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  1. dynamo11

    World War II Units

    Nice work, I44 was perhaps my most played mod on ArmA2 and it's still sorely missed
  2. Quick question, is there anyway I can used Iron Front to just get the units, vehicles and weapons? I remember trying this a while back and had all the weird running animations and Iron Front interface on top. Again I basically just want ArmA3 but with WW2 stuff
  3. dynamo11

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    It's sad to hear you've removed ISIS (IS, ISIL whatever) from the new update pack. I enjoyed using them in my operations, particularly on the Fallujah map in Kurds vs ISIS scenarios. As far as modding goes I think ArmA is meant to be a reasonably accurate military simulator and so the good as well as the bad goes along with that. I carried out extensive ops in ArmA2 against IRA and UVF factions and at no point did I think the author of said mod had any sympathies either way and so the loss of a genuine contemporary adversarial faction is a great loss to the community. ISIS are as important to creating contemporary scenarios in ArmA as the "Taki Militia" aka Taliban were in ArmA2, that is simply the world we live in and making sensationalist claims like those who have done completely dodges the point and real issue needed to be debated. As far as what other people might think I'd not pay any attention, especially that waste of paper the Daily Mail. If you really want to shut them up then inform them that it's a two way street and the ISIS faction can be made to lose every engagement with any other faction imaginable, that'll shut the boo-boys up and like I said I was running a few enjoyable Kurd (Taki Militia) vs ISIS scenarios, how is that not a positive outcome? I'd urge you to reconsider and I'm sure 99% of the ArmA community would support you in this endeavour.
  4. Any news on the ArmA 3 version? I really do miss this mission in ArmA 3, I tried to see if I could port it over myself but it blew my mind with all those scripts and stuff. I had no idea where to start.
  5. dynamo11

    L85A2 Release

    So happy this is still being worked on, can't have enough British gear in ArmA!
  6. dynamo11

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    This mod is definitely not dead, is it still the case they are focusing on finishing up the ArmA2 version before moving on to the ArmA3 version? It's not like ArmA3 is going anywhere for a while so they definitely have the time
  7. Back that bad boy up! Be a shame to lose such quality work
  8. I love it! The more real materiel we can get into ArmA3 the better, still can't stand that "future" stuff.
  9. dynamo11

    The Phone

    I love the idea, especially for use by insurgents in game modes where they have to communicate but its unrealistic to carry military radios.
  10. If it could be done then it'd be amazing. I'm all for it
  11. I've had a similar issue regarding the end of "Vulcan". It just wouldn't quit even though it had the "Mission Accomplished" screen, I just quit manually and it still said I had completed it so w/e
  12. Brilliant idea Pac, adds a whole new tactical level on whether that Tiger in the village is destroyed or not
  13. dynamo11

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Lord Jarhead you've done it again! JSRS is easily the best mod for ArmA2 bar none
  14. dynamo11


    Regardless of whether it's accurate or not great little mod this, gotta love Full-Auto M16s