well now! That certainly is an interesting update! I'll need to investigate :D Thanks!
  4. heya I've been using Playwithsix for arma 2 mods and my odd dip into Dayz previously. A proper description of the mod would be really helpful. You have 32 mods in the 'unknown' category ... and the majority of those don't have any description. Why would I install something I've not heard about before or if I'm feeling really energetic I might look up on google? Taking @a3_osbih as an example ... I click the cell and the text disappears with the highlight. the mod is 16mb - that's all i know. I look up google, playwith6 is top two results - no info. I scroll down and find this. http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=21299 Now, I personally have no interest in "Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina" but I'm sure many people would. But that is my experience of using playwith6. No easy way of browsing for new and interesting mods. sure, I can easily install ace for arma 2 but even then the blast core visuals etc were not well documented at the time. I really think playwith6 is great and it saved a lot of hassle when I played arma 2 with ace/acre before -- but it really could be a lot more userfriendly and descriptive
  5. Sure, but do you think we can do so without you getting your knickers in a twist? Humble apologies - I was being endearing when I used the plural (CAS/AA) it was better than just JET But fair enough, I'm happy to go with your assertion that there is 1 pitiful, badly modeled at best (from the inside) jet in the game. Cleared that up now? Ad Homniem The 1980's called, they want their bus back. argumentum ad nauseam This is nothing like what combat will be in 20 years. Really now? I have receipts that say otherwise - no I did not just buy the combined pack. Petitio Principii Ad Homniem is that 2 planes or two varients? *raises an eyebrow, I've had reviewers calling the past 1 jet as 2, since you are demanding so many citations, would you mind giving me one for the above pulease? My point is, regardless of what content BIS is trying to cover up (or lack of) It doesn't matter how much you polish a turd.... As I said, I'll give them 4 months to get their act in gear. I don't actually mind incomplete unfished games as long as there is actually evidence that the promises will be kept! As for this thread, apparently I need to repeat myself or it will just keep being regurgitated back to me. - I'm out of here.
  6. Goodness me no, I'd never belittle any of the wonderful, imaginable little daffodils in this forum, everyone is of such high caliber intellect, so kind and receptive to criticism regardless of if it's not aimed at them directly and never deserve anything untoward. How are you my little flower, have you had your happy pills too I hope? My dose of happy pills keeps being increased with every new title from BiS. Thing is, optimizations and bugs I can live with - those are certainly things that can be fixed by the community if Bohemia don't. Not like we've never had unofficial official patches before ... right? oh wait. Am I in the minority, no - I might be a lot of things but apparently minority is not one of them: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?163155-A2-vehicles-a-solution-or-A3-lack-of-content Are those supposed to look like jets from the future? Even the F-35B fits better - was that retired already? What about static sam systems. What about APCs with mounted missile launchers. Seriously - That's fine in 1950, yet even OFP had those! Missiles can be guided these days - no seriously! What about variety of vehicles in general, what is this game - battlefield? If Bohemia came out and said 'well no, actually quite a few are placeholders for future models' I wouldn't be kicking up a storm - however if this really is 'feature' complete with 1980's romanian jeep interieriors... Then I'm pretty shocked. This is a game that can not decide what era it belongs to. It sounds like I missed the memo when they said it was going to be set 20 years in the future, however half the content is practically modern day or older and the rest is a copy pasta of another project entirely. I really do sound like a troll .. and I'm sorry - I have 200 hours logged on Arma 2 on steam, another 100 with playwithsix and god knows what else with manual mods. I have Take on helicopters and I have the Hind addon, I'm only being like this because I *DO* actually care. What does actually bother me is DLC. DLC next to F2P is king these days. Is Bohemia going to put barely enough effort to get this game passable before they fix it post patch with paid for DLC? Bohemia went so far out their way to encourage modding - I don't think even the modders thought they were making the game for them! Considering the content of prior DLC packs for Arma II, I have little faith they won't try and money grab. A perfect storm for a perfect excuse. Sure, games have bugs, The arma series has always been in a class of its own that way. Sure, development drags on, I applaud them for delaying the campaign to get the engine released as priority I heard that 2 years development was scraped and was wondering why - having not heard this before I did a little google. I said at the beginning of this post that the game felt like a cutnshut. All rumour and speculation. Is that in the same way Arma III is all smoke and mirrors? I wasn't actually going to reply again, I had typed it out with a kind thanks to DMarkwick regarding the fact I'd used his fire and smoke mod in the past but it once again tumbled into a rant (kinda like this one) - so I gave up and walked away. However Dale, I just couldn't help replying after I saw yours :) and you are such an adorable little chipmonk too! Actually, believe it or not - if I still hadn't that little thimble full of faith that I never wasted my support and preorder money - I would go as far saying this is BIS - Aliens Colonial Marines. However, since I do still have a thread of faith - I'll give it 4 months an then shut the door. And thanks again modders, I really offer you no disrespect for the effort put into these games, you do a superb job.
  7. Railguns? Where? Are you sure you're not thinking BIS other 'attempt' at futuristic scenarios? http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/carrier-command-gaea-mission Oh wait, I do apologise, is that what the delay is - still waiting on getting the Deathstar license from Disney? Jokes aside, this game in its current form will be a shadow of the others. In the FUTURE Where ARDrones rule the sky and b/w CCTV is all the rage. Really? I would like to hope there was no product placement regarding that drone.
  8. First post and all that... thanks for the heads up .. but since you are finished trying to belittle my intelligence I will clarify just for you. BTW, the word you are looking for is 'know' all good? To my knowledge there should be 3 free campaign packs, although apparently the vehicles are sandbox feature complete. So controversy aside, I'm fully aware that within a month or two at most there should be a free DLC - said DLC also actually being part of the game that should have shipped had it been on schedule. Keep that in mind, that is game content - not extended DLC. I did. I have OFP, and all the Arma games - hey I have a free spare copy of Cold war rising if you would like it - any guesses where I got that from? *Glare* If you are happy with scaled down Battlefield 2142 carbon copy clones, who am I to judge? EXACTLY. I believed that ORIGINALLY the game was set closer to now and I CERTAINLY never expected a large (I said large in this context? hah, DCS has a larger range) amount of the vehicles to be the same. I'm actually quite saddened that you expect so little from a game these days - why don't we just make this one F2P too and be done with it? I mean it's not like you'd notice, everything else is going over your head. Actually I did not. Parse that all you like however I certainly don't see future in that statement. Actually - where does it say the word future on their whole site? http://www.arma3.com ? Or here? http://www.arma3.com/buy/ enlighten me oh knowledgeable one.
  9. I posted this on the steam forum ... but I wanted the devs to know I'm not that amused either First of all I think it's unfair we should depend on the modders for ANYTHING. Secondly - I think that right now it's more important we have a stable working engine. However, not only are half the current vehicles carbon copies of the other, I'm dreading when the first paid for DLC goes up. Sure, give BIS their chance to finalize the product after release. The med is not my favourite theater of operation - fair enough ( it's pretty but it's very subjective) but right now I smell shortcut after shortcut after fricking shortcut! and as someone that did buy the supporters edition on pre order I'm currently feeling rather scammed. Scrap the futuristic bullshit and be a little more realistic - what's the fricking point of having an 'army' sim when 3/4 of the units in 2035 will be remote controlled anyway? You know it's funny, the DLCs for Arma II were quite good, great amount of variety - my only slight issue was and underwhelming amount of professionally made missions/campaign length. These 3 apparently free content packs better blow my every loving mind - because if I'm smelling "we'll release half a product now and nickle and dime you on 10 million expansion packs" You will be getting sweet %£% all from me ever again.