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  1. djfluffwug

    Game Design Resources

    Greetings, I have been learning game design by myself for about half a year now properly. Most of my coding is very basic and my 3D modelling skills are terrible :P Just started learning C++ last few days but just the very basics of it. I was wondering if the community knew of any good game design books / other resources that would be helpful. Any help would be appreciated :) Thanks.
  2. Anyone been playing this game at all? Just got it today and have been absolutely amazed by it. Such a nice environment, really good visuals and the storyline is great. qSfryaDYwwM (Many other short trailers but I liked this one)
  3. djfluffwug

    Operation E3

    Hmm, I was hoping to learn something new about the game but oh well. Still interesting to watch :)
  4. If anything, I think the game would be harder to run than ArmA 2, like ArmA 2 was compared to Armed Assault :)
  5. To clarify, I was just saying that PvP is not fun with a large map with only 5 or so people. I am NOT saying to make ArmA have smaller PvP maps. I was merely stating that the map size is a limitation in terms of PvP action in small groups. Please do not jump to the conclusion that I wish for ArmA to mirror ShooterXYZ.
  6. Oh that does some good :D Hopefully that will help out with the issue and spotting will be an easier process than it currently is.
  7. Also adding to that, when there are too many places for the player to hide, the game play can become tiresome or boring. You might be looking around for 10 minutes in a town only to be sniped from someone hiding in one of the thousands of possible spots. While this may be realistic, it won't create a fun PvP atmosphere.
  8. i herd they where using the google to process the graphix and game!1!wanwan In all seriousness, I don't think anyone knows, but I would be interested in knowing also.
  9. djfluffwug

    issue with BattleEye and Steam ARMA2

    #3 was happening to a friend of mine as well. Maybe a steam game issue. Hopefully it gets fixed.
  10. I have never really enjoyed using the floating zone in the ArmA series. It seems like there is more smoothing than needed on the movement making it rather awkward to use. As many have said, I would like to also see a floating zone similar to Red Orchestra 2.
  11. So, I am trying to create a trigger that gets triggered at a time defined in the mission parameters (The ones the host can select in the mission screen). I have my mission parameters in description.ext as follows: class Params { class Duration { title = "$STR_mp_param_duration"; values[] = {600,1200}; texts[] = {"10 Minutes","20 minutes"}; default = 1; }; } Then in the trigger on the mission, for the Min, Mid and Max I have paramsArray select 0; As I am new to scripting for A2, I have no clue what is going on. Any help would be appreciated :)
  12. djfluffwug

    Friend system

    This would solve the many times my friends have had trouble finding the server I am in. I would love to see something like this. It would also be a good way to see if any of my friends are playing ArmA so I can ask to buddy up with them in a server :)
  13. A favourite of mine :)
  14. djfluffwug

    Will the BIS Store sell physical copies?

    I would also like to see physical copies of this game. I am not a fan of the whole digital thing with computer game purchases :d:
  15. Exactly this ^ In addition to what Smurf was saying, one of the keys to successful mission design is a clear and concise explanation of the game mode, how you are to complete the objective, and other important information. Players don't want to read a book before joining a game just to be able to enjoy it. On the flip side, people don't want to be dumped into a mission without having a clue how to play the mission successfully. This is one of the reasons the multiplayer games in shooters such as Battlefield and UT are successful.
  16. djfluffwug

    AI Improvement

    Just recorded some bug footage for one of my assignments. Please... please fix this. This really needs to be fixed if any sort of CQC is to happen. It would also be good if on a squad level, AI was aware of what types of enemies (EG. Armor, Air and soldiers) were around and would react accordingly (They sort of do, but lack any tactics).
  17. Mech Walkers. :cool: But in all seriousness, probably the PhysX.
  18. That is a really bad attitude to have towards potential buyers. If you don't cater to people who haven't played before, the only possibilities are that you will lose customers or keep the same amount. Is it not good to expand the customer base? Also, many of my friends want a realistic military simulator and have not heard of the ArmA series. You might not know, but this game isn't as well known as say, Doom and Tetris. You can't expect all of your potential customers to know of your product.
  19. djfluffwug

    Giving back : promoting Arma3 on social media

    Spam social media channels? :rolleyes: That's most likely going to drive your friends to the point where they will light themselves on fire as soon as ArmA is mentioned :D
  20. My god, I just tried steps 1, 2 and 3. I don't even understand what is going on o.O Especially with prone. Jeez I am suprised that has not been fixed.
  21. djfluffwug

    Funny & interesting videos

  22. The problem is, what happens when the vehicle is shot? I would assume complete disabling of the vehicles 'invisibility'. I just don't think any military would consider it even in 2030. The world isn't going to change that much.
  23. My wish for ArmA would be to have a Terrain/World editor similar to the one in Unity3D. Have easy terrain creation with various easy-to-use sculpting and texturing tools. Also, easy model placement similar to unity's (Drag and Drop with position, rotation and scale).
  24. djfluffwug

    Arma 3 soldiers

    Welcome to the forums :) From what I know, they will be upgrading the animation engine quite a bit, making the animations feel alot less clunky. So you should see alot of improvements in that area.
  25. Gunner 3 C-Dogs Minebombers Operation Spacehog Pizza Tycoon Rollercoaster Tycoon