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  1. Oh - yes - got it now ... thanks!
  2. yes - I recently updated to 2.67 and the new update of the converter - and it now does not show up in the import/export menu....:(
  3. European Politics Thread.

    I don't like Mr. Farage or his politics - I'm pro-EU - but I certainly hope that he's alright and has no lasting effects from this crash! :(
  4. Kodiak (fixed)

    What do you guys think? I also love Kodiak Island... but please don't forget the winter version. :j: My favorite part is the secret tent setup in the northwestern part. The original winter version was without runways...I don't like editing - but I had to put in runways. Yes - the doorway should be larger, as AI units can't seem to walk through. You should use Finnish houses packs' forest and tree objects Also - do bushes have to be in bases?