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  1. Appreciate it, ill check it out.
  2. you would think they would add better support for downloading and updating mods for linux users. thats the one thing i cant stand about BI... they waited for the community to add the stuff they didn't.
  3. Currently using Ubuntu Server which has no GUI, its all command line. I've installed ArmA server files and now i would like to add mods. how can this be done? i've seen alot of people with alot of different ideas... but nothing concrete. im sure steamcmd can do this but i havent read anything about it at all when it comes to arma, also looked all over the wiki and didnt see a mention for mods. ideally, im hoping there is a way i dont have to download mods one at a time, rename them manually... etc.
  4. Typically I usually do a windows dedicated with tophes dedicated tool. Most of the time these server companies charge 10-25 dollars for using windows. I’ve worked with Linux in the past and think I can save myself some money by using Linux.. I guess I’m wondering which build would be better for arma? Something like Ubuntu? I’ve never installed arma or steam on Linux but I know my way around all that. Any help is appreciated.
  5. 75th Ranger Regiment is now open! Apply Today! http://www.ussocomarma.us
  6. Introduction .There has always been a romantic fascination with special operations forces (SOF). The idea of secret commandos or Rangers striking from the shadows surprising the enemy with overwhelming speed, violence of action, and cutting-edge technology appeals to America’s image of highly trained, elite Soldiers. There is, however, another Soldier who fights from the shadows. This one is perhaps less known and far less understood. His real weapons are a deep understanding of the terrain, the relationships built, and the influence developed to motivate and train others to take up the fight. These Soldiers are the U.S. Army SF, the “quiet professionals” whom history and popular culture often overlook. The 5th SFG Milsim unit aims to emulate these prestigious men who put their life on the line every single day for our freedom. We take pride in creating the most authentic milsim experience within the ArmAverse and its thousands of mods. Are You Ready? We take pride in our "Quality, Not Quantity" Stance that you will find in most milsim units. We look for the loyal members who want to perfect and advance our unit, not destroy and dismantle it. Our requirements are simple. - Be at least 16 years of age - Be mature - Must have ArmA 3 Apex - Must have Teamspeak 3 and working microphone - Fully commit to 5th SFG Milsim - Be Active, not a "weekend warrior" - Last but not least, you must understand that we are essentially "roleplaying", that we are a MilSim unit and thus, have rules in place to protect both member and guest alike. Understand that no matter what rank or position you are given, you must roleplay it as if you were truly in that environment. If not, this is likely not the place for you! Positions Open 18X - SF Candidate (Place Me Anywhere) 18D - Medical Sergeant (ACE Advanced Medical) 18E - Communications Sergeant (TFAR Expert) 18C - Engineering Sergeant (Explosives Expert)[LIMITED] 153A - 160th SOAR (Full) Special Operations Courses Special Operations Combat Medic This course is for ALL 18D's who plan to become a medic within their respective ODA. In this course, students will learn.. -Basic Trauma -Basic Team Medical -Triage -Mission Critical Medical Military Free Fall During the Military Free Fall course, students will learn about the MC-5 RAM parachute, as well as making multiple jumps during the day, night and with combat loadouts. MFF, which is more commonly known as HALO/HAHO will send students falling from altitudes above the normal jump altitude. Students will learn the different phases of a normal HALO/HAHO jump as well as different LZ locations. CDQC CDQC or Combat Diver Qualification Course, sends students on some of the most brutal training the military has to offer. Similar to BUD/S, students will learn what it means to be on a team, they will learn the art of amphibious warfare, as well as team building within their ODA. Contact Us Website: http://www.sfmilsim.us Teamspeak: 5th SFG Teamspeak "Click to Connect"
  7. Think you have what it takes to join USSOCOM? We have positions open for all. Think you're not skilled enough to join? We train each and every person who walks through our doors. Website: Join Today! Click Me! Teamspeak: Click to join teamspeak!
  8. Martinez.E

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    no one is forcing him to do anything, but if you seriously think about it, posting it to armaholic, Mediafire..its all the same, except steam pushes updates instantly instead of me having to re-download the whole file again. I could understand if there was a legitimate reason behind not uploading to the workshop, but there isn't one.
  9. Martinez.E

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Yes, because making it accessible to others would be a bad thing right? ffs.
  10. Martinez.E

