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    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    This game is crying out for a vietnam mod.. complete with F4's and Migs..
  2. LoneCrow66

    The D Word

    Oh great thanks I'll check them out. But I do think this is a good reason why we need some official servers. I dont have the rig to host so I've never seen any. ---------- Post added at 05:19 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:17 PM ---------- Ahhh how refreshing. Personal attacks! The sign of a true champion!
  3. LoneCrow66

    The D Word

    Well they better "surprise us" with some multiplayer maps and game modes or something soon. Lots of people leaving and those who come on are more concerned with causing shit than anything. I found myself checking steam for the first time in a while for new games. I was thinking why wouldn't they come up with some simple missions like "Defend the town" - an attack is coming and you are on your own. You know it is generally coming from the North. You have 15 minutes to fortify and set up defenses. Allow us to place sandbags, set up mortar and fixed weapons. Actually have a use for "mines" and such . Then send in a massive AI attack wave. No respawns allowed, except for in the last 5 mins paratroops arrive and can chute in. Make a timer of 30 mins or something before a new round starts. Add some wildcards on there like aircraft and flanking attacks, whatever.. Imagine just 16 players in a town fortifying it and taking up positions. Enemy armor and APC's roll in numbers only to hit AT mines and AT rockets. They need to take the town in tact for whatever reason so cannot artillery and use the tank main guns, so they offload about 128 troops that come from different positions. The AI acts very aggressive and charges the town without taking cover and laying down prone like a bunch of dummies out in the open. Well I can dream the ai were smart enough to actually "charge" a position. I mean seriously how hard could it be to make missions like that? How about one of those military bases on hills - remake a "siege of firebase gloria" mission on a smaller jungle map. Or how about a paintball'esque type of red on blue sort of mission with objectives? I mean the possibilities are endless and they didn't even provide a single real multiplayer mission yet!
  4. LoneCrow66

    The D Word

    Yeah well they really ... really need to work on some multiplayer maps and content for people that is supported. I'm getting tired of these player made ones that are very weak and repetitive like Insurgency and Domination. Wasteland is boring as hell. I think that is why dayz would work with this. Plenty of targets, the ai doesn't need to be stellar, and throw in other players to make it the wildcard. Wasteland would be great if it had civilians and ai to content with. But BI doesn't believe in making anything but the sandbox. ---------- Post added at 06:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:42 PM ---------- Yeah thanks I'll check that out.. hah oh yeah I saw this and tried to sign up for it before and it has a question "Who is the launcher creator" and I'm like I don't know.. I tried Dead Nation all sorts of crap I can't even download the launcher until I sign up. Pissing me off totally how you are forced to sign up for stuff. Nobody rests on their laurels anymore and relies on their own hard work to impress people and get voluntary reaction.
  5. The quality of the missions were better than any player made ones so far. Very well done albeit very small in scale and not very believable at all. A little too much dialogue that sort of tried too hard. But overall I enjoyed my 3 hours or so it took to complete it. Very small bugs, nothing game stopping. I still can't help but feel ripped off after waiting this long for some actual content only to be finished it so quickly. At this rate the entire campaign will be dragged on over the course of a year. Is that what we get when we buy a game nowdays? A work in progress?
  6. LoneCrow66


    Excellent quality and attention to detail. Shame there is no easy way to implement these sorts of mods and aircraft onto multiplayer servers easily without everyone downloading them.
  7. Surprisingly I'm almost done the entire thing within 2-3 hours of play. Other than feeling ripped off for waiting this long for only an addition couple hours of gameplay, the actual action was satifying and the AI was setup to act very intelligently. It was refreshing. The only bugs to speak of is you cannot hear people talking straight on, you have to turn your head to listen with one ear. The voices are very low with all settings at max except music. I use turtle beach surround sound headphones. Just seems like there is no center speaker for voices like there usually is. But left right works.
  8. LoneCrow66

    So how good is MXSW?

    I'm tired of hearing about mods... try and sift and sort your way through the maze of servers and mods to try and find a good server with the correct stuff.. that sort of frustration will already turn most people off from the game.
  9. LoneCrow66

    Buildings devoid of life....

    I think they just need to come up with a way to only insert the objects for inside unless you are infantry and on the ground and within 3km from the building. Or whatever the outside of the viewdistance is. If you are in a chopper you don't need to see the furniture at all. Only ground based objects within a certain distance should activate the inside geometry.
  10. LoneCrow66

