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  1. silentwisher

    Zeus Remote Control Broken

    Is it known that Ares causes it? I love that mod! lol
  2. silentwisher

    Zeus Remote Control Broken

    Not sure why this happening, just started recently. No mod changes or anything. Any ideas?
  3. Yeah I had this problem, couldn't figure out what was causing it. So I reset my controls.
  4. Okay I'm glad to know that I'm not going crazy over here. Is there some sort of fix? I mean come on, why is my mouse button 1 "normally fire weapon" set to bring up a menu? How the hell did that happen? I said no to the prompt when I first started. So as much as I dont want to, I just reset all my controls.....
  5. silentwisher

    Zeus Breaks After Controlled AI Is Killed

    That is correct. I would be controlling that unit, whether than unit dies from crashing a plan myself or gets killed by another player. My actual character gets kicked to the respawn screen! Sometimes I cant even respawn. If I can respawn I can use anything in Zeus anymore except Zeus camera and placing markers. That's it. If I disconnect and reconnect its still broke. I have tried signing out of MCC and back in to see if that fixes it and that does not either. Lucky that works for you. That does not actually work for me at all.
  6. silentwisher

    Zeus Breaks After Controlled AI Is Killed

    No ideas anyone? Any idea what mod may be causing it? Maybe its a Zeus config issue?
  7. silentwisher

    Zeus controlled units cannot use headlights

    I wonder if they will change this. Kind of silly if you ask me.
  8. Lately, our community has been having problems with our Zeus. Specifically when is Zeus is controlling a unit and that unit gets killed everything becomes broke. You can't spawn modules you can't spawn units you can't spot anything and in some cases and can't access to that at all. Any ideas on what would be causing this? We rely on MCC for Zeus. Maybe it's something to do with that mod?
  9. silentwisher

    Any work around for the broken drop down list?

    If its anything like some other weird selection bugs I have experienced.... Use arrow keys to find your choice, then press tab to close that drop down. Let me know if that works for you :)
  10. silentwisher

    Error when players try to join Eden map.

    We figured it out after looking at some error logs. Thanks guys!
  11. silentwisher

    Error when players try to join Eden map.

    Our community hasn't changed any mods recently so that would be odd if that was the case/cause. We can play together just fine on our old maps just not the Eden maps. So it is for sure a prop. Just spent 2 hours trying to figure out what it is though. No luck.
  12. silentwisher

    Error when players try to join Eden map.

    Thanks for the response. I did not use MapBuilder. However I did use Eden + the following Eden enhancements: CompoT(Composition Tool), Zec - Zeus and Eden Templates.
  13. Any ideas on what could be causing this super non-informative error? I tried searching around with no luck.
  14. This is a fantastic pack thank you for sharing this!
  15. silentwisher

    Composition tool - Eden editor plugin

    So I need to place those two files in my missions folder? then compile/save it? Edit: Yes you do.....Haha I feel dumb. Thanks for pointing this out for me. Everything is working now! Looking forward to future updates!