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  1. Ok. I didn't know that. Maybe instead you could make the lakes/rivers look frozen over? Just a thought. Even without the lakes and rivers, I still love this map!
  2. Excellent job! Love what I'm seeing. Can't wait for the lakes!
  3. Yes. Player side. If it would be only local to player, how would one do this for all players on a server? Also, I noticed in my tests that even destroying buildings counts against the civilian kills. What if I only want to count civilian AI? What I was hoping to do is warn players if they are killing civilian AI and fail the mission if a number of civilian AI are killed.
  4. Thanks for this. I found it useful. I ended up with the section from Grumpy in my init.sqf. I took the end parts out and put them in triggers so I could have hints to the players to stop as well as a countdown and fail mission. MyCivKillCounter = 0; addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled",{ params ["_killedUnit","_killer","_triggerMan"]; if (side _killedUnit isEqualTo civilian AND side _triggerMan isEqualTo west) then { MyCivKillCounter = MyCivKillCounter + 1; }; }];
  5. woulffman

    Arma 3 Headless Client

    Are the official missions like MP_GroundSupport01.Altis configured to use headless client? If so, what would the HC be named (i.e. HC1, HC2)? Thanks
  6. woulffman

    One and a half years in beta

    I added my digital purchase to Steam hoping a reinstall would fix the issue with the game crashing all the time. Nope. Even with the beta patch, it still crashes when going from island to island. I would like to play this again but it doesn't look like it will ever get fixed.
  7. I found this helped http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?163508-Description-ext-CfgRespawnInventory-Issues&highlight=CfgRespawnInventory. See the post by BangaBob.
  8. I understand there are a few missions like that. I was thinking about something more. Maybe a new campaign as a police officer. A focus on law enforcement aviation unit.
  9. I would like to see some "Cops" or "Blue Thunder" (minus whisper mode) stye added. Coop with JAFO maybe? Maybe a police station with helipad and get calls day or night to support ground units? FLIR or spot light to track suspects and vehicles? Suspects shooting at helicopter? Sounds like fun
  10. woulffman

    joystick Suggestions for TOH

    I think I just need practice. I've noticed with the X-65F that it's hard to tell how much for force I'm using when on the ground.
  11. I fly in mostly from the dock by the windsock. I was a UH-60 crew chief in the Army. The turbines do sound like a symphony, metaphorically speaking. When you’ve been around them long enough and have to trust them to keep you alive, you listen to them. Winds, brass, and strings are all there.
  12. woulffman

    joystick Suggestions for TOH

    Video using X-65F and TIR https://skydrive.live.com/embedphoto.aspx/TOH%20X65-F/My%20Movie.wmv?cid=9a43470f67fa1995&sc=photos
  13. Didn't find any eggs. No omelet for breakfast today. Full size screen here
  14. woulffman

    joystick Suggestions for TOH

    I've enjoyed Saitek products. I'm using the X-65F (not cheap). They have a Cyborg with dual throttle and twist for rudder for about 35-40 http://store.gameshark.net/Cyborg_F.L.Y_5_PC_Flight_Stick/3409/245. Your pocket can afford that. If you can spend more I'd go with the x52.
  15. woulffman

    Flying cars?

    That's funny. I was thinking the same thing when I took the screens.