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  1. Mery.G

    NORAF WIP Thread

    id love to try Bin
  2. Mery.G

    [WIP] MCU-2/P gas mask

    hey typhoon, i've sent you a PM, your issue is most likely an RVmat problem. just add me i'll try to help. take care bro.
  3. Mery.G

    Headgear and Glasses Pack

    Hey binkowski, love those models you're making. since arma 3 is in the futuristic scene and there's a new set of helmets being used what are the odds of being able to get the Crye Precision's Airframe in-game? since the units are running the combat vest made by them it'd be nice to have the helmet aswell, either with cover or without and if possible with chops? haha, just an idea here's an image so you can see what i mean. This is the helmet with chops. if you like this helmet and think it would look good ingame it'd be awesome to try to make it. wanted to try model this in but i'm terrible with getting objects ingame!. keep up the awesome work!. Also there are a lot of setups possible for this helmet with covers and flashlights,etc.!.