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  1. Hello, I tried to binarize a new version of my mod, but the addon builder has thrown an error that is: "Build failed. Result code=2 Binarize task failed." If i build without binarizing, the build is working. If i run the game with this unbinarized version it is working fine without error. Also i tried to binarize without models, its works then, but when i tried to binarize even one model, it throws an error. I already opened the model and save it again, but it didn't help. So anybody know what is the code=2, and how to fix this error?
  2. hogthar

    Design mastery weapons

    I hope it too. I working on multiply project at this time for my community but when i have time i working on this, sadly i'm not progressing too fast but it will be completed once.
  3. Dunno if there were already a solution for this Arsenal issue, but here is a quick fix for those who still getting the error message. In the \scripts\client\init_client.sqf file's 16. line contain this code: ["Preload"] call BIS_fnc_arsenal; Comment this line out (or just delete it completly) with putting // and this error will disapear. The first time you load arsenal (with action menu or whatever) it will load a little bit longer, but that's happen for the first time only, thats all. However I do not know why this issue exist in the first place, could be something with the new feature (introduced in 1.64) of sorting items, or could be something not yet had been initialised in the mission, but I did not spent much more time examining the issue. If you got something more info on this subject, please share it, it could help out someone one day.
  4. hogthar

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    There are no gloves model in A2 samples, but There are in the A2 shared data. The bis share all the arma 2 unbinarized model content after arma 3 release. But this is not what i want to tell. I think better to show you: I made this for arma 2, i use the default A2 hand just add a new texture and i adjuct the uv map for that. It is not a hard work, but looks better. It is possibly in arma 3 as well.
  5. hogthar

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    His is use arma 3 hand before gloves, yes, but i think he is use gloves model from arma 2 or arma 1 shared data. Like i said no offense, i just wanna help. I mean you can easily create gloves from arma 3 samples i know because i did it before.
  6. hogthar

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    I love your pack. I hope you will not offense, but gloves model is from arma 1, really low poly. You can use the arma 3 hand from Arma 3 Samples(Arma 3 Samples/Addons/Test_Character_01/A3_character_template.p3d or A3_character_example.p3d) Of couse it need to adjust UV map for your texture, and remove "hl" from the selections(if you not remove then the game will retexture it to skin texture.) Sorry if you already now this stuff i just wanna help.
  7. hogthar

    Weapon Eventhandler Framework

    I unrap your config (sorry about that). But i have to resolve the problem. I don't know you intrested or not, but i can send it on pm or here?
  8. hogthar

    Weapon Eventhandler Framework

    Yes: CBA 3.0.0 HLC AWC 1.25, HLC Core 1.05. And weapon eventhandler framework 1.1
  9. hogthar

    NIArms Release Thread

    I have an issue with your awc & weapon eventhandler framework: I don't know what mod cause the problem. I used these mods: core 1.05 & AWC 1.25 CBA v3.0.0 weapon eventhandler framework 1.1 Do you know what is the problem?
  10. hogthar

    Weapon Eventhandler Framework

    I have an issue: I used these mods: CBA v3.0.0 HLC core & HLC AWC (niarms) Do you know what is the problem?
  11. hogthar

    Design mastery weapons

    So finnaly i had time to finish to camo version for M4 family. Sadly in the next few weeks I'll have no time to work on this pack, you know it's summer time. But here's some picture about camoed M4:
  12. hogthar

    Design mastery weapons

    i'll try. Also i will support the RHS mod with opcional config pbo's, and if you like my weapon sound i will make opcional sound addon to replace rhs m4 and m16 to mine.
  13. hogthar

    Design mastery weapons

    M16, sorry for the regulations. HK 416 isn't come this release.
  14. hogthar

    Design mastery weapons

    I finished the M4A1 ris: Next project the M16 ris