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    Former AA2 player (on a few realism clans). Currently part of VOLCBAT on Arma 2. Also a sim lover (currently racing RFactor but also had my share of FSX some years ago).
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  1. Yeah, I have the same problem. Can't enable or disable any of the controllers (I have 4 in use). The ones that were enabled before I can't disable, the ones that were disabled I cannot enable any more.
  2. luizsilveira

    1.64 Feedback

    The map markers only being visible in the specific channel you're currently in is absolutely retarded. The previous system worked perfectly fine. Now if (for example) someone marks something in side chat I can't see it while talking to people in vehicle channel. What? It's a mess.
  3. Yeah, I have backup of everything (well, mostly :D ). So much so that I had all the other .pbo files, in multiple locations even. That was a big saver too, else it'd have been all lost. But no doubt, the mission I had been currently working on I had no backup yet. I should start making a copy of the mission folder at the end of each session/day.
  4. Thanks guys. Yeah, no recycle bin, no. It was gone. But thankfully the file recovery software saved a lot of work. This morning I've made a second run with one called Puran File Recovery (v1.2.1). It's not nearly as powerful as Recuva, but it did restore all the folder structure. Unfortunately about 10 to 20% of the files recovered by Puran are corrupt though (versus 100% recovery rate for Recuva). So after having both recoveries my work will be basically to check file by file for integrity, and if it's broken I'm copying from the Recuva folder and replacing the Puran one. So far so good. Thanks for all the help, I'm posting this as reference. Edit: Oh wow, nothing can be this easy can it. I just realized that ALL subfolders from ALL my missions in the documents folder are gone. Just gone. No idea which of the programs is the culprit. The mission.sqm is still there, all other files and folders from inside each mission's folder are gone. Thankfully I have .pbo files of all other missions so at this point I'll probably just wipe the whole folder out and start from scratch (de-pboing the old ones).
  5. Thanks, that's a good tip. It wasn't on an SSD so that might be a good thing. I ran a program called "Recuva" and seems to have recovered most if not all files. Big relief. The main down side is that no (sub)folders were recovered, so it's a mess. And I ended up with some 15 different "settings.sqf" files that should eventually all go into different folders again. It'll take a while to sort out, but certainly not nearly as much of a pita as coding everything again.
  6. So I'm quite desperate. Several days and countless hours working on a mission with a lot of stuff, many custom scripts, the works. I got onto the editor and for some reason pressed delete. I was deleting something I guess, don't know what. It asked if I wanted to delete the scenario (what?) and immediately went on "ok" (not sure if I pressed enter because i was in the middle of typing, or if I was just tired and auto-clicked on ok). The whole thing, instantly gone. All of it. The mission folder is still there, completely empty. All the scripts, everything. There's no trace. I tried pressing ctrl-z, no avail. I checked the recycle bin, nope, nothing there. I've googled and looked and searched and couldn't find a poor soul with the same fate as mine and some light to cast onto the shadows. Any hope? Is there anything I can do? Why on earth is this "option"/"feature" even there? :blink: Edit: So yeah, if you open the editor and click on "open" to open a scenario you get presented with a list. Why does pressing the delete key at this moment pops up a message to "delete the scenario" (presumably the last one loaded) when this option is not even on screen? And then it wipes all the scripts, everything, without even a copy/backup or sending it to the recycle bin? How crazy is this? :o
  7. luizsilveira

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Super, that was it. Thank you very much. I had tried going up to 0 - 5 and had seen no change. Now I went all the way from 0 - 15 and it's all black from all distances so thumbs up.
  8. luizsilveira

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi, and first of all thanks for all the great work with RHS. I've been trying to get myself some black HMMWVs. Just totally black is fine. I've followed the tips found somewhere in this tread for re-texturing, and I've tried many many combinations of things like: this setVariable ["RHS_Decal_Enabled", false, true]; this setObjectTexture [0,"#(rgb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,1)"]; this setObjectTexture [1,"#(rgb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,1)"]; this setObjectTexture [0,"#(rgb,256,256,1)color(0,0,0,1)"]; No avail. The front/hood of the HMMWV turns black but the rest retains original texture. Also it's only black from very close; if I walk away 50m or so the original texture pops right back (looks like an LOD thing). Any good soul to point out what I am doing wrong or how to circumvent this? Thanks!
  9. luizsilveira

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    But the thing is that the lead vehicle should go into "slow" and not into "stop" when the distance to the trailing vehicle becomes too big.
  10. Years and years go by yet problems are the same.
  11. Ah, many thanks. Honestly I don't run Arma 2 much better than that. But your GPU is much, much better than mine. I don't actually look forward for it running anything on high (I run Arma 2 on medium/low already), I'd be happy if it'd run *at all* even with all on lowest and that resolution (no way I'll every play with my 1980 native).
  12. My specs: CORE 2 DUO 3.00GHZ, 4 GB RAM, 250 GB SATA HARD DRIVE, NVIDIA GT 520 1GB GRAPHICS It's still running on XP. I'm thinking about upgrading it to Win7 to test the Alpha Lite but maybe it's not even worth it to bother...
  13. luizsilveira

    OPFOR too Futuristic?

    Unfortunately that's what "sells". Coolio "sci fi", "special operator" tacticool stuff. Ordinary light, regular or irregular, infantry doesn't sell games just as much. Hopefully mods will fix this while BI will still get their monies from kids willing to play deathmatch 24/7 on a server away from me.
  14. luizsilveira

    Is it worth buying full version?

    I thought you were not allowed to use mods in the free version? There are a ton of mods out there, and quite a few I'd rate as a "must have/play" if you like Arma at all.
  15. I've updated both parts 1 and 2 to v2. One major change is they both now have 2 slightly different versions each: - "no-ai" for larger coop communities/player bases. Playable AI disabled; no respawn; GDT spectator; slots of dead player became available for others to join in progress (JIP). - "ai": for smaller coop communities. Playable AI enabled (albeit you can choose in-game to disable it); group respawn (if there is AI alive in your group, players will take control of that unit and resume the mission); slots became unavailable upon unit's death (whether player or AI). Other major changes/fixes: - Slots don't disappear anymore (thus the addition of "no playable ai" versions); - Spectator mode now works perfectly, with the addition of GDT (most noticeable on the non ai version); - JIP teleport now works perfectly; - CO09 BRA 2 has been revamped for CO13; - One of the tasks was not always completable on BRA 1 and has been fixed; - Several other minor tweaks and changes. - Sandi framework added in preparation for my next mission (which will be CoTvT); Many thanks!