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  1. asuseroako

    BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    Fun times testing 'body parts gibs' of v2.3. Thanks for updates, zooloo75. :)
  2. asuseroako

    BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    No modif done. Its from an old Z&D version back in Arma 3 1.52 days (have not checked exact version). I've tried the latest version of Z&D with BloodLust but unfortunately, no gory bleeding.
  3. asuseroako

    BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    Those Z&Ds, oh yes they bleed.
  4. asuseroako

    BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    Blood spray animations in slow-mo look gore-geous! Good work as always, zooloo.
  5. asuseroako

    BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    Thanks zooloo! Took a couple of hours nap and now there is v1.9. Yeah. Will try it after work. :)
  6. asuseroako

    BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    Lovin those exit sprays! Thanks again zooloo75
  7. Head gore + blood lust = titillatingly GORE-geous game! :D Thanks MrSanchez!
  8. asuseroako

    BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    Wow! Great job, zooloo :ok: After my 6mos Arma hibernation, I need to try this out. Can't wait for this spray version to get released. === POST EDIT: Just tried 1.71 and its sweeeet! Thank you.
  9. asuseroako

    Arma3 Videos

    Battle in Ukraine between troops from the Star Wars Imperial Assault mod and Zombies & Demons , Arma 3 - Zeus environment. Survival of the quickest! Singleplayer, anything goes. I hope you all enjoyed the presentation. Thanks for watching! :)
  10. asuseroako

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Zedtastic! I like the Z&Ds' ground spawn animation. Thank you!
  11. asuseroako

    Arma3 Videos

    An epic battle between the Scout Troopers and Zombies & Demons in Arma 3 Zeus environment. Survival of the quickest! The demonZ are like starving piranhas on foot, decimating the frantic troopers in a matter of seconds. Singleplayer, anything goes! I hope you all enjoyed the presentation. Thanks for watching! :cheers:
  12. Try running Arma 3 with -filePatching paramater. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Startup_Parameters
  13. asuseroako

    Arma3 Videos

    Zeds from the 'Zombies & Demons' mod versus Epoch and BP mod zombies. A fun brawl @ the Arma 3 Virtual Reality environment. Singleplayer, anything goes. :lol:
  14. Its been close to a year since I played Arma 3 with GlovePIE. Not sure if something like the video below still works on Arma 3 AIs... Team White, attach primary weapon suppressor or Team Red, attach handgun suppressor. Stuff like that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVkE6MjLj9w&t=2m25s I say something, they (AIs) follow. :)