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  1. Predator.v2

    Real Armor Mod

    Is this mod finally dedicated mp server compatible?
  2. Predator.v2


    Do you have any plans to introduce "base building" similar to what "MSO" did or what "Resistance" is doing right now? Where you could set up an alternative spawnpoint (in MSO) and then use logistics to get "material" from your base to fortify your FOB? Material paradrops as in MSO would also be incredible immersive, but probably a bit too much to ask. I kind of see this mission to be the closest to MSO (my favorite arma mission of all times) what i have seen in A3. Do you have the intention to further expand the mission towards what we saw at MSO? Maybe randomly generating weapon caches and insurgencies? I don't know all the possibilities of Alive, after the lack of a mod similar to what ACE was and no "complex" missions like MSO i kinda "left" A3 for several months. But your project got me real interested! Great work so far!
  3. Tw questions about this mod. - Are there any plans to make this mp compatible? As well for clients as for dedicated servers? - I see, that AI soldiers break formation when in "auto danger" and advance on their own. Is there any way to get them back after a small fight, when there is no enemy in sight and you wanna advance?
  4. Predator.v2

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    Same for us. No enemies after several days. I'd really love to finish this mission, but it'd take several days to do so.
  5. Predator.v2

    Real Armor Mod

    Does this addon work on MP? And who needs the addon? Server only oder players too? Or just players?
  6. If you would compare this AI mod with ASR_AI, what would be big differences be? I have used ASR_AI since A2OA and now run my A3 server with it, but i'd like to know all "big" AI mods out there.
  7. Predator.v2

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Oh, sad to hear that. I hope it is nothing serious.
  8. Predator.v2

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    We found a big bug with this mission (latest version). Setting our server on persistent=1; this mission ran for over 2 days on our server and after liberating 5 towns and 1 tower, enemy AI stopped spawning in... Any idea why? And do you have any intention to allow some kind of "mission saving" like iniDB or an sql database?
  9. Predator.v2

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Some things we noticed when playing this mission: - 7.62 ammo isn't available at the magazines menu. Only accessible over the new menu left of the weapon. - Only squadleaders have access to GPS? - Your revive script is still buggy. On revive your inventory is gonna fill with uniforms and vests. (btw on another mission we get this really loud sound distortion on respawn with your revive script. Any idea why?) - Is it right, that there are random enemy mortars? Or are you hiding IEDs even offroad? Our crewman reported, that when he drove the panther offroad to reach us, several explosions took place around him and eventually destroyed the vehicle. If its random mortar fire, i like it, but it should be less accurate against moving targets. If it isn't mortar fire, then i think IEDs (or were that mines?) shouldn't be placed offroads in the fields (unless its mines). Ah and also you should include enemy mortar fire, if you stay too long in one area as infantry. :) - Number of enemies have to scale with the amount of players or at least give us a parameter in the lobby (altis version). We tried to take down a cache in Kore and killed like 150 AI, but eventually got swarmed down. Is there also a way to stop AI respawn on cache locations/random towns?. We had a server long issue with losing vehicles at Abdera. - May it be, that certain slots only have access to red point optics? At least via the item menu, at first they could only equip 1x red dots, before they noticed the new VAS menu left of the weapon. - There is a UAV Terminal in the box but no UAV. Maybe you could include the UAV backpack? - Mortar bags would also come in handy. :) - Maybe you could tune up the size of squads? Introduce teams made of two squads? - Not sure about the takistan version, but altis version definitly needs some kind of a repair/rearm station for vehicles. Constantly blowing up vehicles on the wreck repair to repair/rearm totally kills immersion.. - Maybe tune down the amount of enemy rpgs? We couldn't really do ANYTHING with our vehicles, as enemy AT riflemen took them down within seconds when in sight (we played with 0.98 skill on enemy AI). - logistics system: Maybe you could introduce a big transport container, which you could fill with lots of equipment/material. This container should be able to be airlifted to allow "supply drops".
  10. Predator.v2

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    I checked both versions shortly, looks nice! Gonna play a session with some mates this evening and report feedback afterwards. Another suggestion. Lock the equipment in the VAS depending on the players class (similar to Patrol Ops). Squadleader/Spotter (UAV access, rangefinder, laser designator), Medics, Grenadier, MG (heavy MGs), marksman (mk14 ebr), Rifleman AT (pcml), heavy AT (Titan), Crewman (carbines, smgs only) and maximum of 1 or 2 snipers. I never liked the VAS capability to create largely imbalanced/op gears for everyone.
  11. Predator.v2

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    why "Requirements: - A3MP"? Couldnt you also create a vanilla version? Always hard to fill servers with mod requirements. An idea. I suppose you have played MSO for A2? Maybe add an "intel" system similar to MSO. Where blufor operatives will randomly give you a rough location of enemy movement (large grp, techi convoys, ...) or civilian informants will give a bit more precise (or often) intel with its frequency depending on your reputation? Project Reality:A2 had a nice insurgency system, where killed enemies wouldn't drop random suitcase, but where you could search bodies for intel and most of the time find nothing, but had a chance for "low level intel" like mobiles/notes or "high level intel" like notebooks or suitcases. You could integrate some of your stuff from "WarStorm". Make the world persistent (initdb) and allow the blufor team to build FOBs. Make the mission semi pvp compatible (via parameters), similar to A2: Insurgency. All Blufor players are actual players, but with a few slots (like 1/4 of blufor) for insurgents, to "blend" into the AI zerg. And last but not least. I'd also like to test your mission. I already loved your "WarStorm" Mission ( beware germans talking! :D ) and was a big fan of A2: Insurgency. Sadly they never released another A3 version after the preliminary Stratis version.
  12. Are there any plans to attract more players? I have checked the server browser several times in the last few weeks, but i have never seen more than 2 players on any of the servers. Maybe i was just very unlucky with the time, but i think, it is still quite a problem.
  13. No updates yet? As far as i can remember, there have been some major issues with the first version and i wanted to wait for a first "fixed" update version.
  14. Any chance for patch notes?
  15. Predator.v2

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Not everyone is fond of SU and especially PWS. By the way, what happened to Foxhound? He did retire? Is there still someone taking care about updating addons on armaholic?