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  1. Phal

    Fast Transitions Mod

    I'm impressed you were able to remove the random delay after the transition, nice job. It does feel a lot more fluid (a lot more like how it should be in vanilla). One thing that you notice more now though is that your character will often sprint for a short while following a transition. This would happen in vanilla but it wasn't nearly as frequent with these shortcuts in there. Any ideas why that's happening?
  2. Hi mega karaczan, glad you like the missions. Yeah there's a chance that the explosives will be by the pier where you find the trucks. If they're not at the trucks, you'll have to try the military compound to the east of Agia Marina (it's right on the edge of town), there you can find a whole heap of munitions. I'll make it clearer in the next update! Phal
  3. New update up on Armaholic, you can find the changelog here.
  4. Phal

    FHQ TaskTracker

    Oh you know you could be right on that one, I'm using UPS. Sorry. I figured it was the task tracker since it would pop up when tasks were updated in whatever way. Right, onto the next breadcrumb! Cheers. P.S. I just saw your post in UPS, holo89. Thanks for that, going to try the fix now. *Edit:* It worked, ta.
  5. When a stable build comes out I know that any errors that crop up with the release are going to be around for at least 2 weeks, whereas with Dev build different errors crop up everyday, some that aren't the fault of mission makers and some that get patched out the following day. Keeping my missions compatible with the Stable builds, as and when they come out, seems the most sensible choice to me. Besides, developing for an unfinished game is risky business - The general disclaimer is: Expect problems.. Anyway.. I just played WC: Defend on latest Stable patch and OPFOR came within expected timeframe. Is it still broken for you? The only other thing I can think of is if you're playing on a Dedicated server, but I'd be disappointed if that was the reason why it wasn't working! As for the script errors about KRON_trig yada yada, it seems to be to do with FQH Task Tracker. I've asked a question about it over in Varanon's thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?151680-FHQ-TaskTracker/page18 So hopefully I can get that sorted soon. P.S. If you're getting an error about CIVA from init.sqf, you're likely not slotting in the 'MUST BE SLOTTED' slot when starting the mission, or you haven't restarted the mission properly. Make sure you have either a player or AI slotted in there when you play, and let me know if you see the error again. *Edit:* Seems the error may be from UPS, not FHQTT. *Edit2:* It was UPS, the error should be gone in the next update.
  6. Phal

    FHQ TaskTracker

    I know about defining variables, but I don't understand Varanon's script well enough to know why it's suddenly complaining about undefined variables in the latest patch. Hopefully he'll know..
  7. Phal

    FHQ TaskTracker

    Hi Varanon, Since last patch I'm getting errors when I'm using code like: ["task1", "assigned"] call FHQ_TT_setTaskState; The error reads: Just FYI (but you probably know anyway) 'AZ1' is my marker name. Something's happened in this patch which is flagging this error. My missions were script-error free before current stable patch. Any ideas?
  8. Just played this with a couple friends, absolutely fantastic. Really well made. Good use of music, and the mission was paced well too - with a great ending. Keep up the good work :) P.S. I was the only one to survive :[
  9. Ok well I can't guarantee my missions' functionality on dev, due to the nature of the branch itself (rapid iterations etc.). But from my testing on the latest stable 0.70 something something, Defend works just fine. I won't attempt to fix it on dev as bugs are just going to be a thing no matter what I try; each dev patch potentially breaks or has some sort of impact on various aspects of a mission, and fixing those issues so it works on dev would mean issues on stable, and I don't fancy having two versions running parallel.. But I will take another look and see if I can't replicate the issue on stable. Phal
  10. Phal

    Switching weapons on the move

    I mistook the 96 (now 98) posts for the page number, and thought "I'm not reading all that!" Anyway, it's easy to read/hear/see lots of different things while on forums, sometimes you just need to repeat yourself. ;) I have faith in you Smookie!
  11. Phal

    Switching weapons on the move

    Really nice job with this Sniperwolf. While this mod plugs quite a huge gap in movement fundamentals, its hacky nature becomes apparent when you really try to embed it into your core gameplay. Nevertheless, a nice surprise. I hope BIS takes notice of this and sees the fruits in implementing it properly (e.g people will be much more likely to use their sidearm instead of their primary weapon, if they have one - and combat in general feels a lot more dynamic). Not to praise this too much however, as it has already been a standard for FPS games for some time to be able to switch weapons while on the move. Implementing this would just be Arma catching up.
  12. New update up on Armaholic, you can find the changelog here.
  13. Thanks, glad you like them. Not sure what's going on there. I've just tried Defend on all but the easiest difficulty, and after Phase 1 is complete (when the given preparation time has passed) OPFOR begin to show up. Do you get any script errors? Are you running on dev? Best I could suggest is redownload via Armaholic to make sure you've got the latest version, and report back if you see "Phase 1 completed" during your next playtest. That's because you're playing on dev. On stable the ACP-C2 and Vermin both use 9mm. Once the Stable branch receives the next patch I'll update my missions in line with the changelog.
  14. Phal

    Fast Transitions Mod

    A misunderstanding then, I was always referring to the movement you were forced into after the transition. It's a massive nuisance for me, as I like to lower my weapon when I know I'm not going to be in combat for a period, you really notice the sticky movement the more you use it for this purpose. Maybe it is a BIS job after all. Thanks anyway!
  15. Phal

    Movement speed tweaking

    Where did you get with this Smookie? These changes sounded like a step in the right direction but we have yet to see them implemented. I'm definitely in favour of making the sprint limited to 22.5 degree, 45 degree doesn't seem right (Try doing it IRL..). In fact I'd suggest maybe limiting the degree even more, then maybe you could justify upping the sprint speed again.