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  1. Pekkalainen

    ASOR Gear Selector

    Is there a way to copy to clipboard or see the classnames of the equipment/uniforms you select? Say I want to have the winter uniform from the Task Force Apache mod and I wanna be able to use it in the editor with the ''this adduniform" line.
  2. OPERATION STORM 1995 - BATTLE OF SOLIBOR Partly fictitious mission by Pekkalainen Thanks to -Martin- for the Taviana map and SuperRat for the Balkan War Mod The mission is set in Bosnia during the final days of the war and during one of the last military operations called Operation Storm (Wiki). You will be playing as a soldier in the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Hercegovina who along with others are assisting the Croatian HVO on a assault against a Serbian occupied village somewhere in eastern Bosnia. As you make your way through the village you will encounter strong VRS resistance along with snipers hiding out in buildings. The attack itself is fictional but the war and the operation remains true.. Features: First mission using the Balkan War Mod Village assault Fighting in an urban terrain Brief cutscene Requires: ArmA 2 - Combined Operations Balkan War Mod Taviana Island Installation: Download .Pbo and move to Arma directory (example: C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\Arma 2\Missions) Credits: Mission by Pekkalainen Balkan War Mod by SuperRat Taviana Island by -Martin- Download: Coming soon..
  3. Possibility to be able to walk on/inside moving vehicles, ships, planes etc.
  4. Hello there. I've been trying to find some kind of script or init line where you could create a time paradox and move around the battlefield. Something very good for screenshots and movies. Here's a video i found which include this:
  5. Pekkalainen

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    SuperRat: I would like to request adding the old republic of bosnia flag, the hercegov croation one, normal croatian one and serbian one. Also try adding rust/dirt to the tanks :)
  6. Pekkalainen

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Voted, hope it's worth it :)
  7. Just sharing this nice screenshot i took during a coop game :P http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z195/Amelos/arma2oa2011-12-0420-20-06-71.jpg