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Well I mean I am losing interest online but I still want to play. It is just frustrating at times and the end result is less time spent on it. I mean I understand that you'll never be able to get AI to the point of a human especially with so many AI in each mission. There have been times it was quite good, and other times extremely poor. It is that consistency that we want in tandem with challenge. As it stands now if you parachute into a field and there are several soldiers 100m away.. I should die unless it is right near some cover and I get lucky. That is pretty effective. But it seems to be in certain situations the AI just doesn't know what to do and it just seems to "sit there" and accept death. There have been times I was holed up in a windmill poking out and trying to shoot them and they actually had a few guys head to my direction and make their way slowly until they were pretty close before I got them. But I planted claymores outside the windmill door just in case. I had to poke myself to realize they would never come that close nor would they ever enter the building because the AI is too dumb. So I was safe. That took away from the realism. It also destroyed my ability to use mines and or claymores as a defensive measure because it is rare that you can sucker AI into an ambush unless they are out of danger mode and are patrolling a set path. I really don't know what advice we can offer other than reporting bugs. But to me the whole thing is bugged and every night its something different. I don't know how to reproduce these issues and or capture them for analysis. All I can offer is what behavior probably "should be" if a tank comes rolling up towards you and you don't have anything that can defeat it, I'd be shitting my pants and running for cover and or into a building. If a tank is headed toward me I wouldn't lay down and let it run me over. Running to the safety of cover should always be the first priority upon entering danger mode. As time goes by they should be able to zero in on your position and advance if necessary toward your position if safe. If they detect a lone sniper it would be stupid for them to leave cover as flanking or sniping them back is the only offensive option you have at long range. Or getting into a vehicle and driving out there to investigate. With AI it is a lot of IF IF IF IF THEN THEN THEN THEN you just have to define the proper behavior for the situation and govern them by the overall rules of engagement. Is it a defensive mission or an offensive mission?
  11. LoneCrow66

    AH-9 Pawnee minigun damage values

    Yeah I have taken down an enemy chopper with rockets before for sure. But the gun is ineffective even putting 500 rounds. You'd think one would eventually hit a vital spot in the rotor. I understand small arms fire woudn't bother some of them but some would actually damage and get into moving parts eventually causing trouble somewhere.
  12. There was a game called AV8B Harrier Assault that involved using choppers, aircraft, landing craft and the whole force to invade an island of East Timor. It was awesome because you could fly, and control the AI to try and capture the Island. In this case it would be multiplayer VS AI or even completely Multiplayer. It could be single or multiplayer. This could be easily converted into using Altis as the island the Marine Expeditionary Brigade needs to capture. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marine_Expeditionary_Brigade "A Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB) is a formation of the United States Marine Corps, a Marine Air-Ground Task Force of approximately 14,500 Marines and Sailors constructed around a reinforced infantry regiment, a composite Marine aircraft group, a logistics group and a command element." The mod could be a series of ships that are loaded with supplies and troops that stay out at sea and the objective is to ferry in resupply and bomb / capture key points on the island. The objective for the Altis inhabitants would be to keep their ports open for resupply and to stall and prevent the island from falling to the Marines. Hovercraft would be used (LCAC's) as well as other smaller ships, sub warfare / underwater warfare would be a must. If you set up each town as an objective sort of with a flag that was linked to other towns you could establish supply lines. (Like Planetside) If there are any VTOL Craft getting released soon we could use them to take off from the carrier. There already is a wide variety of transport/attack choppers to use on the carrier. As key points are captured or recaptured it will unlock respawns of important assets for either side. I mean we could even take it as far as cutting power to their cities, bombing power plants etc. Then their engineers could rebuild or repair those stations. So there could really be a full gamut of roles people could play. But the whole concept of actually needing to take out certain vital targets like radio towers, electrical lines, munition plants. You could even set it up as certain buildings are protected like hospitals and if they are damaged or bombed it creates controversy and your supply lines get drastically cut. The reward / penalty for anything is either more or less supply. Once you run out (either side) you lose the war.
  13. This absolutely needs a bump - I was going to post the exact same thing. This is sort of like carrier command really that they've already made, but with actual ARMA 3 scaled warfare. Build and ISLAND or hell you can use Altis - create a Marine Task Force with carriers filled with attack/transport choppers and VTOL aircraft. Then some LCAC's and you will be able to invade the country. Take it from there, set up strategic points that need to be held for resupply on both sides. It could be epic.
  14. LoneCrow66

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    A) First of all we need more aircraft. B) Air Traffic Control / Awacs ability C) SAM / Fixed and Long Range AAA D) Fixed targets for planned bombing runs etc. Overall more air type missions with more realism. We don't need every gauge to work like DCS, just add a little more to it to make an element of strategy to this game as a whole. Personally I think they should make a remake of AV8B where you had a marine task force that was trying to take over the island and that is ALL they had. They had to fly super cobra's and harriers off the decks to take out certain key targets first then the lcac's came in and landed and moved inland from there.
  15. LoneCrow66

    The D Word

    Pings a little too high for Europe, thanks for the offer though looks like a good outfit. My point is that without "official" servers we have to rely on others and sometimes there just isn't good servers out there to really enjoy yourself on unless you "join" some squad which is unacceptable for someone who only casually plays and doesn't have time for the commitment of a squad. So I'm looking to see if there are any really good working dayz type mods out there. Or what are the mods people are using on their servers the most common ones so I can get them to join and try their servers?