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  1. SP33Dkt

    Admin reserved slot

    Hey, nah not really. That was what got stated above but I have another way to prevent others to access the vehicles/planes instead, like I've done so my clan's Air Force crew can fly the combat fixed/rotary-wings, and only my army "ground" units can use the armors etc. But it would be good to also get the reserved slots up because it is quite annoying that guests enters a slot even thought it says in the name/description for example: "SP33D *RSERVED*" So yup.
  2. SP33Dkt

    Support Radio

    Maybe this is the wrong area to ask a question like this due to that you're having a problem with description.ext? You might have corrupted some data, also in the Mission file itself. Can't help you too much due to I don't really know what you added or changed, sorry.
  3. SP33Dkt


    Great to hear mate! Thank you, and thank you for using your time on creating this tool. :)
  4. SP33Dkt


    Sounds good! :D Any date set or some on TroopMon3? And how can i put it to also be in the action menu?
  5. SP33Dkt


    Could it be possible to do so I can open the TroopMod within the Action Menu instead of the In-Game Menu? Then we can use this in a server for real-time.
  6. SP33Dkt

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    Could it please be possible to make a script version for this to put in a domination map or something? Instead of having it as a mod so everyone needs to download it. Makes things faster and easier for new comers. Thanks in advance.
  7. SP33Dkt

    Admin reserved slot

    So i put this/these in the Init.sqf?
  8. SP33Dkt

    Support Radio

    Hey, would it be possible to somehow do so only 1 person can "Talk with Pilot"? I have currently done: RESCUE addAction (NEO_radioLogic getVariable "NEO_radioPlayerActionArray"); So only the unit "RESCUE" Gets the ability to call in the support, BUT, if others enter the choppers, they still get the options to "Talk With Pilot". Anyways to remove this?
  9. SP33Dkt

    Admin reserved slot

    So how do you do this? :)
  10. Doesn't look like we get any future. Like seriously, in normal hosting there is a file called Ban. in your documents, just type in the player ID and he is banned. But for this server, you can't do that, i tried to make a Ban file in the ArmA2 installation but didn't work either. Is there ANYWAY anyone is able to say how to get this ban thingy up, or doesn't TA2DST support banning???
  11. Hey, long time no seen. I have had this as an issue quite long. When you hijack an AI. Set him as Commander so you can control the forces, go back to your main player.. You can't hijack the AI anymore because he is a 'Player' Could that be fixed?
  12. Okey, so how to i get the ban thingy up then?
  13. Is there anyway of banning people with this tool??? Like i press 'Ban' but nothing happens... If there is a way, how?
  14. Well, as 'Features' i ment such as Air drops and air strikes and stuff. Not specifically the 3D editor.