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    Utes Battlefield

    Thanks, glad to hear that. Sorry for the late response, I don't come on here very often. The mission has gone through some mayor improvements. New events, currency system based on player scores, and many other things. Current version Utes Battlefield 1.5. My server peaks maybe once in a week with 9 - 14 players. It really shouldn't be too many players since it will get very crowded with all the things happening on a small island like utes. Sadly, I have no interest in Arma 3. I own the game but never play it. So I don't see any Arma 3 version of this DM game-mode in the future. I don't mind if somebody want's to make one. Just be sure to keep in the credits and credit me as original creator.
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    Utes Battlefield

    WELCOME TO UTES BATTLEFIELD Utes Battlefield is a DeathMatch / Player vs. Player / Player vs. Ai / survival game mode. The objective is to gear up as fast as possible and survive as long as you can. No mods required. Only requirements are Arma 2, OA, BAF and PMC FAQ: Q. Rank system? Is this COD? A. Not a really, but you do get perks with your increasing score. Basically you spawn with better gear. Q. How do you get a gun? A. Weapons are found in one of three places, first in ammo caches that are marked on the map and randomly spawn in areas, or second, inside and outside buildings, and third, from supply drops that occur every once in a while. You can also find them on dead players whose bodies have not yet been looted or despawned. Q. Can we have fun with vehicles? A. Yes, there are all types of vehicles placed on the map, each of them with a build-in repair system (use scroll wheel on them when damaged) and a respawn when destroyed function. Vehicles will respawn to their original locations. Q. Are medics essential? A. No, everybody is able to fully heal themselves. Only after you get hurt, will you be able to use a medkit. The option will be available with mouse scroll wheel. You can get new medkits from marked boxes, dead players or medical tents/vehicles. Every player can only hold a max amount of 3 medkits. Q. Why can't I get inside a vehicle with someone else? A. The game mode is set to Death Match, which basically means everybody is your enemy. Arma game mechanics don't allow you to get inside a vehicle which is being controlled by an alive enemy. Q. How do I use the missile strike function? A. You need a Laser Marker with batteries to target something. Then you can call in the strike. Laser markers can be found in random building spawns or in some boxes. Q. Why is there a poop function? A. To stop people camping in air vehicles or somewhere in the sea (you can not poop inside a vehicle or over water). You will get notifications telling you the condition of your belly. Once it tells you : You really need to poop now!, then you only have 60 seconds left before death. It also has a nice side effect giving you 0.05HP back. Credits *Random weapons spawn - by Ed! *Mission Settings - by Sinky *Simple Vehicle Respawn - by Tophe *Simple Vehicle Repair - by Demonized and app0815 *Launch Missile - by Kylania - edited by SUICIDAL *Rank System - by Officer_D *Build Cover - by SUICIDA - edited by Officer_D *Lootbox Drop - by Officer_D - fixed by Dima *Ultra Simple Patrol Script - by JW Custom *Vehicle Flip Script - by GeneralCarver *DynamicWeatherEffects - by Engima of Ostgota Ops *Wasteland Object Spawn - by [404] Deadbeat, [404] Costlyy, [404] Pulse *R3F Logistic - by madbull *Everything else are inspirations and edits from other scripts