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  1. PwS is putting mods there by default, and I suspect that many users of PwS who trying to use bCombat are faced with this problem
  2. It's My Documents\Arma 3 by default (I believe the full path is c:\Users\%username%\Documents\Arma 3).
  3. I know that, but it would be very nice to have ACE3 AI feature "in box", not depending of another mods.
  4. It's really not - we have 5 year experience of using Arma 2/3 mods, but we can't use other 34 mods in Pw6 and bCombat only manually.
  5. Any plans to develop an advanced AI instead of vanilla in ACE3?
  6. Hey! First of all, fabrizio_T, I want to thank you for your work, the mod is really great and we in our small community are really like to play Arma 3 with it. Now, to the issues: Recently we have a strange issue which prevented us from using bCombat - the mod isn't work, at all. We decided to move our pack of mods we using (about 35 mods) from manual updates to Play withSIX, which provides automatic updates. But when we load the game - there is an error: After that I created new collection of mods in Pw6, which contains bCombat and CBA only - same error here. If we skip an error and then try to load any mission - bCombat doesn't work. I read the posts from the last six months in this thread, and I found that message: It's a similar situation, but mod isn't work at all. Can anyone help resolve this problem, fabrizio_T or Play withSIX guys if this is Pw6-related issue? Thanks!
  7. thechaos

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Guys, what about TS3 mic disabling? I have a customized TS3 hotkey which disables/enables micphone when I press it - but it's not working with ACRE2 ingame. Because of this I sometimes scare other players with my coughing and sneezing :) Any chance to fix this?
  8. I have the same question, but I think that it will come with the "... and much more" category :)
  9. Best news after the RHS victory of contest. Yaaay!
  10. The best Arma 3 mod so far. I really like the medical system, and thanks for the wiki!
  11. thechaos

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    Congratulations on release, guys. I'm really looking forward to updates and features. CSE potentially is ACE for Arma 3 - and I really like it.
  12. thechaos

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    Good god, what an awesome work! It's really a shame that I and my friends don't play ArmA 2 anymore. :(
  13. It was very sad after I found that I can't save my work in Zeus :( Zeus is very a powerful tool, it's my noob-mission designer's dream - but I can't use it as a 3d editor. I hope that BIS will make a proper 3d editor in the future, I think it can boost community's productivity much better than any 500k contests etc.
  14. In ArmA 3 we have very good ability to chance our upper, left and right weapon rail attachments. But, it's very strange that we can't switch foregrips and grenade launchers (low rail). When dream about ArmA 3 features - I thought that it will have only one basic weapon (and one classname) and a lot of various attachments for it, but in Alpha we have only 3 of 4 avaible weapon rails to attach. In BF3 and GR: FS player have that features and it's very useful. There are some suggestions in community tracker about it: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=3597 http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=2835 Please vote up, and we can discuss about it in this thread. Sorry for my awful english :) PS: Bipods are attachments too, but I think that it's not so critical to have ability to attach bipods to assault rifles. Automatic rifles, MGs and sniper rifles can have it by default. But, if it possible to create - it will be nice too :) Players can attach bipods to 7.62 rifles (SCAR-H, Mk14 etc). http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=3599
  15. Well, we have 160 votes for UGL, 144 for foregrip and 116 for bipod now. Not bad :)
  16. thechaos

    100k Sales Soon!

    So, what about official sales news from BIS? Btw, I think ArmA 3 have more than 500k+ copies sold for now :)
  17. I'm thinking about it over two years of using ACRE - it's will be perfect if it possible.
  18. Actually, all our ArmA 3 sessions are sounded like hell: "Sh*t, it's so weird and noisily without ACRE!" and "Can you guys just shup the f*ck up, we haven't ACRE right now!" :)
  19. This is the best news after release of Alpha! Playing ArmA 3 without ACRE is very difficult now, even for our small community.
  20. thechaos

    UK Armed Forces

    I'm very glad too see that BAF is coming in ArmA 3 :)