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  1. Still awaiting the full update from PW6. Right now it does not work with only maps 1.1.0.
  2. chickenchief

    [Terrain] Chernarus Winter A3

    The issue with PW6 is still present. When the 1.11 update came out it completely removed everything inside the mod folder.
  3. I am going to ask again, since i did not get an answer last time. Is there a way to make unconscious units invulnerable like you could in AGM, and if not are you guys going to bring that to the table later?
  4. I don't know if this is something i am overlooking, but i am missing something that was a part of AGM. I am missing the how you can set unconscious units to never die. I know that there is an option in the medical module that prevents instadeath, but if you are unlucky and get hit by anything while you are going into a downed state then you still die. If there is a way to do this, and i am just not seeing it than could someone please enlighten me. If not, then i urge the ACE3 devs to implement this feature. I reckon there are many groups out there that played with instadeath/invulnerability while downed on in AGM.
  5. chickenchief

    Resolution issue

    Hiya. I have a very silly issue that appeared when i started playing ARMA 3 on my laptop. My native resolution is 1920 X 1080, but since i am playing on my laptop i wanted to play on something a bit lower to get a better frame rate. However, when i change my resolution to anything lower than my native the game runs in what looks like "bordered fullscreen". The game screen itself is the resolution i set, but it is surrounded by big black borders and will not stretch across my monitor. So my question is simply: how do i get the lower resolutions to stretch out across the monitor in fullscreen mode? Is there any way to get around this? ---------- Post added at 18:32 ---------- Previous post was at 17:24 ---------- Issue was fixed somehow. This thread is no longer needed.
  6. Are enemies supposed to take more than two full magazines to die? Our group has played a lot with it, and we think the amount of shots it takes to kill a normal infantry unit is incredibly silly. When we pump 30 rounds at point blank to kill something it really destroys the experience.
  7. I hope that there will be sound modifications like there were in ACE2.
  8. chickenchief

    Bash Brothers looking for able operators.

    Recruitment video. Hiya people. Our group has just created a recruitment video from the sessions over this past half a year. I wanted to share this video here on our recruitment page for you all to check out. I hope you like it! Remember to check us out in the main post, and see if our group fit your needs.
  9. chickenchief

    What faction would you want next?

    I have a suspicion that the next expansion is going to be set in the pacific, so i am thinking something along the lines of Japan, Australia or China.
  10. After the update something weird happened to our server, and i have a couple of questions. I would love it if i could hear some devs opinions on them. Everything was running fine on our persistent mission before the update. The problem is that after the update happened the AI no longer patrols and instead they stand still after they spawn even when bullets starts flying, the CQB does not spawn any units in buildings, roadblocks are not spawned properly (or at all), but civilians work just fine. I have some possible causes, but i was wondering which one you think is most plausible. The server version is currently while the clients run, because our hosting service won't let us update manually and instead we got to wait for them to update the mod for us. Would this have something do to with my problems? The other possible cause is that i made some changes to the mission after we initially launched it, but i did not make any changes to the modules nor the pbo files name. I just added some markers and some vehicle repair scripts. Would this mess things up like this? I know for a fact that persistence work, because our advanced markers are still there, and towns we have cleared out are still empty. Thanks again. Additional info: This might not be important, but i am running this fix on both the server and on clients. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?189382-RHS-Insurgents-ALiVE-compatibility-addon
  11. chickenchief

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    I would quite like it if you could scrap some of the AK variants you are using, and fully use the weaponry that is included in RHS. I see no point in putting in some of these low detail models, when you already have RHS as a requirement.
  12. Load in with just RHS and check under independent. You will have an insurgency faction using RHS resources.
  13. The main problem is that military vehicles are only being spawned in at roadblocks, and its the same vehicle at every single one. Even when switching the preferred force to armored or mechanized, it still does not spawn patrolling vehicles.
  14. Just popping by with another question regarding ALiVE and the RHS insurgents. Is there a way to force the units to use more vehicles? After setting everything i up i realize that military vehicles (BTRs mostly) only spawn on roadblocks. There is not a single vehicle patrolling the roads and such. Anybody got a suggestion, or some input on why? This is even when setting the force to armored or mechanized. I have only seen one APC occupy a city, and that was an AAF apc that is not even included in the faction.
  15. Is the Insurgent units from RHS supported by alive? I try to use the rhs_g to override the factions, but it's not doing much. Any pointers?