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  1. Hi, ZB. Strange behaviour reported here with addon version: Testing it in DUWS or Editor, every team is cached and never uncached. No matter what distance i am from units. I just create a team and inmediatly are cached ( except leader ) No any other addon enabled. Any idea?
  2. lordaltair

    Ammobox Arsenal

    Yess! Long time waiting fot this to happen. Thank you very much.
  3. lordaltair

    JSRS: DragonFyre -- WIP Thread

    Since ACE times bodies makes not any sound when fall in to the ground. I dont know you guys, but to see near soldiers fall in total silence affects criticaly inmersion to me. Same situation about vehicles and its interaction to the environment. No crash sound of any kind, no noise when cars hit the ground in any way... Dear LJ ...would you mind... hehe You and the other guy are my heroes...will you become my SUPERHEROES???
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    Terminator Rising (WIP)

    liukang168, Man,... i have no words to express how much i admire you... i have no words.
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    Hitman | Contract Killer

    !!! I love you, man. Long Live to the lone Wolves!
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    Rate the second episode!

    Mmmh... well, I loved Arma 2 Campaign Harvest Red. Still not end this one, but i like it very much. Playing in Veteran, using AI with mods, No problems at all until now. INMERSIVE AND CHALENGING, just what i want in ArmA universe. Period
  7. ArminatoR RATM ( Rage Against The Mankind ) The total Modification This is my dream. Dynamic and Tactical combat Machine vs Man Can you imagine? 2 Factions: Skynet HK HUNTER KILLER SERIES UNits 300 SERIES HUNTER KILLER- "Fast Walker" bipedal walker, runner-pod Hunter-Killer MODEL 75 HUNTER KILLER- "Squat"- Heavy urban pacification bipedal unit AERIAL HKS SCOUT- MODEL 320 TYPE 340d SERIES 12 - high speed scout and close support unit. AERIAL HK- MODEL A4 TYPE 400c SERIES 400 - Air superiority and close air support unit AERIAL ST- MODEL A14 TYPE 1400ec SERIES 990- Second generation Aerial HK unit AERIAL HK- MODEL A5 TYPE 670c SERIES 300- "Suppressor"- Dedicated heavy ground support air mobile unit AERIAL HK- MODEL A8 TYPE 770c SERIES 500- Heavy, supersonic Terminator transport used to ferry endoskeleton units around the control zones. AERIAL HK- MODEL A9 TYPE 850t SERIES 700- AWAGCS unit used for enhanced electronic C3 aspects. TRACKED HUNTER KILLER "TANK"- Heavy urban pacification unit QUADRUPED HK HUNTER KILLER "CHROME WIDOW"- Advanced walker gun pod QUADRUPED HUNTER KILLER "CENTURION" - Advanced heavy pacification unit with variable chassis. TERMINATOR SERIES UNits T100 SERIES TERMINATOR T200 SERIES TERMINATOR- "Stick-Man", "Scarecrow" early bipedal service and maintenance robot reconditioned by SKYNET as a make-shift soldier. T300 SERIES TERMINATOR T400 SERIES TERMINATOR- Early prototype endoskeleton based combat unit. Mainstay production unit of ground and security forces for six years. T500 SERIES TERMINATOR- Early mainstay production series of endoskeleton based combat designed units. Includes information on the -R, -S, and -T variants. T600 SERIES TERMINATOR- "Gaunt"- Psychological warfare experimental model of endoskeleton combat unit with very limited production. T700 SERIES TERMINATOR T800 SERIES TERMINATOR- The most successful of all Endoskeleton combat HK units and mainstay of SKYNET ground forces for over ten years. Includes information on the -S and -T aspect variants. T900 SERIES TERMINATOR T1000 SERIES ADVANCED PROTOTYPE- Mimetic poly-alloy Terminator- limited production advanced technology (LPAT) infiltration / combat unit. Source Link: http://www.goingfaster.com/term2029/technicaldata.html Human Resistance INFATRYMAN UNits Weapons and equipments HK-416 (as of 2018) M4 Carbine RPG-7 Plasma weapons A-10 Warthog MV-22B MH-60 UH-1Y Technicals (humvees, and pick up trucks) Location Altis... Post nuke war. i just planted it. Thanks BIS for this chance!
  8. lordaltair

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Well, yesterday I started mixing JSRS 2.0 with Speed of Sound. This two jewels makes a goooood job together, they seems to be friends until now :)
  9. lordaltair

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    ..............................................................................the least I can do is to say thank you, thank you very much Jarhead. Still have to wait until Thursday to enter mission, too much work here. Thanx thanx thanx and thanx!
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    Oh my god, im speechless,... and extremaly happy. I had not seen it, what a Christmas gift! I will not be able to work today:D Thanks, Plese close this Thread, See you in the future.
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    Very Glad you guys like the idea. There are stuff to investigate about copyrights. This has a commercial aim. It could be the same core with different names, story, and characters. By now this is just an idea thrown into the cosmos. Let´s Keep dreaming. If someone want to take it, i could help modeling characters and machines.
  12. lordaltair

    A3 - single player - Is game enjoyable yet?

