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  1. Cool update :) no more forest wheat field :)
  2. RudyFaasse

    Dutch Armed Forces

    The mission ACE MSO DAF 4.5 is not working. It says you cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.acex_c_cweapon,RNLAFC130, daf_cougar_c -- maybe it's me because I havent got ACEX somehow.. I will try this again
  3. It should work okay with Ace. Only reviving / healing can be sometimes a little bit strange but no big bugs that destroys the gameplay. I've played this always in combination with ace but now I'm back to normal CoWarMod.(And some other addons Islands and Factions/Units) that is working the best.
  4. This mod is awesome. I love cold war. I love the Dutch marines in in too. And the British challenger :):)
  5. I love the map! The only thing is that in de editor I can't really good see if it's forest or just high grass/bushes. Is there a way how I can see this more easy or can you maybe change it even?
  6. Ah thanks I see that i forgot that MBG buildings 3
  7. Nice map you made. But is it me, or is there no building near the parking lot in Schwemlitz? on the map it shows a gray box were a building should stand but ingame I don't see it. Maybe I did not install properly or is there no building?
  8. RudyFaasse

    Dutch Armed Forces

    Cool looking good ofcourse!
  9. hi is this mod replacing units or adding new units?
  10. RudyFaasse

    What is the first thing you will do in Arma3?

    Change name ingame, change face and what else u can set up at profile, Then try single player campaign. Then when I cant finish a mission or need to walk to far ( im lazy) I gonna go to editor.. test some AI and after I've done that test how they act in vehicles (Tank) and search if there is a place with not tons of hills that annoys me but a nice flat area :)
  11. RudyFaasse

    AI Improvement

    I play Cowarmod(ace) and the AI in there is really brilliant, they should implent that too. AI using buildings, go from real cover to real cover, really covering each other healing each other. Really great AI mods that could be implented in the A3 vanilla game
  12. RudyFaasse

    Do people still play public MP?

    Every midday and evening there is a domination server with ACE mod running around 30 - 40 people. Filter on "flanks" and you will find the server. :)
  13. RudyFaasse

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Hi, How can I use the ace mortars? I know how to set up the mortar and load the shells in it but I really don't understand how to aim with the mortar. And how do I setwind in ACE? Since in Vanilla it does work but with ace mod the trees aren't spacing anymore when put it Setwind [9999,9999, true] Thx
  14. RudyFaasse

    Ace mortars

    Hi, How can I use the ace mortars? I know how to set up the mortar and load the shells in it but I really don't understand how to aim with the mortar. Also not sure if this is the right location to ask. Thx
  15. RudyFaasse

    Leopard 2a6 hel - wip

    Awesome man! Leopard 2 Hell yeah!