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  1. There are an old demo mission on the steam page you can use that as a base for setting up a mission. We play about an 80 % of our missions with HAL in or group is an super ai commander with alot of possible settings :-)
  2. For some reason when i try to setup an multiplayer session, all the player slots are blank. It started yesterday. Before that i had no problem setting an local mp game og on my dedicated server. I have cached the game, restart my router, re installed my mods. But nothing works. Anyone having the same issues?
  3. You have to wait to implement the units in HAL to after they have left the plane. It was the solution for me. In the old HAL manual, there some variables you can use for this.
  4. You have to put the userconfig folder (you can find it in the FFIS mod folder) in your root arma folder, and enable filepatching on your launcher.
  5. sixt

    Mig-21 PFM (Fishbed-F)

    There are an mig-21 in the unsung mod. Big mod though.
  6. Do anyone experience short periods of lag using this script. Like a couple of seconds every two or three minutes. It starts when the opposing forces engange in combat. I have tried diffferent constellations of mods, other ai command scripts, but its only when im using HAL it appears if have an ryzen 5 3600 cpu, geforce 2060 6 gb graphics and alot of RAM so it should not be the hardware thats the reason. I have run older versions nr6 hal and even before nr6 without this problem.
  7. Getting this rpt error after going from rc3 to rc5: Error in expression <8 ])})],[[],""]]; private _dest = param [3,(if ((missionNamespace getVaria> 23:05:11 Error position: <param [3,(if ((missionNamespace getVaria> 23:05:11 Error Type Group, expected Array,String,Object 23:05:11 File A3\functions_f\Tasks\fn_taskCreate.sqf [BIS_fnc_taskCreate]..., line 57 Thank you for working on this great mod.
  8. You have released rc 2 thanks 🙂 looking forward to the changelog.
  9. So i should not use the RC1 version i my missions? And thanks for your support for this mod :-)
  10. Hmm i dont see the ai uses any of the empty vehicles to transport its units after the last update. The cargo system is enabled.
  11. I got it working, i was using an old hal description.ext file, i think that was the reason.
  12. Thank you for continuing this awsome mod. After the update, i cant get the actions in the ace menu to work. Also how do i setup the supports for the player? Sixt.
  13. sixt

    GX Addons v2

    Pappagoat, i would like a copy of the updated if possible 🙂 i loved this mod in arma 2. Thanks 🙂
  14. Looks great, one of my favorite jungle maps. Is there a chance that you will put some jungle enviroment sounds in the map, like in unsung? :) Sendt fra min CLT-L29 med Tapatalk
  15. I really do like updates for the game. But as i use alot of mods, some times the updates breaks some parts of the game for me. One of the mods i use (dont know which) give me an no entry bin\config.bin error, before i could close the warning window an proceed to the editor. But after the update there is no close option in the error window, so im just stuck in the editor entry with the error and cant proceed to the editor (have to close the game in the task manger). Pretty annoying as im not sure which mod is the problem, also some mods do make some errors but works overall. So until this is fixed i probably cant play the game (as i hate the vanilla setting and the purpose for me is play it with mods). So please do something for this problem thanks. Sixt