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    I don't see how giving permission for another place to upload is giving up their rights. i'd really like to see this mod on the workshop so i can add it to my units collection to distribute easier.
  11. yeah something like that would be nice. the problem is i dont know how to to any of this. im sure i could be taught but i have no clue where it would go and how to run something like this.
  12. Where, in relation to the script i posted, will all of that go? idk if its possible but id like to show each lane in the top right or in the chat so my guys can record the scores.
  13. have tried using multiple scripts and it never syncs up with everyone. This is the current script im using in editor and it works fine.. // How to use. // 1. Place a popup target and name it to pt1 // 2. copy it 8 times and it will auto name the targets // 3. place this line in a trigger or init nul=[max,set,time] execVM "popup.sqf" // max is the total number of targets that will popup // set is the max number of targets that can popup per set upto a max of 3 // time is the amount of time to hit the targets before they go down _maxtarg = _this select 0; _numtargs = _this select 1; _skill = _this select 2; _targets = [pt1,pt1_1, pt1_2, pt1_3, pt1_4, pt1_5, pt1_6, pt1_7];// target names _many = count _targets; // count the number of possible targets _inc = 0;// keeps track of the number of popup targets triggered _score = 0;// keep count of the targets hit {_x animate["terc",1]} forEach _targets;//puts the targets down before the start _rnumber1=0; _rnumber2=0; _rnumber3=0; _flag1=0; _flag2=0; nopop=true; // sets them to stay down until triggered to popup hint "Setting up the Range"; sleep 2; hint "Ready"; sleep 2; while {_inc<_maxtarg} do { _rnumber1 = random _many; _int = _rnumber1%1; _rnumber1 = _rnumber1-_int; // 1. Check for duplicate targets while {(_rnumber1 == _rnumber2) or (_rnumber1 == _rnumber3) or (_rnumber2 == _rnumber3)} do { _rnumber2 = random _many; _int = _rnumber2%1; _rnumber2 = _rnumber2-_int; _rnumber3 = random _many; _int = _rnumber3%1; _rnumber3 = _rnumber3-_int; }; // 1. END // 2. Set the targets that will popup _rtarget1 = _targets select _rnumber1; _rtarget2 = _targets select _rnumber2; _rtarget3 = _targets select _rnumber3; // 2. END // 3. Popup target one always active _rtarget1 animate["terc", 0]; _inc=_inc+1; // 3. END // 3a. Check to see if more than one target is required and opopup at random // 3b. second target If (_numtargs > 1 ) then { if ((random 2 > 1) and (_inc < _maxtarg)) then { _rtarget2 animate["terc", 0]; _inc=_inc+1; _flag1=1; }; }; //3b. END //3c. Third target If (_numtargs > 2 ) then { if ((random 2 < 1) and (_inc < _maxtarg)) then { _rtarget3 animate["terc", 0]; _inc=_inc+1; _flag2=1; }; }; // 3c. END // 3a. END // 4. Time allowed for shooting. sleep _skill; // 4. END // 5. Check to see if targets have been hit and count the score if (_rtarget1 animationPhase "terc" > 0.1) then { _score = _score+1; }; if ((_rtarget2 animationPhase "terc" > 0.1) and (_flag1 == 1)) then { _score = _score+1; }; if ((_rtarget3 animationPhase "terc" > 0.1) and (_flag2 == 1)) then { _score = _score+1; }; // 4. END // 5. Display Score hint format ["Targets :%1 Hit :%2",_inc,_score]; // 5. END // 6. Reset targets down and restet flags _rtarget1 animate["terc", 1]; _rtarget2 animate["terc", 1]; _rtarget3 animate["terc", 1]; _flag1=0; _flag2=0; // 6. END sleep 2; }; sleep 8; hint "Session Complete"; What i need it to do though..is i need it to be able to do like 10 Prone then it needs to give a little time or have hints to say "Next 10 targets will be from the kneeling position" "Reload a magazine" etc. i need it to do this for all 3 positions (Kneeling, prone, standing) Please help
  14. Squad name:- United States Special Operations Command Timezone/location: Central time (We accomodate all US time zones but can not guarantee international times) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Co-op (MilSim) Contact email: Martinez@USSOCOMARMA.COM Website address: http://www.ussocomarma.com Short description: USSOCOM was first founded in 2013. We had 180+ completely active members and we were one the most respected units in the community. We aim to get ourselves back to that level and more. USSOCOM prides itself in brotherhood, milsim, loyalty, and respect. If you have what it takes, head over to the website or teamspeak at ts3.ussocomarma.comLanguage: English only
  15. USSOCOM MilSim has been hailed as one of the most authentic, active, and honorable units to ever present themselves to the community. We understood what it meant to truly have fun and have a MilSim experience worth sharing. We have created lifelong friendships through our message of brotherhood, loyalty, and respect. We aim to continue that tradition in 2017. USSOCOM is again recruiting. We currently operate out of Central Timezone. We support all Timezones/Countries 1. Candidate must be 16 years old at the time of enlistment. 2. Candidate must be fluent in English. 3. Candidate must own a working microphone and have TeamSpeak. 4. Candidate must own ArmA 3 with APEX DLC 5. Candidate must be able to meet necessary training schedule. 6. Candidate must be able to download supported unit specific mods. 7. Candidate must be in good standing with the United States Special Operations Command. 8. If you have questions, please feel free to contact a recruiter. MARSOC Marine Raiders SEAL Team 3 Operators 160th SOAR Heli Pilots 3rd Special Forces Group* Combat Medic/Corpsman *By Selection only *Actual MOS number/identification such as 11B, 68W, etc, will differ depending on which branch you join We understand there are lots of units out there to choose from. We differentiate ourselves by wanting QUALITY not QUANTITY. We expect you to want to be here and to be the best person you can be while wearing our patch. Dedicated Server Detailed Roster Awards Teamspeak Forum Experience Fun Weekly Operations Joint Operations Schools to include - BUDS, SWCC, BCT, AIT, BLC, S.E.R.E, and more Website: USSOCOM website Teamspeak: ts3.ussocomarma.com