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  1. DrunkenVeteran

    A3 Dedi server patch 1.40 Hotfix

    Hmmm getting a "no entry '.model'." error now.
  2. DrunkenVeteran

    RHS Insurgency ALiVE

    Any chance we'll be seeing a version with CAF Aggressors instead of Leights OPFOR pack? I'd attempt to switch it myself but would break it and result to drinking away my sorrows. :D
  3. DrunkenVeteran

    Turtle's Armory

    Good news, eager to test it out.
  4. DrunkenVeteran

    82nd Airborne Division OCP

    Nope, only thing the 82nd can put on their helmets is on their camo bands. Rank and Last name, and First Initial and Last 4 of your social is what goes on the camo bands. And awesome texture work on these units! Airborne, All the Way!
  5. DrunkenVeteran

    Turtle's Armory

    You had me at OH-58D, the Kiowa is the one thing that has been missing from ARMA.
  6. DrunkenVeteran

    TFA - Naval Special Warfare Gear

    Nice, I need to find some damned free time to check out all the changes you've made Marston!
  7. DrunkenVeteran

    [WIP] ARP Workers

    We need a "clean sweep" uniform model :D
  8. DrunkenVeteran

    Task Force Apache

    UNIT UPDATE - 24 AUG 14 Task Force Apache (TFA) has just concluded Operations in the Altis region in support of Operation Stone Claw. Operation Stone Claw ran the course of two months, this also included our 24-hour charity live stream event. Throughout this Campaign SEAL Team 9 (ST9) along with Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron - 84 (HSC-84) were able to support the Altis Government to reclaim control of the 16th parallel from Western Altis Militia (WAM) control, TFA used various tactics during this period such as, and not limited to; air assault, seaborne assault, HALO/HAHO insertions, direct action operations, asset recovery, rotary wing and fixed wing close air support. TFA also had four individuals earn the right to join the ranks of ST9, congratulations to the following individuals: SO3 C. Greene (Communications) SO3 G. Carroll (Corpsman) SO3 J. Foster (Pointman) SO3 J. Rev (Pointman) As ST9 and HSC-84 draw down from Operations in Altis we transition into a training work up for the month of September in preparation of Joint Operations with Joint Security Assistance Force (JSAF). During this time we will also be conducting a Basic Skills Testing for potential parties interested in becoming a member of ST9 or HSC-84. We encourage anyone interested to apply, we still have openings in the current positions: Communications Corpsman Demolitions Heavy Weaponry As a disclaimer – going through our Basic Skills Testing (BST) does NOT mean you are in our unit. You’re a member of the public when you go through BST. Meaning, if you’re looking to possibly join us and aren’t sure if you want to, you can sign up for BST (if your current unit/clan doesn’t have a regulation against this). Again if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know via our Teamspeak or our Forums. Visit our website for more information: TFApache.com
  9. DrunkenVeteran

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    We used this earlier today, made all the enemies placed via Zeus invincible. All of the enemies that were spawned via ALIVE however we were able to kill.
  10. DrunkenVeteran

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    I don't know whether to be scared or excited about this! :ok:
  11. DrunkenVeteran

    USMC in the 2030's mod

    Hell of a lot better than ACUs. Only thing I was able to find that it blended in with when I was in was gravel roads. Plus the ACUs were stained just looking at dirt, specially the sand hills in Bragg and Benning. But yes, Ships, A3 needs more of them.
  12. DrunkenVeteran

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    Yeah, you can do this to setup HVTs and what not in-game so you can scan them with the HIDES and get a hit on it if it's the right person. This should work here: this setvariable ["cse_biometricScannerInfo",["Name", "DOB", "Known Info", "Additional one", "Additional two"]];
  13. DrunkenVeteran

    Fort Benning [ Terrain WIP]

    And what better location than the Home of the Infantry! :D