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  1. The time has come...
  2. Aplion once again you have my congratulations for this mod, which due to your efforts is being constantly upgraded. Merry Christmas and I hope Santa Claus will provide you the inspiration for the new entry... OH-58D Kiowa Warrior.
  3. What I really hate in Arma 1.62 is the main menu and I'm not interested at all about Tanoa and the rest. In my opinion BI is desperately trying to transform Arma main screen to the Battlefield game series. That's why I prefer to stay in 1.60. It's more VBS3.
  4. Please help... Your work is fantastic and I cannot imagine Arma 3 without your mod. But I have decided not to upgrade in Apex. I would like to stay at version 1.60. So are there any incompatibilities with your new CUP version 1.7.1 and Arma 3 1.60? Thanks in advance.
  5. Anybody with the same problem?
  6. I have a similar problem when I use alive modules or zeus in Mission editor. I am getting the following message:
  7. If I am getting this correct, there will be no further support for the AiA SA? The CUP will replace AiA SA and AiA HQ? Right?
  8. Could you help me? Which file is missing? I have the same problem...
  9. sosat

    HMNZS Te Kaha

    My game also crashes when I use the ship... (v1.34)
  10. I would like to see this helicopter in Arma 3 There is a 3d model here
  11. I have the same problem... but for me there is a message at start up as I posted here Do you have the AiA SA mod?
  12. I am getting this message since update 1.34 Addon 'AiA_Core' requires addon 'A3_Weapons_F_EPA_EBR' I have updated the AiA SA package with your last patch fix 2014_10_18 but the message remains...
  13. sosat

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is there any chance to include this...