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  1. I would like to see yurapetrov's US army blackhawks in Arma 3.
  2. Vast

    MK18 Mod 1

    Thanks man, very sexy looking.
  3. Are there any Army Rangers mods in development out there?:lookaround:
  4. I currently have some US Army Rangers in WIP. I don't have any pictures at this time to show you guys; I'll have more information about them later on.
  5. How are them rangers doing?
  6. I tried using SecOps with this in my mission and all the Airfield support menus under the communications dialog are not showing up at all. ---------- Post added at 10:44 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:43 AM ---------- You’re probably using the X, Y grid references backwards. I think its Y then X and throw in a "4" for the fourth (which is the center number of the square) number like "0654" to make it more accurate.
  7. ozzyt, have you thought about using more colored smoke grenades for your support package?
  8. Vast

    Editing or Creating reskin on units

    I had the same problem too. Hears what you do, uninstall the tools you have now and install these new updated ones http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14435 As for starters, see this video .
  9. Vast


    I'm having the same problem and I even tried what firefly suggested.
  10. Add the ACR rifle with different customs and variants on there.
  11. Well, I did it; but there is no problem.:)
  12. I'll take that advice since I have a lot a lot of add-ons.
  13. Well thanks guys. I didn't even know if their was a post for this.
  14. Can anyone tell me how I can use these campasitions? http://www.armatechsquad.com/ArmA2Class151656165165341654165165165165f/A2/Objects/compositions/#document I've used this sit often, but I have never known how to use these.