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  1. Still my favorite map, keep coming back to it all the time, currently making a campaign for my group, was wondering if anyone can point me to the real world location so i can grab some pictures from google maps for my campaign briefing?
  2. Thanks Pierremgi! Works perfectly.
  3. How do i make my trigger activate from me disarming a IED. I want there to be 2 IEDs dug into the road whilst the third is on the side of the road visible. If the team spots the 3rd IED they can disarm it and that would also disarm the 2 on the road (That explode from a trigger) So i have one trigger that will detonate the 2 IEDs on the road. And i have one trigger to delete the first trigger. Now i just need to know what to put in the second trigger so that it will work when i disarm the IED.
  4. Im unable to fully remove the overcast on this map. i AM able on other maps but not on Vidda. is this something i can fix or is it built into the map?
  5. Have been on a break from arma for about a year. come back to this incredible mod, this is such a great mod it immidiately sparked my mission making needs. You seem incredibly skilled in the mod tools im hoping to see many more mods from you in the future. Also, you seem like the guy that could make that arma snowmobile ive been wanting for many many years *Wink*Wink*
  6. Where can i find the updated version? The version on armaholic has different requirements than on the latest modlist.
  7. musclebust

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    I was wondering when we can expect TGPs to arrive? I was thinking about how the Spooky has a really cool TGP that feels like its on a gimbal and good stuff. I really love this mod, and any sort of semi-working TGP is going to elevate my fun in Arma by aprox a million times. <3
  8. Global Special Operations Command (GSOC) is a Milsim (millitary simulations) community centered around the Arma series from Bohemia Interactive, with Arma 2 as our main game. We use several modifications to enhance the experience of Arma and broad range of tactics and weapons based upon real military units. We are European and American based currently heavily on the European side but actively recruiting anyone with the ability to play within European timezone. We do try to stretch ourselves to let anyone whatever timezone play together with us. We strive to uphold a well balanced feel between professionalism and maturity, but still keep a good sense of humor and not be too strict or punishing. Anyone is eligible to join at whatever age as long as you seem mature and can keep a good focus on your tasks as part of a team. Our recruiting staff are well mannered and will try to give anyone, FNGs or Veterans, a good chance of doing whatever type of tasks they want. At first you are limited to regular rifleman service, but you will quickly be given the chance to do several types of tasks if you uphold a good manner and professionalism. If you are active and a quick learner, operator status will be given and thereon you will have a wider range of available tasks to execute. If you do not have the time available to be on every OP\Training, our reserve ranks are available, and you will still be put to good use and see a lot of action depending on what role you would like, be it transport, aviation, support or any other miscellaneous role. If this sounds interesting to you head over to www.G-Soc.com and have a look.
  9. Squad name:- Global Special Operations Command (GSOC) Timezone/location : EU\US Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): coop\pvp Contact email: Post@G-SOC.com Website address: www.G-SoC.com Short description: We are a Arma 2\3 Milsim community playing several campaigns as different worldwide units, doing a broad range of mission types, trying to focus on variation and realism. we are 18+ (with some rare exceptions). We are looking for mature, driven, critical thinkers that want to be part of a fun but serious team. Language: English
  10. Gameplay - Switching weapons between shoulders, there should be a quick way that just makes him shift the shoulder but not the actual grip on the rifle, this could be done by holding a key, while doubletapping the said key it would change the grip on the gun also. This would also make the urban prone (prone - CTRL+S) be executed lying on the left side. - The secondary weapon urban prone where he is lying on his back, should be a "panic-prone" this would be a quick prone that you would use if taking fire through a door or hallway or something similar that catches you off guard. Perhaps keeping the prone key held down could trigger this. while tapping it would put you in regular prone. It should also be avaliable for rifles and have the ability to both roll and lean from this stance. (in more hardcore milsim mods this could be used as a tripping reaction if moving backwords and stepping into rocks, or other low objects.) -Rolling while in prone could be made so that if you keep the lean key pressed you would roll sideways, but if you press it quickly you would roll on your back like the aformentioned "panic-prone" The ability to throw grenades from this position would be nice.
  11. I would like to see the ability to ubran prone, in one of the latest videos of gameplay you are able to urban prone but only lying prone on the back, if one could change to the sideways urban prone one would be able to efficiantly shoot underneath civilian vehicles and other obstacles. The way to enter this urban prone could be as easy as first leaning to left or right and when you hit prone you would enter the urban prone, from here if you start to move it would shift to a regular prone. ---------- Post added at 22:10 ---------- Previous post was at 22:09 ---------- Illustration: