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  1. Heros Survive

    Update Version 3.2 (01.12.2017) FIXED: - Error in a script. (Body temperature was calculated incorrectly when LLW-Climate is active) IMPROVED: - Simulation if player has fever
  2. Heros Survive

    @hcpookie Fishing is not possible. Animals can be hunted and slaughtered. The meat must be grilled. Animals from another addon: See the parameter 'Her_L_AnimalCutList' (File: ...\HerosWorld\Her_Survive.sqf). Requires the classame and the amount of meat. You need a knife in your equipment. If you shot an animal, you can slaughter it with the knife.
  3. Heros Survive

    There is no public debug.
  4. Heros Survive

    @ tourist: You have done nothing wrong.
  5. Heros Survive

    Update Version 3.1 (02.10.2017) FIXED: - Error in a script. (Multiplayer on dedicated server) -------------------------------------------------------------------- Again. I'm so sorry. Thanks for your understanding.
  6. Heros Survive

    I'm so sorry. There is an error in a script. Update comes in a few minutes. I think I'll be getting too old. @Hotzenplotz: Not laughing ...
  7. Heros Survive

    Update Version 3.0 (02.10.2017) IMPROVED: - Solar and climatological functions This only worked with the current day temperature. With a new setting, the temperature can be recalculated with the height position of the player. - Effect when hunger or thirst less than 10.
  8. Heros Survive

    @ katipo66: Yes. That is correct. I've tried to adjust it. @ Realthinged: How does it work with RHS or CUP? If I use CUP it works with me. In all buildings that have a house position. (Must be present in the building model). However, not all buildings have a house position. @ tourist: The integration of the functions is correct and works. In the new version, 3.0, the height position of the player can now also be calculated. This was not so before. (2.9) Info: Her_L_HouseClassListMain = []; // Empty array All buildings with a house position are considered. I use it just like that.
  9. Heros Survive

    @ sonsalt6: Thank you @ foxhound: Thank you @ hotzenplotz: Even old bag ... But you're right. At our age you may forget something. @ lv1234: I'm sorry. Yes, some missions will not work properly. The missions may be adjusted. I dont know. There will be no regression from my side. @ tourist: 1. Hm ... I believe there is no website where such data are provided. You can create this data yourself. See the statement of the 'Climate-Script'. @ tourist: 2. 'Body Temperature' in the RAVAGE mod. Ask 'haleks' if he incorporates such a thing. It makes no sense to use a mod like 'Heros-Survive' for this one function. (My opinion) @ Realthinged: I do not know exactly 'RHS', 'NiArsenal'. 'CUP' is known to me and I use it sometimes. I will take a look at it. @ iV - Ghost: Yes. Thats how it works. @ SnakeDocc: Just this one script from a complete mod? It makes no sense to load this mod. Write your own little script. There are some templates.
  10. Hi Heros. Wie isset bei Dir? Viele Grüße aus dem Münsterland :)

    1. heros



      lange nichts von Dir gehört. Alles ok bei Dir und deiner Familie?

      Hier, bei mir, ist alles ok. Baue ab und an an meinem Mod. Spiele manchmal. Ansonsten arbeiten und das gute Wetter, wenn vorhanden, mit dem Motorrad genießen.


      Gruß aus Oelde (auch Münsterland :tounge:),



    2. CoA|Saint


      Alles Roger hier bei mir. Viel Arbeit, wenig ArmA leider. Noch weniger Motorrad. :f:

    3. heros


      Noch weniger Motorrad? Seit wann hast Du ein Krad? Habe ich etwas verpasst?

  11. Heros Survive

    I had to adjust the download. I had forgotten the key. Now the download is correct.
  12. Heros Survive

    Update Version 2.9 (24.09.2017) ADDED: - Script for fuel consumption. See example mission. - New calculation of the daily temperature. (Solar and climatological functions) - The functions of Matthijs are required for the calculation. - https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/188051-solar-and-climatological-functions/#entry2980227 - If this option is selected, the original functions of the script are required by Matthijs. IMPROVED: - The GUI to buy and sell items.
  13. Heros Survive

    License: Of course, the addon can be used normally. Noncommercial. Parameters: These parameters are globally readable and writable on the client. Thus, this data can be adapted to any situation. Normally, none of these parameters need to be adjusted. Set parameters on the client: Example: Her_L_Thirst = 100; // No thirst Her_L_FieberRyanZombies = true; // Player was injured by a zombie ( Readable: _Thirst = Her_L_Thirst) Zombie and Demons (Only for "Ryanzombies"): Internal settings for this addon. If the parameter = 'Yes' then violations will be processed by this addon and only the remedies contained in the addon will help.
  14. Heros Survive

    Update Version 2.8 (01.05.2017) ADDED: - The saw can now be used. See example mission. - Parameters 'Her_L_UseSaw'. Objects that can be sawn. - Parameters 'Her_L_UseSawOk'. After using the saw: true = has sawn / false = has not sawn. See example mission. FIXED: - Animation when filling canisters. IMPROVED: -
  15. Heros Survive

    Update Version 2.7 (09.04.2017) ADDED: - A filled water bottle is placed in the old slot of the empty bottle. - Water from a river, pond or the sea is now dirty water. - New items: See '_ClassList.txt'. FIXED: - Only people who have a lighter or matches can create a camping fire. IMPROVED: -