    In my three years of experience in ArmA, Single Player is the only i play and I really enjoy it. I use all AI mods we already know and ofcourse IA still has issues: is not like human : ) ...(some day they will be) I´ve played on community and i enjoy it too, but i have to leave just because lack of time that a serious clan demand. Nowadays i need to sit-and-play, no lobby waiting of any kind. The way you play has a lot to do about enjoyment. I´m a "hardcore" player, playing in veteran, no crosshair, no map icons, no helps except selections icon on my AI mates ( i need to know where they are ), one save, maybe two. I always play the same mission until finish with success, and its really hard to accomplish! I take it as a personal challenge. You have lot of work to do there so, IMO, i find it impossible to get bored...; think each movement, to plan a safe engagement againts enemy, take care of your team, etc. Something very important is THE MISSION you choose. I spend enough time looking for good mission before enter. This days i´m Playing "Assault Camp Rogain". This author is very good on what he does. Summarizing: * No time to play on a serious sim community * Public servers: i´ve seen people be more stupid than IA could be. Situations used to be caotic, unorganized and senseless. * I found my way of everlasting way of play.
  13. lordaltair

    The Fourth Wall

    A must have. Im a hardcore realism player but lot of times when things get hot i find myself cheating with the third person view. This mod fix my issue :) Thank you for sharing.
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    Alright I got it.
  15. lordaltair

    Arma needs more arcade-like options....

    Playing/loving ArmA since 2009. Ok, we can discuss about everything. I dont know others but i came to ArmA because i love, f**cking love SIMULATION gaming. Please, don´t use the "arcade" term here , make me feel so sad...
  16. lordaltair

    Speed Of Sound

    BP, your sound mod is the best i've ever use all these years until now. Now there´s something i have to say: There´s is a very important sound effect missing. which one!?...well, characters falls againts the ground. ACE sound mod has this effect in ArmA 2. It would be good to hear the sound of the heavy soldier body with gear and weapon hit against the ground. / This is not the best reference, but the only i found. i hope you can take a look on it.Thank you man.
  17. lordaltair

    Speed Of Sound

    I´m not on dev branch, actually. I prefer to wait for official release. What do you mean with "game braker" exactly?
  18. lordaltair

    Speed Of Sound

    "You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.speedofsound". Bigpickle, don´t forget about this issue, please! Love your mod.
  19. lordaltair

    RH M4/M16 Pack ver 1.1 for OA / CO

    Awsome job, man but sorry, I can´t make it work. Does it install as a regular addon ?? It doesn´t appear in expasions menu. Any suggestion?
  20. Im very happy because guys like you and your team exist. I'll be wating for news. Cheers.
  21. Character Falling Factor. This is something that i always want to happen, and for sure will add even more realism to any combat situation. Here some examples about this idea. Scenario A : when a fragmentation granade or artillery explodes near a platoon: Some soldiers will die, some fall wounded, and others just fall and stand up again to continue. Scenario B : When sprint for concealment or cover thru a dangerous surface. This could seems ridicolous but these factors demands on soldiers to pay atention to the terrain where they will sprint over. Example : when character sprint and step on a rock or get blocked by a any obstacle on the ground. There will be dangerous areas where to sprint on to (slopes / wet / with rocks / /irregular / with water and or mud ). How could these scenarios work technicaly ? ArmA 3 will be using ragdoll, so with this new big improvement the following situations could work as follow. Scenario A : When character suffer morter attack or granade explotion they are throwed away causa expansive wave and fall. The ones who survive, once fallen on the ground, the "stand up animation clip" will be triggered and soldiers will be ready to go on. ( "stand up animation clip" woudn´t need continuity from fallen pose reached by ragdoll just because there will be not a fallen pose similar to other, of course). So, stand up again to continue with they task wounded or not depending the level of damage. Scenario B : When character pass sprinting over any "falling area" the player will lost control of the legs of the character and the ragdoll will be triggered. The result should be the character falling ahead beacuse of the inertia from sprinting. Just as in scenario A, once fallen on the ground, the "stand up animation clip" will be triggered and the soldier will be ready to go on. All these falling areas will be marked with a flag " falling:yes" then this flag will excute a "random falling algorithm". So if character pass sprinting thru these areas not only he won´t fall inmediatly but also will keep sprinting just with a high potenciality to fall down. This gives the chance to stop sprinting to get out from the area or keep moving crouched to avoid the accident. That´s all. I hope you understand me, my english is not good. Thanks BIS for let´us share these ideas with you. We are a big family. Keep up the good work : )
  22. Hi, I´m in Chernarus in "Bad Lands" mission. Problem 1: When i leave my APC stopped alone whitout the crew, it exploids itself without any apparent reason after a few minutes. Why ? Problem 2: If i leave the driver inside, he spend all the fuel. I can´t find the "engine off" order. This means a big problem cause i left without any transport in the middle of the mission. This problem wasn´t exist with the american Hummer in earlier missions. So, can somebody tell me where to find any user guide, or tell me how to solve this? Thanks in advance.
  23. lordaltair

    Why my APC blows itself?

    wow, that´s a super fast response. Thank you very much, Beagle!