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  1. lol what i get for doing this at 4am, disregard everything i said
  2. Not sure if this has been brought up but in the latest release the civilian modules may be broken. It insists it requires the old Player Profiles module, which clearly doesn't exist anymore. I have the Alive Data, Alive (Required) and Alive Player Options modules. There is no debug, it doesn't delete / hide blacklist/taor markers nore spawn any units, it exits and stops. http://imgur.com/a/CXwQW I have tested it with default civilians too, still says it is missing that old module.
  3. thatguyhats

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Because it returns the current shortwave radio, i made it local and it worked, thanks, should have thought of that.
  4. thatguyhats

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Hey, wondering if anyone could help me resolving an error I am causing within TFAR, it isn't an error caused by the dev's, I am causing it with my own scripts. I am making a series of scripts that assigns radio channels appropriate to their squad and role, with set frequencies. First off the player is assigned a variable through his init, for example this setVariable ["channelOne", true]; Then the initPlayerLocal.sqf player exists, sleeps for 2 seconds as the loadouts are distributed and it runs [player] execVM "scripts\chooseChannel.sqf"; [] execVM "scripts\setRadioChannels.sqf"; Meanwhile, the initServer runs [(call TFAR_fnc_activeSwRadio), 1, "81.1"] call TFAR_fnc_SetChannelFrequency; 8 times for each channel 1 to 8, to create the set frequencies. but it produces this error, and I have no idea why. chooseChannel.sqf setRadioChannels.sqf waitForFreqs.sqf
  5. thatguyhats

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    If the IF AI cannot use the arty computer then making them fire via script commands probably will never work then, what a shame. I have my own scripts that spawn mortar rounds above an area but watching the BM13 fire is always good to hear and see.
  6. thatguyhats

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    Great thanks, kju, it is now working perfectly. could anyone assist in figuring out why a Red Army mortar will not fire on command? Artillery1 doArtilleryFire [(getMarkerPos "Camp"), getArtilleryAmmo [Artillery1] select 0, 10]; _isInRange = getMarkerPos "Camp" inRangeOfArtillery [[Artillery1], getArtilleryAmmo [Artillery1] select 0]; hint str _isInRange; It is returning true and he turned to aim but never fires, any ideas? It works for various mod artillery and vanilla, enableEngineArtillery is true.
  7. thatguyhats

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    Just to add on to what Panimala posted, I have been trying to create a cfgWeapons patch for the Garand, now I have done patches before but I may have got something wrong / have useless code in it: class CfgPatches { class pani_sound { units[]= { }; weapons[]= { "LIB_M1_Garand" }; requiredVersion=0.1; requiredAddons[]= { "LIB_Weapons_A3", "LIB_US_Weapons", "LIB_core", "LIB_UI", "LIB_weapons", "lib_mines" }; magazines[]= { }; ammo[]= { }; }; }; class Mode_SemiAuto; class Mode_Burst: Mode_SemiAuto { }; class Mode_FullAuto: Mode_SemiAuto { }; class cfgWeapons { class RifleCore; class Rifle: RifleCore { }; class LIB_RIFLE: Rifle { }; class LIB_M1_Garand: LIB_RIFLE { access=0; class Single: Mode_SemiAuto { begin1[]= { "sound_patch\sounds\M1Garand_shoot_1.wss", 1, 1, 1000 }; soundBegin[]= { "begin1", 1 }; }; class Far: Single { }; class Medium: Single { }; class Short: Single { }; }; }; Thanks for any advice!
  8. thatguyhats

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew what the issue is with: Rocket1 doArtilleryFire [(getMarkerPos "Point1"), "RHS_mag_40Rnd_122mm_rockets", 40]; Same command for any other piece of artillery, for example vanilla or RDS with the correct ammo, and it fires, "point1" is correct. With the BM21 Grad they sort of aim towards it ever so slightly and looks back forward doing nothing, so I did some testing. isInRange = getMarkerPos "Point1" inRangeOfArtillery [[Rocket7], "RHS_mag_40Rnd_122mm_rockets"]; hint str isInRange; Which returned false. Anybody have any ideas? the BM21's all have a gunner obv.
  9. thatguyhats

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    If you cant see it, just open the .yml with the a text editor like notepad++, put - "@rhs_afrf3" - "@rhs_usf3" under your last required mods and save it, done, its on the preset
  10. thatguyhats

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    but it is on there, just look through the list, six repo manager does it in a weird way so that capitalized comes first, scroll through and look. I can assure you its there, our community has it in our repo.
  11. thatguyhats

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    So, any chance of a "quick" update/patch that adds firing from vehicles now its out on stable? Doorless humvees means we can go full Generation Kill, firing from the roof-less UAZ's and out of the back of Urals would be nice. BI claim its a very easy thing to do and this way we wouldn't be clamoring so desperately for armed vehicles.
  12. thatguyhats

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    A long awaited mod finally released, nothing better. Finally Arma 3 has a mod that has a large amount of content all with some sense of cohesion when it comes to classnames and compatibility, fantastic. Keep up the good work and might I suggest some sort of guerilla, independent side to fill out the RU vs US conflicts. Top job!
  13. thatguyhats

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    i agree with this, it gets in the very much, it may take some extra work but it would be very useful, could easily put it in the optional sounds folder. love the work by the way!
  14. thatguyhats

    Patrol Operations 2

    There is an issue with arma which is in every mission, the enemies skill, you either have them thick like they have mental disabilities, or they work as a team and work well, but have nearly pin point accuracy, when it comes to TK INS, i dont want them to headshot me at over 700m with an AK, but i want them to not run around like headless chickens, is it possible for you to add a more indepth skill param into the mission Roy? There is also another small thing, is it possible to have one or two waves of reinforcements, the difficulty that me and my community would like is very dependent on how many enemies, but no server in the world can handle over 300 takistani's fireing at once, so is it possible to have reinforcements to appear after some have been killed and cleared up? also to: if you add ACE_WOUNDS_PREVTIME = (number you want) into the ace wounds module, you have it.
  15. thatguyhats

    Multi-Session Operations v4.4 released

    we've been running MSO on our server recently but we've encountered MASSIVE performance issues, even with reduced settings ( no civilians, no civilian traffic, no air traffic at all, no animals, no world in conflict, reduced amount of enemies, etc. basically only what is barebones needed to actually have fun in this ). We're running a 12 core server from jest, with the AI core put up to 3.8ghz in turbo mode, yet it still stalls out while all 11 other cores just idle ( less than 1% load ) around. That is with less than 20 players ( out of the 64 slots available ) online. Client FPS ( which i think is tied to AI calculations aswell for some stupid reason ) is in the single digit area, even when disabling all graphics settings and looking at the ground. I'm at the end of things to do, i've exhausted the tech support of the server provider with tweaks, we tried custom bandwidth setting files, everything. Is there anything we can try to make this even work ? At this point i can't imagine anyone even playing it, like at all, how do you guys actually make this work ? We are really desperate by now...