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  1. redeyex


    Jezuro, first I like tonsay I really love this gamemode. I was wondering if it is possible to have a certain class only buyable by human players? For instance tank crewmen or pilots. I can make them buyable but then I get AI squads made up of tankcrewmen. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all, I am trying to use Vcom with Alive but I have an issue that my air support and arty support get taken over by Vcom. If I understand correctly the command disables Vcom for a group but would this also work for a single vehicle, aircraft or helicopter? thanks RedeyeX
  3. redeyex

    [SP]SAINT 4-1: Helicopter Pilot Altis

    Hey there Nephros, I'll love your mission, great fun it is. Wish there where more missions like this one. If I am allowed to voice a couple of future wishes then I would like a port for RHS, CUP and most wanted Unsung mod! No rush though tomorrow is soon enough! :) RedeyeX
  4. redeyex

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Hallo, I am trying out Vietnam unsung mod with HWS. Altough it does work with a simple port as per instructions on the first page I do have some issues. Playing with the US side I noticed that the US tanks never spawn in. I am talking about the M551 Sheridan and the M48. Also I mostly get only one type of chopper, the uh13 if memory serves. Further more with VC I sometimes see sampans on land. I suspect it is caused by the unit config themselves and reading the Hetman manual I read that you can make custom units arrays to add uunits to certain classes. However I have no idea how to add those arrays to HWS. I would appreciate some help. Thanks Redeyex
  5. Hey Gunter, I am trying to download the 1.14 patch but Mega says 'no such file'. Is there another way to download? Thanks.
  6. redeyex


    So my next question. I want to port this mission to use Iron front units. Unfortunaly the standard troopers all come with the rgo grenade but the iron front units cant throw them, they just drop them at their feet with the expected results :) So is it possible to customise the loadout of the infantry models just like with the custom_gear? Thanks
  7. redeyex


    Thanks Gobi42 works like a charm.
  8. redeyex


    Hi Gobi42, Thanks for the reply. I got it working just as you posted. What I didn't get to work is having more then one custom_gear box. I have succeeded to add one box for each side, see below. Now I got to try to divide the loadout in three boxes per side.
  9. redeyex


    Hey Jezuro, I am modifing your mission with the RHS units. I am trying to put an gear box in the game that adds uniforms and equipment so my avatar can change in the appropriate clothes when driving tanks, heli's and jets. With some try and error I got one custom_gear box in the game. But I want to create one crate for each clothes set. That is not working for some reason. I am not getting errors but only one custom crate shows in the requesition list. Is there a limit to how many crates can be available? Thanks.
  10. Hello guys, I am absolutly an amateur with modding so bare with me please. I am trying to modify a mission, I simply want to change out some models for others. The mission is in a pbo and I can decompile it/unwrap it just fine. But when I try to turn the thing back into a pbo I get a duplicate path. Path originaly decompiled is like: E:\SteamLibrary\Arma 3\@Warlords\Addons\JEZ_Warlords\A3\JEZ_Warlords But i try to compile it into a pbo i get an error loading the mission. So when I then decompile the created pbo it shows the following path: E:\Temp\JEZ_Warlords\JEZ_Warlords\A3\JEZ_Warlords For some reason Addon builder adds another directory. That is obviously why the mission breaks down. How do I use Addon builder to create a pbo correctly? Thanks for the help.
  11. redeyex

    [SP\MP] Dynamic Universal War System - Rebirth

    Hello all. I recently joined the ranks of Arma 3 players and I am loving this mission. Is it still being worked on or is it finished? My pc slows down to a crawl after placing three fobs! Thanks RedeyeX
  12. redeyex


    Jezuro, My vote too for being able to use other models than vanilla. Iron front is definetly on my wish list!
  13. Odd. Because I have made a mission on Utes and I definetly had a couple swimmers at spawnpoint. Result was that disembarked troops were waiting for the swimmers. Thanks for looking into it. Redeyex
  14. Hoi William, I think I have found an error in the database. I made an airborne assault mission using standerd CO units. I used a section of two MH-60S Blackhawks. In the planner it states that there are 22 passenger seats available. However I got a maximum of 19 passengers on board. Thanks for a great and fun generator.