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  1. Already finished actually. Lots of problems getting the glass and cockpit to work properly or I'd show a screenshot.
  2. ZBD-04, basically a Chinese modification of the BMP3. The guns are a bit larger caliber than they are in real life (120mm vs. 100mm main gun, 35mm vs. 30mm autocannon) but I may create new definitions rather than use the stock Arma vehicle configs. Click here for a larger version
  3. Getting the full range of content in game is top priority, but I do plan on remaking the configs so there's room for Zeus. Just keep in mind I'm working alone and things take a while, so if anyone can assist in modeling, rigging, or animating I'd be happy to collaborate! At the moment I'm still using some VME content from Arma2 (e.g. language pack, some weapons) which I'd like to replace. I'll reach out to a few of you for testing purposes over the coming weeks.
  4. Maybe 2-3 weeks. I have several other vehicle models (APC's, BJ2022 Humvee copy, etc.) I'd like to get working in game and want to focus on quality.
  5. Tired of Independent reskins, decided to get some new player and vehicle models in game. I will be releasing this as a new mod using only custom assets (no Arma reskins) similar to the RH US/RU packs. - New character model using AlexF1's VDV model as a base - New helmet, vest, and kneepad models - New ZTZ99 tank model Click the links below for larger versions of the images. http://oi60.tinypic.com/33wo39v.jpg (154 kB) http://oi60.tinypic.com/2hmovnb.jpg (149 kB)
  6. Has there been an Arma patch release since my latest version? I've tested across two installations without problems. What version of Arma are you running? EDIT: It looks like something is wrong with your install, my configs don't reference 'Male12ENG' or anything with ENG on the end, as the radio protocol creates new identities.
  7. Thanks for pointing those out, fixed most already. :) I'll be releasing a hot fix soon with a number of improvements to quality & quantity of content. - Custom weapon positioning as requested (easier than expected!) - ZBD35 IFV added (including AA variant); screenshot below - CSAT jet retexture added as requested - Urban/marine pattern of the ZSD35 as requested - Light helicopter (camo / black variants) as requested http://oi60.tinypic.com/2qtcpr6.jpg (295 kB)
  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone! :) Like I said in the past, I can't do anything about the hand positioning because I can't model and can't animate.
  9. All finished with the update, link below. It's a bit different now but hopefully you like it!
  10. Very good news over here after another 2 weeks of work on the addon. Holiday ends on Monday, so I'm hopefully releasing this week. - Finally fixed the voice bug. This means all languages in the game (English, Persian, etc.) can now work perfectly alongside each other with no issues. In addition, I overhauled the language pack to have more sounds, be more immersive, and take better advantage of the updates to Arma's radio protocols. - Added the QBZ-03 assault rifle to the game, which will be the standard issue rifle for all PLA units, with the exception of conscripts (which will still use the QBZ-95 series. I added several variants of the rifle to function like the MX for NATO at a squad level, including a grenade launcher, automatic rifle version, DMR, etc. Screenshots / release to follow shortly
  11. Replacement pack on the way, along with some modern era units. Made the camo patterns from scratch, took forever :j: Also changed the unit models and gear loadout; I noticed most mods these days are using the AAF stuff and I wanted these units to be distinct as OPFOR. Reference photos: Universal: http://img.zjolcdn.com/pic/0/01/80/78/1807864_998748.jpg Arid: http://cimg2.163.com/cnews/2007/7/26/20070726083040b7437.jpg FULL SIZE FULL SIZE FULL SIZE
  12. Can't seem to reach the guy for the voice fix, no luck just yet :( Patch with other fixes to follow shortly
  13. .bikey located here: http://www.filedropper.com/majoris Will add this to the release post for anyone else needing the server key. Can someone confirm this works? Again, first time :)
  14. Thanks everyone! :) A few points: - I can't model or animate. Modifying the hand positions any further or creating new vehicles, scopes, etc. is impossible until I learn a few new skills (no ETA or promises on this :P ) - The arrangement with VME mod, who allowed me to use their weapon models/voices, is that the mod stays futuristic, while they cover the current military, to prevent overlap. Main goal of the mod is to be a more realistic CSAT replacement than the bug Iranians. - Marines will be added again in the next update. This was one of the Alive issues; groups needed to be either 'Infantry' or 'Special Forces' in the config, so a new faction ("PLAMC", perhaps) must be created. Boats, naval units, and some new air units will also be included. @DirtyHaz: Server keys are included, do they not work? First time making those :)
  15. Let me know what you guys think, I spent a lot of time on this update. :) A few glitches aren't fixed yet (e.g. voice bug) but there's lots of new content and server keys.